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March 11, 2011

Allkpop | Park Han Byul shares her feelings about being apart from Se7en

On March 10th, actress Park Han Byul participated in an interview with Star News and revealed her feelings on having to be apart from her boyfriend, Se7en, for long periods of time because of their busy schedules.

When asked whether she’d be able to wait for him once his time to enlist in the army came, she replied, “I’ve never thought about it deeply because it feels like something that won’t happen until well into our future. Honestly, I’ve technically already sent him away to the army three times now. He promoted in Japan and the U.S. so frequently, we spent a lot of time apart.”

The actress was then asked to name some of the changes their relationship underwent after going public with their relationship. “It’s true that everything became a lot more comfortable. I’m not good at lying so I was scared that people would ask when I went on interviews or talk shows. Now I’m more confident and at ease since I have nothing to hide.”

She continued, “We revealed it in order to show people that we were in a healthy and happy relationship. I’m understanding of the attention it’s received and try to be honest to the best of my ability, but I do get upset when the media exaggerates what I say about him and emphasizes only the bad things.”

To conclude, Park Han Byul added, “For example, someone will probably take what I said here and write an article titled, ‘She tried to show the happy sides, but…’ I’m honestly very happy, and I don’t want our relationship to be reflected in a way that tries to prove I’m tired of it.”

Source: Star News via Nate
Posted by VITALSIGN @ Allkpop

Park Han Byul reveals she wants to marry after 30

Actress Park Han Byul (27) revealed, “I’m thinking to marry Dongwook (Se7en) after I turn 30.”

On March 10th, the star was interviewed by Newsen to promote her upcoming movie, “My Black Minidress.” During the interview, she clarified her marriage rumors with her 10-year boyfriend, Se7en.

Recently, Park Han Byul became a topic of hot interest when she said, “Let’s live well” to Se7en on MBC’s variety show “Come to Play.” Netizens wondered, “Are they getting married soon?”

Park Han Byul responded, “Maybe if I was living in my mother’s era, but I think that thinking about marriage as a 27-28 year-old is a bit early. That day, the theme of ‘Come to Play’ was ‘women who wanted to marry’; I said those things to match the show.”

She continued, “I have a lot of unnies around me who are over 30 and are working hard, but most of them are single. Nothing can be guaranteed in a person’s life, but I want to marry after I turn 30. I think Dongwook feels the same.

Park Han Byul also revealed that it was Se7en who encouraged her to take the role in ‘My Black Minidress’. Since she normally plays innocent and ultra-feminine roles, he thought it would be interesting for her to take on a character who enjoyed partying and dating around.

She stated, “After seeing the scenario, Dongwook said, ‘I think you will match well with this’, and encouraged me to try the role. At the final recording, he even brought 100 servings of chicken and pizza to the set, which made me proud”, showing a slight smile.

Posted by phenom @ Allkpop
Source: Newsen via Nate

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