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July 25, 2010

ONE WAY Live in Manila huge billboard along Guadalupe Edsa Highway

ONE WAY Live in Manila giant banner at SM Megamall

ONE WAY Live in Manila Poster at SM Megamall

Catch them Live at Megamall on July 31 (Saturday) 5pm

allkpop | BoA unveils "Game" music video

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that K-pop’s queen BoA would take the first step for her comeback by releasing a MV of a track titled Game from her upcoming 6th album, Hurricane Venus.

Well, it is now the 25th (in KST), and her full Game MV has been unveiled! It’s been 5 long years since BoA promoted in Korea, so I’m sure this will be a great treat for all her fans.

BoA goes blonde and it seems this MV gives us a more mature and sexy angle than what we usually see from BoA.

Without further ado, check out the sexy MV below!

"Game" music video:

Game is composed by talented song-producer Jinu (hitchhiker), as the lyrics portray inviting a lover into one’s love game. BoA has personally suggested of doing the concept of intertwining both her personal and celebrity lives for the Game MV. The effects of the matrix camera with the Flow-mo technique definitely serve this MV to be in the upgraded and out of the norm category.

Stay tuned to BoA’s official 6th album Hurricane Venus as it will be dropping on August 2nd!

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[Exclusive] KPOPLIVE Chats with One Way - Part 2

We’ve revealed One Way’s pre-arrival interview with us, but we left you guys hanging, didn’t we? Check the continuation now!

One Way will be having their first oversea promo tour as a group in the Philippines and KPOPLIVE is privileged to be one of the official media partners of One Way Live In Manila. Read on for the second part of the pre-arrival interview.

Q: What’s the latest movie you guys have seen together, if any?

A: We haven’t seen movies lately. Busy busy busy^^

Q: What food or activity that could only be found in the Philippines would you like to experience or try?

A: We would love to go on one of them Jeepneys and tour the beautiful city.

Q: If you didn’t become singers, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Chance: English Teacher

Peter: Dentist

Sky: Fruit and Veggie Store owner

Q: What should we expect from you and what do you expect from this event?

A: You should expect to see the real One Way guys who are cool and laid back on and off the stage, and expect to see a great live performance throughout the time we’re there. Now, what we wanna see are our beloved fans.

Q: How do you feel now that you’re finally having your first overseas event?

A: Like we said, just grateful that we finally got let out of the house…hahaha, nah we’re very happy and excited and we hope that we can put on a great show over there. We are more excited about the Philippines than the fans over there. ^^

Q: How would you want the fans to remember you as?

A: We want to be remembered as the 3 boys by the name of One Way that came and did some massive damage in the Philippines. Musically^^ Judged by the music and loved by the music.

KPL: Please invite your fans to watch your performances and say a personal message from the heart to them.

One Way: Mabuhay Philippines! Y’all get ready to have a good time with the boys of One Way. Trust us you don’t wanna miss out on this opportunity. We’re excited to see each and every one of your faces and hope we all can have a good time while we’re there. Mahal ko kayo and see you real soon.

Get ready for more to come when KPOPLIVE meets One Way!

Thanks to Universal Records Philippines for making this all possible!

Source: One Way, Rie27

July 24, 2010

One Way's Mall Shows Schedules

-  July 30 (Friday) - SM North Edsa Skydome @ 5PM 
-  July 31 (Saturday) - SM Megamall @ 5PM 
-  August 1 (Sunday) - SM Mall of Asia @ 5PM

Pinoy One Way fans, which malls do you plan to attend? RSVP here:

- SM North Edsa Skydome:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141451422540753

- SM Megamall:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128766670499939

- SM Mall Of Asia:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112655582120781

[Exclusive] Kpoplive Chats With One Way!

We said that we’ll have a little surprise coming for you in the next few days, but I doubt that you’ll be able to remember it. Anyway, for those of you who did, the long wait is over.

As an official media partner of One Way Live in Manila, we were entitled to an exclusive pre-arrival interview from this K-Pop trio. You can’t find this anywhere but here, so read on!

Q: How excited are you guys to be here in Philippines? Please rate on a scale of 1-10.

A: 10 because it’s always nice to meet people and encounter with their different cultures. Oh and to perform in front of a different audience is always great.

Q: Did you expect your music to be touching base in the Philippines?

A: Hell no! We didn’t see this coming at all.

Q: What do you guys feel now that your song is climbing up in the MYX Chart?

A: We’re grateful that people appreciate our music, although you may not understand the lyrics. Good music is always good music and we feel inside that we somewhat have casted a spell with that magic in our songs.

Q: What’s the ‘Magic’ behind all of your music? Inspiration?

The vibe and chemistry within the group One Way. Whenever we make music we sometimes fight and argue but it’s all in all to produce the best sound. We want ourlisteners to only get the best of us. You can call it greed or whatever you want.

Q: Any artists you dream of collaborating with, might it be Korean or not?

If the opportunity is there, American producers such as Timbaland, Neptunes, Kanye West, Drake, D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild so much to write.^^

Q: I, and a lot of Filipino ladies, are shopaholics. Who is One Way’s shopaholic and is always ready for a shopping spree?

A: Chance seems to buy a lot of stuff when he’s out shopping but we all usually decidefirst and then get just what we need.

Q: Is there something you want fans to know about One Way?

A: We are very ordinary everyday guys that love to have fun when we’re out, can take jokes and love making music.

Had enough? Well, I hope not because this is only the first part of the interview. Stay tuned to KPOPLIVE for the continuation.

By the way, One Way is really getting more and more exposure. Who would’ve thought that they’d reach this big?

kpoplive | One Way Unleashes ‘Forever’ MV!

One Way’s Chance recently unveiled a new single, ‘Forever,’ through his Twitter – and now he’s back with the accompanying music video!

The video greatly complements the soft beats and Chance’s sweet voice through its guitar scenes and clips of the singer writing the song for his lover.

Check out the video below; did it meet your expectations?

SHINee’s Taemin feels tense when he sees younger singers

“When I see junior singers who are younger than me, I feel tense.”

After a 9 month hiatus, SHINee finally returned to the kpop scene with their 2nd album, Lucifer.

Before going up on stage for their Music Bank come back, Asia Economic Newspaper held an interview with member, Taemin who revealed:

“When I see the other boy idol groups who are younger than me, I start thinking about the past.

He included between laughs:
“I become tense when I see talented younger juniors. I could now feel the impressions from a senior perspective. I could understand how our senior artists may have felt when they saw us. I will continue to put my best into being a member of SHINee!”

Meanwhile, SHINee will be showcasing powerful come back performances on today’s Music Core, as well as on tomorrow’s Inkigayo. So stay tuned!

Posted by sayykimchi @ Allkpop

SHINee comes back with "Lucifer" on Music Core

The boys of SHINee made a power comeback yesterday on Music Bank, but now it’s their time to shine on MBC Music Core performing their addictive song Lucifer.

Similar to yesterday’s performance, Minho can be seen sitting out due to his recent calf injury.

Even though he’s not active on-stage, he sure does have a passion for singing and really wants to get up and dance the choreography.

SHINee has been working very hard on their new album and choreography which clearly shows with their amazing vocals and sweat in each performance.

Be sure to enjoy yet another epic performance below. Don’t worry, we’ll see all 5 boys up on the stage soon enough.

SHINee "Up & Down" + "Lucifer" performance @ Music Core (7/24/10):

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SHINee returns with "Lucifer" on Music Bank

It’s been quite a long while since we’ve seen these five shining performers, but the time has finally come for SHINee to take the stage once again!

SHINee made their comeback on today’s Music Bank with their catchy dance track Lucifer and Up & Down.

After teasing fans endlessly with various photo concepts and the MV, they’ve finally returned to the stage where they belong! Though member Minho had to pass on the choreography for the comeback stage, he was still nothing but charisma throughout the performance! It just goes to show you that these boys can impress whether they’re dancing or not! Check out their great comeback below!

Super Junior & SHINee backstage @ Music Bank (7/23/10):

SHINee "Up & Down" + "Lucifer" @ Music Bank (7/23/10):

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Super Junior says goodbye with "No Other" and "Bonamana" on Music Core

After several awesome weeks for their No Other promotional period, the boys of Super Junior now bidding fans farewell.

The boys gained a lot of love with their comeback track "Bonamana" and received even more support with their follow up single No Other. The hot summer track had topped several charts and claimed the #1 position of various music programs as well. Super Junior may be saying goodbye for now, but it will only be a matter of time before they return with yet another fresh new track! Check out their performance below!

"No Other" & "Bonamana" performance @ Music Core (7/24/10):

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Super Junior on Music Bank (7/23/10)

f(x) Victoria and Sulli spotted shopping in MyungDong

f(x) Victoria and Sulli were spotted recently at MyungDong doing shopping together.

Photos of the 2 shopping were posted up on a Naver blog recently and had garnered the interests of netizens. It was written on the blog, “I was shopping with a friend in MyungDong when she noticed the 2 together and we followed them carefully. Who said that Sulli was like a child? She is so slim.”

“The 2 were in their ‘bare faces’. Sulli had a hat on and Victoria will her sunglasses. It is amazing to see the 2 shopping without worries. But I am curious, why did they take a photo in front of a FT Island poster?”

Netizens’ comments are, “They are really shopping comfortably”, “Even though we cannot see their faces, they look fashionable”, “They look like close sisters” etc.

Meanwhile, f(x) is promoting the song ‘Mr. Boogie’.

S: Newsen
Posted by sookyeong @ Kbites

BoA’s 6th album will drop on August 2nd

BoA’s official Korean website (boa.smtown.com) recently updated itself to let her fans know that she will drop her sixth album on August 2nd instead of the 5th.

The album carries the title Hurricane Venus and I’m sure the album will work like a hurricane; come fast and leave a devastating impact on the competition. The name Venus was most likely named for the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

August 25th will mark the 10th year anniversary since her debut, so the album will be dropping right around then to celebrate her 10-year anniversary.

Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us, thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Posted by heartfacee @ Allkpop

STIRS: Yes, Christian and Carmen have been dating!

by: Edgar O. Cruz | STIR Editor in Chief
22 Jul 2010 | 09:51 AM

BUZZBLAST! The new Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Musikero officers with Ogie Alcasid as president will be inducted by P-Noy on Aug. 13. Ogie revealed in this lunchtime's launch of his Ngayon at Kailanman - A Tribute to George Canseco CD as released by Universal Records at Eastwood Mall Atrium.

It turns out that the AS1 concert was not the first time Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo dated but they have been into it before she joined Wowowee as co-host and it happened in Malaysia when they were there at the same time!

Read the full article here:

July 23, 2010

SHINee’s "Lucifer" music video exceeds 1 million views in just 3 days!

In just less than 3 days, SHINee’s music video for title track Lucifer has already exceeded 1 million views on popular video website You Tube!

The boys have been working hard for their latest full length album, and their success has clearly been showing!

With such a strong comeback, the boys are sure to snag some special awards next week on the various music shows.

But for now, continue to enjoy their music video and stay tuned for their first comeback performance later today on KBS Music Bank!

Watch "LUCIFER" MV here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dww9UjJ4Dt8

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BoA to release "Game" music video on July 25th

BoA who is slated to make a comeback on August 5th will release a music video for “Game,” one of the songs included in her sixth album. The video will be available on July 25th midnight via the singer’s homepage, Auction, Nate, and other websites. It will be her first Korean music video since her last five years ago. The video was made in thanks to her fans back at home who have waited long for this comeback.

Game” was composed by hitchhiker and is about inviting one’s lover into a dizzy and fantastical game. BoA will seduce listeners with her distinct and charming voice.

The music video will showcase two sides of BoA: one busy in a photo shoot and one outside camera grounds. Fans can see the singer’s trendy and stylish charms. It was said that BoA took part in brainstorming ideas for the video and was very passionate.

The Flow-mo camera which was used for SHINee’s “Lucifer” teaser will also be used for BoA’s “Game.” For those who aren’t familiar with this “matrix camera,” it is capable of taking 100 frames per second.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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STIR.ph | Ogie Alcasid’s “child” kidnapped!

“Parang anak ko na kinidnap,” Ogie Alcasid described how he felt when his song “Pangako” was plagiarized by a female Korean singer during the launch of his Ngayon At Kailanman CD: A Tribute to George Canseco CD at th Eastwood Mall Atrium.”He added, “Kuhang-kuha ang song ko. Pareho ang tono at arrangement, yun nga lang in Korean.”

Initially amazed when he first saw it in YouTube, he realized he had been robbed, “My honest feeling, I felt honored and flattered but I felt bad.” He confirmed that GMA7 had already taken action on the problem, “It’s an ongoing thing. Basta kung makakatanggap ako ng pera galing sa mga Koreano sasabihin ko agad sa inyo.”

On other hand, Ogie who is an big supporter of P-Noy, confirmed that he had never talked to the newly elected President since his oath-taking. But he said that he as its President and officers of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit is scheduled to be sworn in and have a dialogue with P-Noy to improve the Filipino music industry especially the OPM this August 13.

In his newest album, he admits that when he records the songs of the master Filipino composer George Canseco, he does not find it difficult to incorporate his style in George’s distinctive style. George is one of the greatest songwriters that Ogie idolize. When he first learned that Universal Records asking him to do a tribute album of the master’s songs, he was overwhelmed.

Ogie recalled the first time he met George,“I attend an awards night when George Canseco approached and congratulated me,” Ogie remarked. “He said I won the top prize. He already knew it, simply because he was chairman of the board of judges.”

George was so generous to impart his songwriting skills to Alcasid that same evening. All those important pointers on rhyme, phrasing and right choice of words have further improved his own technique, according to Ogie.

“George was kind enough to remind me that a song is actually a poem, so all the exact rules in creating poetry must be followed,” Ogie thankfully treasures.

So when the opportunity to record the Ngayon At Kailanman album came, Ogie Alcasid was so inspired and gratified. He feels that the George Canseco is one of the strongest influences on his works. George’s artistry continues to be a beaming light which always guides Ogie to write songs straight from the heart and soul, as the great Canseco had always done.

Interpreting all the 14 songs in the Ngayon At Kailanman album has been a big challenge to Ogie. Singing all these well-loved musical treasures, already recorded by equally great song artists, in such a difficult, yet fulfilling task.

In over four decades, George together with popular performers of his pop classics, dominated the charts. Basil Valdez, Kuh Ledesma, Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez, Pilita Corrales, Dulce, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Leah Navarro and Martin Nievera became chart-toppers, singing his creations.

Now Ogie is humbled that he is performing songs like “Yakap,” “Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan,” “Ngayon At Kailanman, “Ikaw,” “Kung Ako‎ Iiwan Mo,” “Kaibigan,” “Siya Na Ba,” “Kapantay ng Langit,” “Kastilyong Buhangin,” “Dito Ba,” “Langis Ay Tubig,” “Kahapon Lamang,” Ïkaw,” “Paano Kita Pasasalamatan,” “Kung Ako‎ Iiwanan Mo,” and “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan,” in the new gem of an album called Ngayon At Kailanman.

Although his remarkable renditions of the best-loved ballads and other pop classics will sure admired as the earlier versions of these songs, Ogie humbly pleads, “Please don’t compare me with all the artists who first made all these songs very popular.”

Ogie has always been among the most loved and bestselling musical artists in Philippine music history during the past two decades. He has also composed top sellers for himself and other song artists. All his 20 albums have been certified platinum and gold discs.

For sure, Ngayon At Kailanman: A Tribute to George Canseco CD will be added to the long list.

July 22, 2010

Download One Way "Magic" Ringback Tone

You can now download Ringback Tone of One Way's current single "Magic"

Just text 1W then send to 2728.
P15 for 15 days.
Initially available for Smart subscribers only.

One Way invades SM Mall Of Asia?

One Way will be arriving in Manila next week and SM Mall of Asia, where they will be performing on August 1st (Sunday), 5PM, has their display up to promote the event.

U-Kiss Male-Male Couple Born?... Dongho & Kevin 'Kiss'

U-Kiss Dongho and Kevin drew attention with their 'kiss' during the broadcast.

On the 23rd in SBS E!TV real food variety "Chef's Kiss' broadcast, the boys invited the viewers to hold 'U-KISS Day' event in the restaurant.

It was one couple's 1000 day anniversary but an embarrassing(?) incident happened between Dongho and Kevin, while the boys were trying to create a special event for the couple (the boys tried to make the couple kissed).

Dongho and Kevin became jealous while watching the couple and playfully tried to follow what the couple was doing, but their joke turned out to be a real kiss as their lips accidentally met. Because of this, the recording set's backstage was thrown into chaos.

This week episode will show a fierce cooking battle among U-KISS members. Especially Alexander and Dongho, who fought/bickered while creating their recipe, which left Kibum and the staffs in tension.

In this episode too, Dongho could be seen experiencing and enjoying his part time job at the petrol station to promote the restaurant. People who went to the petrol station and witnessed Dongho's cuteness had commented him as the "Dream Boss of Petrol Station".

U-KISS’ “Chef’s Kiss” episode 9 will be aired on Friday, July 23rd at 12 o’ clock through SBS E!TV channel.

Credits: SeoulNTN (Source)+ MDToday (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans) + micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Editor)
Posted by chrizzycrazy @ Dailykpopnews

SHINee’s Minho will be performing but not dancing

After delaying their comeback for a week because SHINee’s Minho ruptured his calf muscle, it’s finally time for them to make their comeback with Lucifer and they’ve come to a conclusion on what they are doing with Minho.

Many were saying that he would not be performing because of his serious injury but it turns out that he will be. He’ll be on stage with the rest of the boys singing his parts. Sadly, his injury has not healed fully so he will not dance on stage.

SHINee’s new dance cheoreography is definitely too physical for Minho at his current stage of recovery. f(x)’s Amber had sat on a chair during performances when she had an injured ankle. Well, at least he will be there. Who’s excited?

Stay tuned for SHINee’s first comeback stage on Music Bank tomorrow!

Posted by heartfacee @ Allkpop

Shinee to perform "Up and Down" & "Lucifer" on Music Bank tomorrow

SHINee will be performing Up and Down and Lucifer on Friday's music show Music Bank. Minho had a major injury while filming Dream Team 2. It was confirmed earlier today that he will be on stage for their comeback but he will only sing his part and not dance.

Minho doing this after all his injury shows us that he is a responsible person. This performance on Friday will be their first comeback stage.

Cr: kbs.co.kr (source)
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BoA reveals comeback concept photo teaser

BoA will be returning to the K-pop scene for the first time in 5 years with her 6th full length album in August.

The recently revealed concept photo shows a feminine yet powerful side of BoA. Despite a soft background with its lace and flowers, BoA’s strong expression brings out her usual fierce appeal.

Through a press release made by SM Entertainment on July 22nd, the following was revealed,

“Since her release on Girls on Top, five years ago, in 2005, BoA will be returning with a full length album… She will show the growth that she has made through the experiences she attained during her overseas activities.”

This album has been composed of music that will show BoA’s distinguished performance, vocal skill, and charisma. BoA stated,

“The thought of coming back to the Korean stage makes me nervous and happy… Please expect distinguished music and performance.”

BoA will begin promotions upon her album’s release on August 5th.

Posted by chloejn @ Allkpop

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Super Junior's Choi Siwon appointed as UNICEF Envoy

Choi Siwon has always been known to be a fine gentleman in the industry and his glowing reputation just rose a notch higher after his latest tweet today.

On July 22nd, Siwon tweeted,

“I’ve been given the honor to be an UNICEF Envoy ! Let’s work & pray for the children in need..:)”

How do we keep up with him? We need more examples of this in the world.

Posted by Casper @ Allkpop

July 20, 2010

SHINee releases 2nd album "Lucifer"

Yes, the album is finally at our doors and millions of SHINee fans both international and local fans will be gathering today to celebrate the release the new album, Lucifer.

The Lucifer album will come with two different versions, Type A and Type B and is available for purchase and pre-order on YesAsia!

SHINee will begin promotions for their title song and album name, Lucifer on the 23rd on KBS Music Bank due to Minho's ruptured calf injury. Rumors were flowing around that the music video would be released today, but it had been confirmed by Newsen that the music video will be revealed tomorrow on the 20th of July.

The music video will use 'Flow-mo' camera techniques, similarly the technique used to film The Matrix. It has also be known that there were over 120 cameras were involved with the music video to maximize their concept.

Promotions began with full force last week after revealing multiple teaser pictures of the group members and the members together, then releasing a medley for the album and then topping it up with a music video teaser.

Taking the album name into consideration, 'Lucifer' (Latin) comes from the words "lucem ferre," which literally takes on the meaning "Bearer of Light". Many agree that this is quite fitting as an album title considering the group's name 'SHINee', is said to mean "one who receives light" or "one under the spotlight." However, there are others who worry that the name may create controversy because of its negative religious connotations.

Track list:
1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready Or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

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SHINee thanks TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD on their album

SHINee thanks TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Beast, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, f(x) on their "Lucifer" Album!

Super Junior:
Kyuhyun hyung~ Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ
Pretty boy Kyuhyun hyung, please hug me one more time!
The Super Junior hyung that has been with me since young!
The real leader in this generation, my teacher~ Teukie hyung~hyung is the highest!
The heenim that confirmed my talent, Heechul hyung!
The FM Yesung hyung that has the heart like hahaha Ferguson.
Everyone’s source of energy, Shindong hyung~Congratulations!
SJ’s multi-talent Sungmin hyung~
Too skinny Ryeowook hyung,
The one with the best dance skill, crybaby Eunhyuk hyung, you didn’t forget our promise, right?
The first time having my own line, Kyu-line, the Kyuhyun hyung with the nice back, am I really joining Kyu-Line?
The mentor that has lead me to the correct path, Siwon hyung! Hyung, I will follow you~
My good hyung, good friend, handsome and perfect, MY Donghae hyung! With you, I’m really fortunate/blissed and happy!
And Youngwoon hyung~ Please take care of your health! We will work hard!

SHINee also thanks DBSK:
Yunho hyung who has given me great advice and help, good luck in your musical!
And of course, the superstar worldstar, the tallest person ever, my hero, Changmin hyung! Thank you very much hyung!
Changmin hyung, love you… Yunho hyung, hwaiting!

And also SNSD:
The national’s girl group! SNSD!
The hardworking leader Taeyeon noona! Noona is very cool~
My noona Sooyoung noona, I’ve gotten a haircut~
Like a gem, shining so brightly, Tiffany noona~
Sica noona, who I’ve become close to~
Sunny noona, who’s cute on variety shows and on stage
Hyoyeon noona, who’s memory is the best and dances the best
Same age friend, even though it’s funny, but I don’t know myself…Seohyun ah~ good luck!
Pretty Yoona noona, who supports me all along! Noona, know what I’m talking about?
Thanks and sorry to Yuri noona… will not forget!
Sunkyu ah, you… ahha
Taeng , Sooyoung, Yuri, Miyoung (Tiffany), Hyoyeon ah, please let us meet keke
Sica, who recommended Jinkyu(?) hyung~
Sica noona, the method to put an elephant in the fridge is?? ke

And also MBLAQ & Beast & U-kiss
Guys of the same age 91′ers!
‘Really~’ good and friendly Jinwoon sshi
Thank you hyperactive* Mir and Old Son Dongwoon!
Cunning JunHyung hyung, Messenger friend Seungho hyung~
Mi.Ah.Key (Short form of Maknae Rebellion) Heroes ! Cute Dongho. Thunder hyung who has made an impersonation keke
MBLAQ! Joon hyung let’s go work out! Hyung is a funny guy! hehe

*T/N: ‘깨방정’ There isn’t a direct English translation for this. The meaning is somewhere in between fooling around and hyperactive.

(SuJu thanks) Source: SJ宝蓝阁+雪凌儿sjbluecn + zuiai13sj.g.ifensi.com
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
(DBSK thanks) Source: TVXQBaidu + neverend-scm.cc
Translated by: dorfehh @ DBSKnights
(SNSD thanks)source: bestiz
chinese translations: lyvickey
english translations: vivz @ soompi
(MBLAQ & BEAST) Source: Seungeun Lee + J00NiEx@AbsoluteMBLAQ @ dkpopnews

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SHINee sweeping on and offline music charts with ‘Lucifer’ as soon as the song was released

SHINee’s 2nd album ‘Lucifer’ goes up to the #1 spot on various on and offline music charts as soon as it was released.

The album title song ‘Lucifer’ is up #1 on various music chart real time chart when it was released on 19th July. And on 20th July, the song is up #1 on various music site daily charts like Dosirak, Cyworld and Bugs. Apart from that the album is also #1 on the daily album sales chart on Hanteo site. All this points to the heated interests music fans have for SHINee’s comeback.

The MV to the song will be released on 20th July. And the boys will have their comeback stage performing ‘Lucifer’ on 23rd July on KBS Music Bank.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Kbites

SHINee unleashes "Lucifer" music video

SHINee will definitely be packing a punch with their first comeback stage this Friday, and with the release of their 2nd full-length album that dropped yesterday containing 13 brand new tracks, well it’s just quite clear that the boys will be dominating the scene for some time.

SM Entertainment has also today released the official music video for their title track Lucifer which can be viewed below. Rocking similar outfits and concepts to their teaser photos, the boys are just oozing charisma, and making all of the fan girls and boys scream for more. Stay tuned for this week’s Music Bank.

SHINee(샤이니)_LUCIFER_뮤직비디오 MV

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SHINee reveals 'Lucifer' album concept photos

Click here to see more photos:

It has been a smashing start to a brand new week for fans of SHINee as they get set to welcome their idols from a long hiatus since their Ring Ding Dong days.

Having released their Lucifer album this morning to get fans hooked on their music, SM Entertainment has now released more photos of SHINee’s new concept for their comeback which have left some stunned, shocked, scratching their heads and what have you. Regardless of what you might have experienced when you saw their new concept, it’s going to stay for the duration of their upcoming promotions, so enjoy the picture spread below!

SHINee will release their MV on the 20th and perform their first comeback stage through Music Bank on July 23rd. So stay tuned for a SHINee week ahead.

Many thanks to 13elieveSuJu for the tip.

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Phil. Star | When Martin & Gary sing, dance and laugh again

MANILA, Philippines - Back by popular demand to celebrate over a quarter of a century worth of hits, certainly there was no stopping Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano in delivering entertainment to the max to a full house audience last July 16 at the Araneta Coliseum for AS 1 (The Repeat). Andre Alvarez, head of MYX Channel posted on his Facebook account,”Martin Nievera was a riot with his witty remarks while Gary Valenciano tirelessly danced up a storm all night. It was a joy to see two music iconssinging and dancing together.”

Martin chanced upon Christian Bautista who was in the audience and shared the mic for the song Say That You Love Me. In an interview, Christian said, “Gary and Martin sang all their hits and each number was well-thought of and so well-produced... lahat na talaga ginawa nila. It’s no wonder they still rule the concert scene.”

To the surprise of many, ‘80s songstress Joey Albert was spotted, too. Martin approached her for the song You Are My Song. Aiza Seguerra also jammed with I’ll Be There For You.

Funny moments like Gary teaching Martin to scat, Martin singing Gary’s songs and vice-versa, brought freshness to their act. Complementing each other all night, Martin mixed music and laughter while Gary showcased himself as the ultimate song-and-dance man.

Interestingly, not only did we see Gary and Martin on stage, we also saw (probably for the first time together) their musical directors who have been with them all these years, Mon Faustino and Louie Ocampo are the geniuses behind the two stars’ careers.

And from Gary and Martin: “Thank you, thank you Thank you... from the dynamic duo. It was quite a blast and we are grateful to all the sponsors and the fans who came!”

ABS-CBN.com | Christian Bautista talks about possible TV and movie projects in Indonesia

Christian Bautista shared that even if there was an offer to do a series in Indonesia, he couldn’t do it because it meant that he had to be away from the Philippines for months. “We decided huwag munang gawin ‘yungtelevision series kasi three months eh na mawawala [ako],” he said. “Masyadong matagal, I have to take care of my career dito sa Philippines.Tapos nagkaroon pa ng Singapore [project], nag-record ako ng ‘Please Be Careful With My Heart’ dun in Mandarin so hindi ko talaga makukuha [‘yung teleserye].”

He said that his camp is still working out a possible movie that he will make in Indonesia and they are just waiting for the go signal of the producers until August. “Kung mag-okay na po ‘yung contract, workshop starts in October and November ang shoot,” he said.

Christian said that auditions are being held in Indonesia for the casting of the said movie. The singer said that their partners in Indonesia are looking for newcomers and fresh talents to be part of the film. He said that the concept of the movie is about a Filipino music teacher who goes to Indonesia to teach. “Siguro mga60-70 percent sure na siya pero hindi pa talaga sure until makita ko ‘yung final contract,” he stressed.

Christian said that he has no idea yet as to who will be his leading lady, but is keeping his fingers crossed that come August, their Indonesian partners could give then a definite answer if the film will push through or not.


July 19, 2010

allkpop | Tracklist for One Way’s Philippine album revealed!

As we earlier reported, the extremely talented boys of One Way will be heading to the Philippines next month to take part in various television activities as well as perform at 3 malls for their mall tour.

Peter, Young Sky, and Chance recently revealed their official tracklist for the special Philippine version of One Way Street and does include a couple fresh tracks for fans to enjoy.

1. U-Drag
2. One Way
3. Magic
4. 없는 번호 (Obneun Beonho)
6. Magic (R&B Remix)
7. Magic (Instrumental)
8. 없는 번호 (Instrumental)

The boys will also be releasing a Philippine Bonus tracks & DVD which features the following,

9. Wrong Number (English Version)
10. Wrong Number (Remix)
11. Wrong Number (Collaboration)

1. Magic (Music Video)
2. Wrong Number (Music Video)
3. U Drag (Music Video)
4. One Way (Music Video)

If you haven’t take the time to check them out yet, be sure to do so by heading over to Love One Way (and check out the special project currently happening). Also, for those unaware, leader of One Way, Chance, helped the Super Junior members record and produce their infamous Strong Heart Logo Song. Chance sings the introduction and some of the back vocals!

Check it out below to refresh your memory.

Super Junior "Logo Song" MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJL_ptBsVyU

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kpoplive | One Way Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

Up and coming K-Pop trio One Way bring a breath of fresh air into K-Pop scene and have started to cause a lot of buzz in the Korean music scene.

The said group had their debut stage only a few months ago on MBC Music Core, and have already been interviewed on radio stations such as MBC Starry Night, TBS K-popular and Arirang Evening Groove. They have the ability to communicate in both English and Korean.

One Way is managed by YeJeon Media, also known as YJ Entertainment. The trio consists of leader/vocals Chance (Michael Kim), vocals Peter (Peter Hyun) and rapper Young Sky (Choo JoonYoung). This R&B group is garnering not only attention from their home country, but also gaining international attention for composing their own music and their unique One Way Sound. They posted up various covers on their official YouTube channel, such as Ne-Yo’s Sexy Love and Jason Mraz’s Geek In The Pink, and made their official debut with their self-written track U Drag.

These three didn’t met each other in their own agency, but they were all friends way before they decided to continue with their career. Peter and Young Sky first met in middle school in Sydney, Australia but later on, Young Sky moved to California where he met Chance in high school.

One Way wrote, composed and arranged all of the music on their debut album One Way Street including their hip-hop anthem One Way, the drink-easy R&B number U Drag, the infectious Magic, which combines a simple R&B melody with dance beats and intense rhymes, and Wrong Number.

One Way made headlines again when pictures of Super Junior member DongHae and One Way’s Chance appeared on the net, which confirmed that Super Junior are indeed collaborating with One Way for Super Junior’s repackaged album. Other One Way and Super Junior members, like Henry Lau, were in some photos as well, a match-made in K-Pop heaven, indeed. Look at how Chance helped Super Junior in recording and producing the Strong Heart Logo Song below.

One Way was introduced to the Filipino TV audience of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010, when the Korean male housemates posed themselves as a K-Pop group called R2J. A video of them lip-syncing to One Way’s renowned track Magic was shown. K-Pop fans went crazy and started looking for the original artist behind that catchy R&B song.

These guys are also praised for their fan service because they sometimes reply to the fans’ tweets, so I suggest you follow them now at Chance, Peter and YoungSky.

Please join ONE WAY Live In Manila Facebook page here for more information:

Universal Records and its official media partners, ABS-CBN and MYX present ONE WAY Live In Manila this July. Watch out for more details about the promo tour very soon!

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July 18, 2010

One Way "Magic" MV climbing up MYX charts!

One Way's "Magic" music video is climbing up MYX International Top 20 Chart (July 17 to 23, 2010). It's currently at #11, last week it was at #13.

The K-Pop trio will be in Manila this July to promote the Philippine Edition of their debut album "One Way Street". Filipino One Way fans are lucky because the Philippine Edition will include 3 Bonus Tracks and Bonus DVD with 4 music videos!

Catch One Way's Mallshow at the following dates and venues:

One Way will perform their hits and sign their CDs during these mallshow events. Fans who will attend these 3 mallshows will be able to buy advance copy of the "One Way Street" Philippine Edition CD and get the Exclusive Freebies of FOUR (4) ONE WAY POSTERS!

One Way members Chance, Peter and Young Sky will be appearing on different ABS-CBN TV programs, as well as on MYX during their stay.

One Way greets Filipino fans:

Watch "MAGIC" MV here:

Come and join "One Way Live In Manila" Official Fan Page for One Way news and updates, including their Phil. promotional visit this month:


One Way's "One Way Street" Philippine Edition album cover & tracklist revealed!

As we’ve reported earlier, K-Pop trio One Way will be going overseas for the first time as a group to visit the Philippines.

Having debuted last February 2010, this group already received a lot of love from Korean and overseas fans alike. The group is composed of Chance, Peter and YoungSky. They all grew up outside of Korea and are able to speak fluently in English, thus acquiring lots of attention from English-speaking Korean fans worldwide.

The official album cover has been revealed to us by Universal Records, who is responsible for making their trip to the Philippines possible. Check it out, along with the tracklist below.

CD Tracklist:
1. U-drag
2. One-way
3. Magic
4. 없는 번호 (Obneun Beonho)
6. Magic (R&B Remix)
7. Magic (instrumental)
8. 없는 번호 (instrumental)

As you’ve noticed, they have added additional tracks aside from what they released last May 2010. What makes this edition different from the other is that this has a bonus tracks and bonus DVD

Philippines Only Bonus Tracklist:
9. Wrong Number (English Version)
10. Wrong Number (Remix)
11. Wrong Number (Collaboration)

Bonus DVD:
1. Magic (Music Video)
2. Wrong Number (Music Video)
3. U Drag (Music Video)
4. One Way (Music Video)

Now, this is an album worth anticipating for.

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Down with ankle injuries, Amber to be absent for f(x) "Mr. Boogie" performances

Member Amber was not present for f(x)’s performance on MBC Music Core.

f(x) performed their followup hit from their 1st minialbum ‘Mr. Boogie’ on 17th July on MBC Music Core, after the promotions for their title song ‘NU ABO’ ended. However for the performance that day, only 4 f(x) members were present for the performance. It is revealed that Amber had injured her ankle and will not be able to carry out the choreography. With that, the girls will be putting up special stages as 4 members both on 17th and 18th July on the weekend music shows.

An SM Ent official said, “This is a small surprise event for fans. The girls will continue to greet fans through their individual activities.”

Source: Newsen
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f(x) returns with 'Mr. Boogie' on Music Core

The five ladies of f(x) have returned to Music Core with a nice surprise for their fans. Today, the girls performed their much awaited follow-up single Mr. Boogie.

The song has been a favorite amongst fans since it’s release, so many have been anticipating today’s performance for quite some time. Amber was still missing though as f(x) performed the catchy single in today’s pre-recorded episode of Music Core. Check out their sexy concept below!

"MR. BOOGIE" performance:

SM Entertainment revealed later that Amber was still recovering from her ankle injury and was thus unable to take to the stage.

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kpoplive | Super Junior "Bonamana" Album Hits Gold in the Philippines!

Even though Super Junior’s latest album Bonamana was released around two months ago, the craze has yet to die down.

Asian pop superstar group Super Junior’s 4th album Bonamana is now certified Gold in the Philippines after just 10 days of release in the market. Super Junior holds the distinction of being the first and only K-Pop artist with two Gold record albums in the Philippines – first time was for the Sorry Sorry album last December 2009, and now the Bonamana album this July.

Bonamana albums are enjoying brisk sales in record stores nationwide. In fact, it charted number one in three of the country’s biggest record retail chains simultaneously – Astroplus/Astrovision, Music One & Odyssey (album charts dated June 28 to July 4, 2010).

The album launch event entitled Finding Miina was able to reach the 1 Million PHP mark (around $21,612.28 USD) in a span of hours. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Other than that, Super Junior is also the first, and only, K-Pop artist with five albums that reached number one in the country – Sorry Sorry in September 2009, Super Girl in November 2009, Super Show 2 Live Album in February 2010, Don’t Don in May 2010 and now, Bonamana this July 2010.

The power of the ELFs in terms of supporting their favorite idol group is really admirable.

Super Junior albums are released in the Philippines by Universal Records, the first record label to release K-Pop albums in the country.

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Source: http://www.kpoplive.com/2010/07/16/super-junior-hits-gold/

Super Junior's Donghae High Cut Magazine Photoshoot (behind the scenes)

Super Junior’s Sungmin leaves the Twitter world

Having joined the Twitterverse almost 3 months ago, Super Junior’s Sungmin bid his farewell from Twitter with one last tweet thanking fans.

He said, “Hello, I’m quitting Twitter and this is my last post ^^ heh it has been good fun, and it had lots of use for me. Thank you for being so interested ^^ bye!”

Although the reason for his abrupt exit is unknown, Sungmin doesn’t seem to be sad, so maybe he just got fed up with the idea in general. He later went on to terminate his official Twitter account that had over 140,000 followers.

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Remember the news about the SMTOWN Live ‘10 World Tour earlier this month? Well, the concert extravaganza will be making a stop outside of Asia for the first time in history in Los Angeles, California, and we’ve got all info about this epic concert right here!

The artist lineup will consist of, KANGTA, BoA, U KNOW, MAX, SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS’ GENERATION, SHINee, f(x), Zhang Ri Yin, Trax and a few other SM artists. And you can be sure we’ll be there to bring you coverage of this epic concert if you aren’t able to make it, but we suggest you do – seriously, how often do these SM artists make it over stateside?

Anyway, the wait is almost over as ticketing information has just been released to us from our friends at POWERHOUSE:


Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010
Venue: STAPLES Center (1111 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015)
Seating Chart: Coming soon
Official Poster: Coming soon

Ticket Sales Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 10:00 AM
Ticket Price: $180, $160, $120, $80, $40

** Tickets will be available online via Ticketmaster at www.ticketmaster.com, STAPLES Center Box Office as well as over the phone by calling Powerhouse at 323.692.0303. For more info, please visit www.powerhouselive.net

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SHINee's new transformation, a lot of preparation behind their music video

Just a few days behind SHINee's comeback, their music video teaser has been garnering a lot of interest.

On the 16th the music video teaser was released for their title track "Lucifer" and with the effects used for the music video teaser, a lot of preparation has been set for SHINee and their new transformation.

For their music video, they have used "matrix camera" techniques called the "Flow-mo" technique. There were over 120 digital still camera's taking 100 full frames to 12,000 to fully capture the desired special effects for their music video.

The "Flo-mo technique" was used for SHINee to maximize the dynamic image that they will be showing off.

Meanwhile, SHINee's music video and album will be released on the 19th of May and their comeback stage scheduled on 23rd in KBS Music Bank.

Source: Osen
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

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SHINee's "Lucifer" Explained!

Ever since Shinee’s album cover has been revealed last night, fans and netizens alike questioned the use of ‘Lucifer’ in their promotions. The big blow to this upcoming release was on the view of Christianity amongst its fans. To clarify such issue, SM Entertainment has released a statement about the true meaning of Lucifer.

Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the confusion – fans have also explained how the word ‘Lucifer’ plays in the lyrics and representation of the song.

On the 16th, Sm Entertainment released Idol group SHINee’s image of their 2nd album ‘Lucifer’, releasing SHINee’s image at 10PM on that day required huge amount of technology/skills, to display the members’ new look.

"Members using their eye expression to show their main song ‘Lucifer’, in Christianity, Lucifer means the falling angel of the devil. SHINee with a refreshing image in the past activities, showed a big transformation and a feeling of approaching in their 2nd album.

SM expressed that ” A selfish heart, persevering love, wrongly threatened and repeatedly revolving appearance of an angel and devil, lovers having a vague feeling in Lucifer” “The meaning of religion is to have courage”.

Source: Daum
Credits: Baidu & SHINeecn
Chinese translation: 蓝
English translation: babyblue-@soompi
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One Way Live In Manila Mall Show Schedules Confirmed! Please note SM North venue is now at SKYDOME!

K-Pop's newest R&B/Pop trio One Way will be in Manila to promote their album "One Way Street", which includes the current single "Magic".

One Way members Chance, Peter and Young Sky will be appearing on different ABS-CBN TV programs, as well as on MYX during their stay.

Catch One Way perform their hits LIVE on these dates and venues:

JULY 31 (SATURDAY) - SM MEGAMALL's Activity Area (formerly ice skating rink), 5PM

Meet and greet members of One Way. Buy your advance copy of the Philippine Edition CD of their "One Way Street" album, which includes 3 Bonus tracks and DVD of their 4 Music Videos! Of course, there will be Exclusive FREEBIES available during these three mall shows! And yes, One Way members will sign those CDs!


One Way answers 16 questions

Special thanks to OneWayPH, Chichi and Aya!

Just some trivia extracted from the video:
1) Who takes the longest time getting ready in the morning? It's Chance xD
2) The "One Way" sign you see behind the boys is an actual road sign given by a fan.
3) One Way's favorite food? Mexican food. But they added that they can't wait to try Filipino food.
4) One Way Young Sky has two pet dogs (Spitz breed)
5) One Way's favorite sports? Basketball and soccer
6) Q#15 for One Way: What are you expecting to try once in the Phils.? Answer: Food, scenery & meeting the fans!

The boys also gives a shout out to their Pinoy fans at the end of the video! ^^

July 17, 2010

Super Junior "No Other" music video for #1!

To vote for Super Junior's music video "No Other", type in:
MYX[space]VOTE[space]NO OTHER 
And send to 2366 (for Globe/Smart/Sun subscribers)

"No Other" has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on SM Entertainment YouTube channel. Watch the MV here:

Universal Records will release "Bonamana" Version C very soon!

Please feel free to repost! Thanks!

Super Junior performs 'No Other' on Music Bank

Having won their triple crown with Bonamana earlier, the boys of Super Junior began their journey to win another triple crown on Music Bank as they took their first step by winning K-Chart last week with No Other.

On today’s episode of Music Bank, Super Junior returned on stage to perform No Other, looking to make it their second consecutive win, one shy of another triple crown. Their performance was very energetic as the boys showcased their charms on stage. Check out their awesome performance below!

Super Junior interview:

"No Other" performance:

Unforunately, the boys couldn’t grab their second consecutive win. But they still have Sunday’s Inkigayo, in which they won last week’s Mutizen! So stay tuned to see if they can make it with two consecutive Mutizen wins.

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Super Junior in Candy Magazine (July issue)

TVXQ trio to hold fan meeting in Seoul in September

The newly-established trio from TVXQ -- namely Hero Jaejung, Micky Yuchun and Xiah Junsu -- will be holding a fan meeting in Seoul in September.

According to an announcement posted on the event's website (http://www.tellmeclub.com/tmc/korea/jyj), the three singers will be meeting with fans in Seoul on September 4, as part of Lotte Duty Free-sponsored fan meeting tour.

The tour will be available in two versions -- the "A Course" which runs from September 3 to 5 and "B Course" from September 3 to 6.

At the event, the pop idols will give mini-live performance of four songs, talk and play games with the fans and hand out souvenirs which have their autographs on them.

Hero, Micky and Xiah debuted in 2004 as part of five-member boy band TVXQ. The group became one of the most successful K-pop acts in the country and throughout Asia, selling numerous albums and setting the Guinness record for having the largest official fan club in the world.

Despite their phenomenal success, TVXQ announced that they will no longer be working as a group in Korea nor Japan and that the members will go their separate ways to pursue individual careers.

The break-up of the band started last July due to a legal dispute between three of its members -- Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejung and Micky Yuchun -- and major talenthouse SM Entertainment over their 13-year exclusive contract.

The three have since formed a new unit under Japanese management agency Avex, through which they will be working in Japan, and gave their first concert as a group last month.

They are set to release a documentary DVD on July 28 and appear at music festival "a - nation'10" to be held in Osaka and Tokyo starting August 7.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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BoA transforms into a fierce woman

World superstar BoA recently participated in a pictorial with help from popular makeup artist Gordon Espinet as she got to show off a totally different side from her usual self.

Gordon is currently in Asia working on various activities, and as soon as he heard of BoA, he sent a love call to which she gladly accepted.

Gordon said, “It’s hard to find a perfect face like BoA’s. Even though she has somewhat of a mysterious face, it’s superior and beyond beautiful.”

BoA also left some comments, “It was a totally different atmosphere from what I’m used to, but I loved participating and the makeup was just fantastic.”

The makeup artist based the photo shoot on popular and expensive makeup brand MAC, using specifically 2010 AW (Autumn Winter) brand which seems to be the current trend. The full pictorial will be released in August.

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f(x) to follow up with 'Mr. Boogie'!

Although many believed f(x) would be following up with Mr. Boogie back in June, no official word was mentioned of such, and nothing had been heard since.

However, f(x)’s official staff recently posted a new message on their message board with the following part of their schedule,

< MBC 쇼! 음악중심 – Mr. Boogie 사전녹화 >
* 일시 : 2010. 07. 17. (토) AM 11:00
* 장소 : 일산 MBC 드림센터 공개홀

Which effectively meant that the girls will head down to the MBC studio to pre-record a performance of Mr. Boogie at 11am (KST)!

This was further confirmed as f(x) is officially included in the list of performers for that episode of Music Core’s official website. With the ladies coming back after a few weeks absence, it looks like Amber has fully recovered and ready to get back to work.

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What is a musical to an idol? U-Kiss SooHyun, "Special treatment? I had to improvise a dance"

Lately, U-Kiss member SooHyun has been practicing hard for musical 'Chorus Line', in which he will be performing in August at the Seoul SamSung Coex Center. We were curious about the thoughts inside of an idol star's head who is attempting a musical for the first time. We met SooHyun at the Coex Center practice room.

Q. Why did you choose to do a musical?

U-Kiss is important, but my last dream was to stand on a musical stage. I was always thinking about it while promoting, and then a chance for an audition came by.

Q. Idol stars have to take auditions too?

Of course. The actors for 'Chorus Line' have all passed through really difficult auditions. I was no exception; I finished a tough audition too.

Q. What did you do for your audition?

After they showed us the choreography they do on stage, they immediately asked me to do it. Maybe I was lucky, but I picked it up quickly and followed it. I also sang. But more than anything, I think that the reaction to my personal introduction at the end was good. I said, "To become a member of U-Kiss, I had a hard time during my trainee days but I worked hard. It's an honor to have come this far, and if I get chosen, then I will do my best", and the judges looked like they were touched. The producer said before he went back to New York that he 'thought that he was really seeing Mark (the role that SooHyun is playing). I felt like you have what it takes to stand on the stage, so I casted you". I'm really thankful. I will work hard and not let his expectations fall short.

Q. Why do you think more and more idols are entering into musicals?

The trend nowadays is to be a multi-entertainer. MC, acting, solo activities are common, but I think that the road for musicals is also opening up. Everyone wants to do more, learn more, and get to the top. I think that we feel that we will be accepted for our talents more through musicals and receive more love.

Q. The company must not like it. Their time and money is being stolen.

You're right. And to add to that, U-Kiss is releasing a single album soon. At first, the company representative didn't like that I was doing a musical. So I convinced him with my eye glint (laugh). Now, he's saying, 'Since you're trying this, work really hard'. The manager hyungs also help, so I can comfortably focus on just practicing.

Q. Will musical experience help with your activities as a singer?

U-Kiss has seven members, but 'Chorus Line' has thirty-three. The scale is different even when we dance together to a single song. Through this experience with a musical, I want to give help to my U-Kiss dongsengs.

Q. What are your thoughts on idols entering musicals?

Personally, I hope that the link between the musical industry and the entertainment industry grows. Just as entertainers attempt musicals, I want musical actors to enter the entertainment industry. When I look around me, theres a lot of talk about how 'idols seem to be crossing over into the musical industry a bit too much'. There are criticisms that people only gather at performances that idols are starring in. It's sad. I feel that way too.

Source: Nate News
Translator: ilovepocky @ Rocketboxx
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How Does U-Kiss Spend Their Summer Holiday?

Ahead of their comeback on this coming August, U-KISS is really busy with their preparation for a new album as well as conducting overseas promotion. They choose to cool down from the hot weather by going to the cinema complex located in downtown Seoul. Especially during midnight after they have finished all their schedules, where they would find a cinema to cool down. Plus, they managed to catch up with lots of latest movies currently aired in cinema.

Credits: Donga (Source) + ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans)
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July 16, 2010

SHINee unleashes video teaser for 2nd album Lucifer!

Having revealed their hot album cover for 2nd full length album Lucifer, the boys are back again and this time with a video teaser made full of epicness for fans to enjoy.

Besides having SHINee show off in the teaser, fans are introduced to one of the 13 songs in their new album called Your Name which feature some catchy beats to accompany their soothing voices.

Matrix-like technology, formerly known as Flow-mo, was also used in some of their music video which has a similar effect from hit movie The Matrix.

The product is definitely one that any fan could enjoy for a long while, but you be the judge of that and let us know your thoughts!


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SHINee's 2nd Album 'Lucifer' Tracklist Revealed

The tracklist for their 2nd album was also revealed on YesAsia earlier today and is as follows:

1. UP & DOWN
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

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SHINee reveals cover for 2nd album "Lucifer"

Having revealed the minute long song medley earlier today, SHINee has only been creating more hype for fans.

SHINee’s album cover for their 2nd full length album Lucifer was also revealed, revealing yet another picture of the boys along with their names in the bottom left-hand corner.

Their first video teaser for Lucifer will also be revealed on the 16th at 8pm (KST) which utilizes a matrix camera, otherwise known as Flow-mo, and will include part of their gentle song Your Name. So stay tuned to allkpop later tonight.

Meanwhile, the boys will be dropping their full album on the 19th, and will make their comeback on the 23rd via KBS Music Bank.

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SHINee unleashes song medley teaser for new album!

Earlier today, SM Entertainment released some good news about SHINee’s comeback date and some other information regarding teasers although title song, concept name, album name, tracklist, etc remained a mystery.

Well, the boys have now released their song medley teaser for their new album where we get to hear their singing voices once again after 9 long months.

9 brand new songs are featured on the medley where the boys sing all kinds of songs that range in different genres too. With their soft and sexy voices, their comeback is definitely going to be an explosive one.

Their official website has also been updated to reflect the style of their new album and will include various new teaser images and videos in the near future.

Stay tuned for the album release on the 19th and Music Bank comeback on the 23rd!

Posted by Kingpolo @ Allkpop

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