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August 31, 2010

SHINee "Lucifer" Album Launch Event on September 18!

Universal Records and SHINee World Philippines invite you to "ELECTRIFYING HEARTS: SHINee LUCIFER ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT". This event will be held on SEPTEMBER 18 (SATURDAY) in three of Metro Manila's biggest record stores! More details soon.

"Lucifer" album is packed with 13 new songs including the infectious title track "Lucifer", the old-school hip-hop tune " Up & Down", the melancholic rock ballad "Quasimodo", R&B ballad "Life" by Kenzie and "Love Still Goes On", a sequel to the SHINee's first album hit "Love Should Go On". The members also participated in the songwriting this time, with Onew penning "Your Name" and Jong Hyun penning "Obsession".

"Lucifer" has exceeded sales of more than 100,000 units after just 2 weeks of release in Korea! The music video "Lucifer" has been viewed more than 3.5 million times on SME YouTube Channel alone! The boys have indeed arrived big time!

Watch "Lucifer" MV here:

Here are some SHINee related Facebook Fanpage you should join & check out regularly for updates about SHINee and our upcoming Album Launch Event:

SHINee 2010 Comeback Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SHINee-2010-Comeback/124737560902092
SHINee World Philippines Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/shineeworldph
Side by Side with SHINee Selca Contest Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/sidebysideshinee

SHINee's "Lucifer" album is being released in two versions - Version A & Version B.

1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

"Lucifer" music video is currently being aired on MYX Music Channel.

To vote for "Lucifer" music video, type in:
and send to 2366 (for all Globe/Smart/Sun subscribers)

Start saving up & we promise you it's so worth your money, patience & effort to go to the event! More details about VENUES & FREEBIES coming soon!

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August 30, 2010

Unforgettable Pics from Bonamana Version C Album Launch

More pics here:

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon & Donghae to act in Taiwanese drama

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Donghae have been cast in the Taiwanese drama Glamorous Challenge as the leading male roles.

According to Taiwan iFensi on the 24th, “The decision to cast Choi Siwon and Donghae into Glamorous Challenge has been finalized.”

Glamorous Challenge is a remake drama of a Japanese comic called Skip Beat, and it’s about a girl that gets betrayed by her long time boyfriend. In an attempt to get revenge, she debuts as a celebrity, and the drama unfolds with the various events she experiences soon after.

Taiwanese actress Lin Yichen will be playing the leading female role for the drama. Choi Siwon and Donghae already appeared in her music video for Firefly last September, and that was how the two were brought up during casting discussions.

Choi Siwon’s character is a successful celebrity that chooses business over his girlfriend. Although he is able to capture the hearts of women with his charismatic looks, he often looks back on his memories with his innocent girlfriend.

Donghae will be playing the role of a top star, and he is regarded as having the best looks and acting skills in the industry. He is also a mysterious figure of the leading female’s childhood, having disappeared when they were both young.

This will be Donghae’s first time acting, so much attention has been put on whether he will be able to express a character with perfect looks but awkward emotions.

Glamorous Challenge will begin filming in March of next year.

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One Way's Peter posts new photos on Twitter

"@ Walkerhill Theatre for the "What's Up Summer Hip Hop Festival 2010""

"@ Walkerhill Theatre waiting in the dressing room~"

"Taken in the One Way Studio with the 'Untouchable' bruthas~"

Source: http://twitter.com/onewaypeter

Allkpop | One Way releases new videos

Rap trio One Way has certainly made a splash in the illustrious K-hip hop world.

Last night, they opened the What’s Up – Summer HIPHOP Festival event held in Walkerhill Theatre. The festival lineup flashed big names from Japan and Korea, including ZEEBRA, Dabo, Buga Kingz,Leessang, Double K, and special guest, Drunken Tiger.

According to festival witnesses, their performance was nothing short of excellent, and the boys revved up the audience with style, sending the energy in the house racing through the roof by performing "One Way", covering 50 Cent’s "Baby by Me", and also B.o.B’s "Nothin’ on You".

“One Way” & “Baby By Me” plus behind the scenes:

“Nothin’ On You”:

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One Way Peter posts new photos on Twitter

Peter of One Way posted some photos of himself & Young Sky on his Twitter account. His diet seems to be effective since you can see that he has lost some weight.

"Sipping on some of that good old coffee^^ (notice the Pwitter shirt ^.^)"

"Sky @ De Chocolate"

"In work mode~"

Source: http://twitter.com/onewaypeter

SHINee "Lucifer" Album Launch Event is on September 18!

Universal Records and SHINee World Philippines invite you to "ELECTRIFYING HEARTS: SHINee LUCIFER ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT". This event will be held on SEPTEMBER 18 (SATURDAY) in three of Metro Manila's biggest record stores! More details soon.

"Lucifer" album is packed with 13 new songs including the infectious title track "Lucifer", the old-school hip-hop tune " Up & Down", the melancholic rock ballad "Quasimodo", R&B ballad "Life" by Kenzie and "Love Still Goes On", a sequel to the SHINee's first album hit "Love Should Go On". The members also participated in the songwriting this time, with Onew penning "Your Name" and Jong Hyun penning "Obsession".

"Lucifer" has exceeded sales of more than 100,000 units after just 2 weeks of release in Korea! The music video "Lucifer" has been viewed more than 3.5 million times on SME YouTube Channel alone! The boys have indeed arrived big time!

Watch "Lucifer" MV here:

Here are some SHINee related Facebook Fanpage you should join & check out regularly for updates about SHINee and our upcoming Album Launch Event:

SHINee 2010 Comeback Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SHINee-2010-Comeback/124737560902092
SHINee World Philippines Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/shineeworldph
Side by Side with SHINee Selca Contest Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/sidebysideshinee

SHINee's "Lucifer" album is being released in two versions - Version A & Version B.

1. Up & Down
2. Lucifer
3. Electric Heart
4. A-Yo
5. 욕(慾) (Obsession)
6. 화살 (Quasimodo)
7. 악 (Shout Out)
8. Wowowow
9. Your Name
10. Life
11. Ready or Not
12. Love Pain
13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On)

"Lucifer" music video is currently being aired on MYX Music Channel.

To vote for "Lucifer" music video, type in:
and send to 2366 (for all Globe/Smart/Sun subscribers)

Start saving up & we promise you it's so worth your money, patience & effort to go to the event! More details about VENUES & FREEBIES coming soon!

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SHINee "Lucifer" TV performances this weekend

Inkigayo (8/29/10):

Music Core (8/28/10):

Music Bank (8/27/10):

YunHo and SHINee Helps Children in Need

YunHo and SHINee gathered together to donate to children who are in need living in war zone areas.

SHINee and YunHo will attend the DMZ National Documentary Film Festival on the 31st to assist with the donation.

The film festival held on the 9th of September will also be towards assisting those in need living in war zones. The donations will go towards funding their basic needs such as water, food and clothing.

The event will begin on the 31st at 3PM with YunHo and SHINee directly giving donations.

The relations of DMZ National Documentary Film Festivals said “This event will hopefully allow people to realise the importance of peace and life, the participation of YunHo and SHINee will encourage citizens to donate as well.”

source: tvdaily.co.kr
translation: netizensusadae @ kpoplive.com

Jaejoong and Junsu to sing for ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ OST

The much anticipated ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ starring TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun will have something else for us to look foward to.

To support their fellow group member, Jaejoong and Junsu have participated in the Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s OST.

Representatives stated, “Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu have participated in the OST. The two of them will showcase their own colors through their different style of music. Jaejoong and Junsu have recorded one song each, but the title song for the drama has not been decided. Also, Micky Yoochun will not sing a solo song.”

Park Sung Il, the music PD, has praised Jaejoong and Junsu, saying, “Xiah Junsu sings very well naturally, and Youngwoong Jaejoong is getting the chance to rediscover himself through the songs. They sing surprisingly well for idol singers.”

The trio has shown a special friendship, which garnered the attention of many fans. Especially, Xiah Junsu, who brought chicken for the entire staff during filming, showing his loyalty to Yoochun.

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ marks Yoochun’s acting debut, and the story revolves around four youths who attend Sungkyunkwan University. This drama will air on August 30th through KBS.

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U-Kiss Thanks Fans on their 2nd Year Anniversary

Two years ago, U-Kiss debuted on Aug 28, 2008 through M! Countdown. The boys left messages of gratitude for their fans on their twitters and me2days.

Kevin tweeted on the 27th, saying, “Everyone~! It’s U-Kiss’ 2 year anniversary today~! WOO HOO! Thank you supporting us all the way~ We really love all of our fans! KISS ME ♥“.

Alexander announced on his twitter, “Morning folks! Congratulations on our 2nd anniversary~! Happy 2nd Anniversary to U-KISS~♥^-^ Schedule today! but raining! hv a nice day tho! Because of the rain, please be careful! God bless.”

Dongho said, “It’s been two years already. Thanks for loving us the last two years. Please continue to love us in the future.”

Eli wrote, “Thank you so much for your continued support the last two years. We’ll work harder from now on.”

Kiseop said, “Fans! Thank you for always giving us strength. I love you. Congrats on our 2 year anniversary.”

Kibum expressed, “It’s been two years! There’s still a lot of time for us to be together in the future, right? Aja! I love you!”

Soohyun wrote, “Kiss Me my loves~ I will only say two things. Thank you and I love you.”

Congratulations to U-Kiss and all the Kiss Me’s out there!

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Star Express interview with U-Kiss

Star ☆ Express Special Interview U-Kiss “Our charms are that we are of international and amicableness”

The person who spent his holiday after a long time lonely is?

To the K-POP fans, "SEOUL TRAIN" is an event they have all become familiar with. Appearing as the main act of July is U-Kiss. So far, the same event goes with a 2 artists system. Placing 1 artist as the main is the first time.

Kibum: The visit to Japan is already the 6th time. Till now, there are experiences of fanmeeting and showcase but as the main act of a live event is the first time. Because there is TV broadcasting also, I’m happy.

Soohyun: However, we will eagerly show a powerful stage as usual. Please also enjoy the talk where the each personality of us can be felt. But I’m slightly worried about Japanese language......

In September 2008, debuted as a 6 people group. With the view of going global, it is also known as the multinational army group which has gathered members who have overseas experiences in addition to South Korea, America, and Hong Kong. In November 2009, Kiseop joined in, to group of 7.

Alexander: Having become 7 people, the dance formation became easier to take on. Power went up!

Dongho: Originally, because I was in charge of the group’s cute, Kiseop entered and robbed me of the seat. (laugh)

Kiseop: Me, rather than cute, am in charge of laughter! I’m a mysterious character.

After addition of 1 person, the food expenses increase. And to earn that, they, who are working hard. (laugh) Since debut, they continue their activities energetically in each country of Asia. It seems that only a few days ago, finally they are able to get a holiday to catch one's breath. When talking about how did they spend their precious holiday......

Soohyun: Because only I had work, I did not get a holiday.

Kevin: I spent lots of time with my family.

Dongho: Because I was tired, I slept all the times.

Kibum: Me too. When I slept and got up, the holiday was over. So sad......

Eli: I went with my friend to the pension at Chonju.

Kiseop: Because my friend entered the army, I went to the pension at Gangcheon as a send-off party.

Alexander: As for me, because everyone seemed to be busy, I thought it was bad to invite them. So I went to Lotte world alone to play, watched movie alone, ate meal alone and then went home (laugh).

Alexander, who spent his lonely(!?) holiday alone is from Hong Kong. Korean, English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese and because proficient in these 5 languages, he is called the ‘human translating machine’ by the members. Asked the international members, the memorable experience that they received cultural shock is ‘when they all went to Chimuchiruban (Health Spa) and were shocked by the figures walking around naked. But now, though I’ve also become really calm’ and with the mentality that when in Rome does as the Romans do, one will enjoy life in Korea.

Individual activities that utilize their personality and the charms of U-Kiss' music.

In this interview, their laughter never dies out and they who are good at talking have no intention of leaving the TV industry. Alexander and Kevin who are good in English are program MCs at English broadcasting Arirang TV which is aired in 188 countries over the world. Moreover, starting from September, in SBS Mon and Tue aired Drama "I Am Legend" starring Kim Jung Eun, the appearances of Dongho(Drums), Kevin(Guitar), Soohyun(Vocal), Kiseop(Bass) and Kibum(Keyboards) as Idol Band "KISS BAND" have been decided. Hoping that their popularity will exceed A.N.Jell from the drama "You’re Beautiful".

In addition, the maknae, Dongho is in great demand in variety shows and the members also remarked that ‘Dongho is the most popular among us’ and has high popularity in the resting rooms. Originally aimed to be an actor, he who went China to study acting skills abroad, is casted in the movie 『Upstair’s Villian』recently starring South Korean actor Han Seok Gyu and actress Kim Hye Su. It has played a major push into the world of acting.

U-Kiss, who also works aggressively in activities which utilize their individual personality, the best place to bring out their charm is the stage where they dance and sing as 7 people after all. The one who made their unique and addictive, highly distinctive sound is spirited producer Brave Brothers who has worked with hit songs of BIGBANG, BROWN EYED GIRLS, After School, Son Dambi and so on. A complete changeover from the cute image since debut to manly Kangnam dance "Man Man Ha Ni" which pulled them up to the status of a popular group and "Bingeul Bingeul" though is a Korean song, was greatly selected as the theme song of FUJI TV "If there is love to abandon, there is love to pick up" are also by his hands. Inserting sound logo "Brave Sound" into the songs is the distinct characteristic and with strong impactful phrase, electric sound of nostalgic sense will stimulate the heartstrings of the Japanese.

For Kibum, who has been doing composing activities under the songwriting unit H&B with his elder brother, Hyungjun, the maknae of SS501, his elder brother's presence is said to stimulates his creator mind.

Kibum: Since volume 1, we have been working on production work together all the time. To have us making our own unique music, we have also come under great influence musically. When looking at his work as a producer, one becomes want to study hard and I also want to make music.

Hereafter, for them, Japan’s activities have also been planned. Surprised by the increasing numbers of young girls fans during their visit to Japan every time, how do they think about their own secret to popularity and about the fans?

Kibum: Our charms are that we are of international and amicable-ness. We hope to treat everyone of the fans like a family.

Kevin: The Japanese fans are very polite and we are thankful to them for always welcoming us. From now on also, please continue to love U-KISS!

Credits: masaking1224mayu(Source)+ tweetyandfriends.tumblr.com(Source)+ micsummer@ROCKETBOXX.NET(Trans)
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BoA wins Mutizen again (8/28/10)

Last week, BoA and her comeback single Hurricane Venus took home the Mutizen award on Inkigayo. This week, BoA along with her hoobaes SHINee (Lucifer), Se7en (Better Together), SECRET (Madonna), Homme (Still Eating Well), Seo In Kook (My Baby U) and DJ DOC (I’m This Kind of Person) were in contention for this week’s Take 7.

In the end, it was BoA who went home with her second Mutizen award this week, a fitting end to her promotions for Hurricane Venus as it was her final stage today! Congratulations to BoA!

Today's winner:

"Hurricane Venus" performance:

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BoA "Hurricane Venus" @ Music Core (8/28/10)

BoA wins K-Chart triple crown on Music Bank

Today’s special episode of Music Bank was shown live across 54 countries, so it was packed with great performances and fan interaction. Notable performances from today include the comebacks of F.T Island, Narsha, SISTAR, Wheesung, and G.NA.

These comeback stages weren’t the only great performances today though, as there were also performances from BoA, SHINee, DJ DOC, Se7en, Homme (Changmin & Lee Hyun), SECRET, Chae Yeon, Jo Sung Mo, Eru, Hwanhee, Rainbow, Nine Muses, Supernova, Navi, and JQT.

Today was a repeat of the same battle last week between Homme and BoA, and it was BoA who took home the win tonight again, completing her triple crown of K-Chart wins for Hurricane Venus.

Congratulations to BoA although she announced it was her final stage but a fitting way to say goodbye. Check out the encore stage as Minho and Key joined in.

Today's winner:

"Hurricane Venus" performance:

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BoA's 10th Anniversary

BoA thanked her fans through her twitter for following her all the way since her debut.

BoA updated her twitter on the 25th of August saying “10 years! It went so fast like a bullet. The precious times I spent with my fans, it was the greatest present I have ever received. There were things that were not easy to do being a solo singer, but it was possible because you guys were with me. I love you and thank you.”

She then added “25th of August 2000 was a Wednesday… but it’s a Wednesday again in 2010?! That’s amazing. I wonder what it’ll be like in 2020″ but then she realised that the 25th of August 2000 was a Friday.

BoA recently released her 6th album Hurricane Venus and is sweeping across the charts with her latest album.

Let’s congratulate on BoA for her 10th Anniversary!

source: stoo.com
translation: netizensusadae @ kpoplive.com

Jed Madela's "The Classics Album" launch at ASAP XV (8/29/10)

Vote for Christian Bautista "I Remember The Girl" music video

Asia's Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista just released his latest music video "I Remember The Girl" and MYX just premiered it early today. "I Remember The Girl" is the fifth single from the Double-Platinum certified "Romance Revisited: The Love Songs of Jose Mari Chan" album.

To vote for Christian Bautista music video "I Remember The Girl", type in:
MYX[space]Vote[space]I Remember
and send to 2366 (applies for all networks)

Christian Bautista & Carmen Soo in Your Song "Beautiful Girl" teaser

Noel Cabangon "Byahe" Repackaged Edition CD

Includes songs from President Noynoy Aquino's Inauguration!

OPM singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon's GOLD-certified "Byahe" has now been repackaged including 4 brand new tracks! Two of these tracks were songs performed during President Noynoy Aquino's Inaugration last June 30th. After watching his performance during the Inauguration, people have been looking for these songs - "Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino" and "Ngayon (Tungo Sa Pagbabago)". Other additional tracks are "Simpleng Tao" and "Hanggang Mamatay".

"Byahe" CD was #1 in Music One stores for 20 weeks and is still the #1 OPM CD in Music One and Astroplus/Astrovision record stores! The CD is also a Top 5 seller in Odyssey and O record stores!

Noel Cabangon takes the sonic road trip down memory lane, with his brand new album aptly titled "Byahe". The 15-track CD features Noel's heartfelt rendition of OPM classics from the seventies and eighties plus 3 original tracks, including his collaborations with Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar and Aia De Leon of Imago. Produced by Noel Cabangon and Ito Rapadas, "Byahe" will further establish Noel as a force to be reckoned with in the local music industry.

1. Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko (originally by Sharon Cuneta)
2. Tuloy Pa Rin (originally by Neocolours)
3. Binibini (originally by The Rainmakers)
4. Ang Aking Awitin (originally by Bong Gabriel)
5. Di Na Natuto (originally by Gary Valencian)
6. Ang Buhay Nga Naman
7. Kanlungan with Aia De Leon of Imago
8. Dito Sa Kanto with Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar
9. Kung Kailangan Mo Ako (originally by Rey Valera)
10. Ipagpatawad mo (originally by VST & Company)
11. Pag-ibig (originally by APO Hiking Society)
12. Pinay (originally by Florante)
13. Tao (originally by Sampaguita)
14. Pagbabalik (originally by Asin)
15. Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika (originally by Hadji Alejandro)

Bonus tracks:
16. Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino
17. Ngayon (Tungo Sa Pagbabago)
18. Simpleng Tao
19. Hanggang Mamatay

Preview his "Byahe" album here:

His "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" MV:

Parokya Ni Edgar's new CD "Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop-Rockers" out this September!

One of the most enduring Pinoy rock bands in the country, Parokya ni Edgar will be releasing their brand new album "Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers" this September. This is the band's 11th album since they started in 1993. The first single off the album is "Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Nyo Ako)". Watch out for its music video very soon!

Please vote for the song by texting "NUVOTE Pakiusap Lang" and send to 29107.

Follow Parokya Ni Edgar:
Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Parokya-ni-Edgar/108261248299
Parokya Ni Edgar Twitter: http://twitter.com/parokyaniedgar
Chito Miranda Twiiter: http://twitter.com/chitomirandajr
Dindin Moreno Twitter: http://twitter.com/dindinmoreno
Vinci Montaner Twitter: http://twitter.com/pnebackup/

PEP.ph | Parokya Ni Edgar bassist Buhawi Meneses says joining Survivor was dream come true

By: Mark Angelo Ching
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 03:12 PM

Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses, bassist of Pinoy bands Parokya ni Edgar and Franco, is a big fan of the reality-show franchise Survivor. This was why he did not hesitate to say yes when the staff of Survivor Philippines asked him if he wanted to join the current celebrity season.

In an interview with Buwi during the press launch of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown last August 23 at GMA-7, the musician told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) he actually auditioned to join the first season, which aired two years ago.

He said he even met first season castaway Kiko Rustia in that audition. Kiko made it, but Buhawi was barred from the audition because he's a well-known musician.

"The first season pa lang, kaibigan ko si Kiko Rustia. Nagkita lang kami doon, nag-audition kami. And then, yun nga, nakilala nila ako na nasa entertainment field. 'A, hindi ka puwede.' So, wala na 'kong pag-asa," the 34-year-old musician said.

Fortunately, the show's producers saved his audition and called him up for the third season.

"Hindi na 'ko nag-audition," he said. "The thing is 'Celebrity,' they told us, sabi nila, hindi na nagpa-audition. Namimili na lang sila. So, nag-count yung audition ko nung first season."

DIRTY STRATEGIES. Buwi told PEP he had watched both the two previous seasons of Survivor Philippines, and some seasons of the U.S. versions. He was even able to emulate the example of the reality show's notable tribe leaders, including Kiko himself.

"Sobrang fan ako ng Survivor. I watched every episode. Si Kiko, parehas kami ng background niyan. UP Mountaineers kaming dalawa, so we really know nature. Pero ang hirap talaga masabi kung paano ka hindi matatanggal. Do I know that na magiging leader ako? Yun siguro yung nakita nila, and ginampanan ko nang mabuti. Wala akong tinapakan. I did not lead but I took care of the castaways," he explained.

One lesson he did not carry, however, are the dirty strategies that can be used in the game, like backstabbing and turning back on alliances.

"Actually, there came a point na the biggest payo ng lahat, even from the U.S. castaways, is to fix your alliance. E, ako, akala ko, I did not believe in alliance. But, yun pala, parang nasa season one. Pero kaya...yun talaga. Kita mo naman sa TV, e, so gamitan na. Gamitan talaga," Buwi said.

But the musician said that he was able to deal with his fellow castaways well because he was used to facing a crowd from his countless gigs and concerts as a member of two bands.

"Siguro yung facing the audience, nakatulong na rin. Kasi as a musician, you face people rin. Yun yung ginagawa mo. Hindi nakatulong sa music, but facing different kinds of people," he explained.

FAMILY SUPPORT. During the competition, Buwi said he knew that his family and friends continued supporting him.

"From the management, from the two bands I have, Franco and Parokya, and then my family, my parents and my Church, they told me to be myself, they believe in me. So, yun pala, ang dami ko nang baon sa loob ko, e."

That's why he would like to help them if ever he gets the P3-million prize.

"Yung first million of course, for my family, like I'm gonna finish my house. Just a life na stable. Just enough money," he said.

He would also help with the funding of his advocacy, the Philippine Breast Cancer Network, the "national network of breast cancer victims and fighters in the Philippines." Buhawi's mother, the late Rosa Francia-Meneses, was the organization's founder. She succumbed to breast cancer in 2000.

"And then, let's say two million, to return to the public. My advocacy is Philippine Breast Cancer Network, education for the environment, what needs para ma-attain ang healthy Philippines," Buhawi said.


Kamikazee on the cover of MYX Magazine

Out now!

August 25, 2010

[Teaser] No Other than Super Junior : Bonamana Version C Launch Event

At the following venues:
- Astroplus The Block (of SM North Edsa)
- Odyssey Megamall
- Glorietta Mall - 2nd floor across McDonald's

Stores open 10am. See you on Saturday!

Stores are ready for Bonamana Version C Album Launch this Saturday (August 28)

Universal Records and Super Junior United Philippines, in cooperation with MYX, Astroplus and Odyssey, invite you to "NO OTHER THAN SUPER JUNIOR: BONAMANA VERSION C ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT". This event will be held on AUGUST 28 (Saturday) at the following venues :

- GLORIETTA 3 MALL (2nd Floor across McDonald's)

The FIRST 400 BUYERS in each participating venue will get the following freebies :
- Bonamana Version C Big Poster (Size 24" x 36")
- Bonamana Version C Folder
- Bonamana Version C Calling Card

Price of Bonamana Version C is P500.

Aside from the Three (3) Freebies, the most exciting activity of the event is the "There's No Other than Super Junior: A Love Confession Contest"!

Upon purchase of the Version C album, please proceed to Super Junior United Philippines booth and present your receipt.

Get ready to pose with your Fan Sign dedicated to your Bias and have your photo taken using your own camera.

Fan sign size should not be bigger than A4 or short bond paper size.

Post your photo to this Official There's No Other Than Super Junior: A Love Confession Contest Facebook Fanpage:

Ten (10) Winners will win Super Junior group standees!!

For more details, check out this page: http://forums.sjuph.org/index.php?showtopic=2258

"There's No Other than Super Junior: A Love Confession Contest" will run from 10AM to 6PM only!

Lastly, there are LOVE LETTER BOX and KISSBOARD in each store for your love letters and kisses. Know more about this on August 28 during the event!

All of Super Junior's previous album releases like "Sorry Sorry" (which is certified Gold  in the Philippines), "Supergirl" (by sub-group Super Junior-M), "Super Show 2 Live Album", "Don't Don" and "Bonamana" Version A & B (also certified Gold) shot straight to the #1 position in record store's album charts!

Will "Bonamana" Version C album be their 6th consecutive #1 album in the Philippines?

Please feel free to repost. Thanks!

Super Junior’s "No Other" Album Launch in the Philippines

Posted on 21. Aug, 2010 by Rie27

After claiming many firsts in the Philippines, hitting Gold for their album sales and ranking #1 with their new song No Other, the idol boy group Super Junior is at it again, making history in the Philippines.

Universal Records Philippines, the company responsible for releasing Super Junior albums, other SM Entertainment artists’ albums and the One Way Street Philippine Edition album in the Philippines, invites you to join the No Other Than Super Junior: Bonamana Version C Album Launch Event to be held on the 28th of August.

The album launch event will be held in the following venues:
- Astroplus, SM North EDSA The Block
- Odyssey, SM Megamall
- Glorietta Mall (2nd floor across McDonald's)

The album will only cost 500php (roughly 11 USD) and if you are lucky enough to be one of the first 400 buyers, you are entitled to three different kinds of freebies.

The first freebie is the Bonamana Version C poster (24” x 36”) which is bigger than that of the Korean edition.

The second freebie is the Bonamana Version C folder, which will probably include a picture of KangIn and we all know how much everyone misses him.

The last freebie is a Bonamana Version C calling card. Now, you can stare at your idols anytime and anywhere.

If you think that is suffice for your Super Junior love, hold your horses because we’re not yet done. During the event, there will be three activities that fans are sure to love taking part in.

One of the activities planned is the SuJu Love Letter Box. Instead of the usual posting on a big board with post-its, you can now confess your love via letter-writing with no limitations on how long your letters can be. Another activity is the Kiss Board, which details will be revealed for on the day itself. Isn’t it exciting?

Of course, it won’t be fun without a little competition, will it? Be prepared for a contest called The Love Confession Contest wherein a fan could win the standees of all of the Super Junior members. Take note, only one fan can win, and not a couple, but all of the standees. Imagine the whole group standing around your room watching you sleep in your bed and when you wake up, you’ll be greeted by those wonderful smiles of theirs. That is something we’re sure many of you definitely want.

How to join? Simple. Follow the steps below.

1)  You are to make a fansign on an A4 size bond paper confessing your love to your favorite Super Junior member or to all of them as a group. Anything goes, so let your creative juices flow.
2)  After which, you are to bring the fansign with you to the event and pose in front of the standees there. Bring your own camera and click away.
3)  There will be a one album per entry rule. If you made 5 fansigns and want to show them all, then you will have to buy 5 albums for bigger chances of winning.
4)  If you’ve done all of the above, post the pictures on this page. No photo-shopped or edited pictures!
5)  Entry will be judged as follows:

- Creativity = 50%
- Originality = 30%
- Audience Impact = 20%

Are you all ready to make Bonamana Version C Super Junior’s 6th consecutive number one album in the Philippines?

Source: Universal Records Philippines + SJUnited Philippines

Read more: http://www.kpoplive.com/2010/08/21/super-juniors-no-other-album-launch-in-the-philippines

Yunho and Changmin revealed new songs during SM Town Live ‘10

DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin took the stage during SM Town Live ‘10’s first stop in Seoul to show off their awesome skills through multiple performances. With the fans’ increasing excitement, the two also unveiled new songs just for the event!

Both singers performed a medley of DBSK hits even without the other three members. Yunho and Changmin also revealed new solo songs, Why and Big Time, plus another song Maximum with both of them dancing.

For your viewing pleasure, here are fancams of Yunho and Changmin taken from the event on the 21st:

Source: isplus + OneTVXQ.net
Translation: sharingyoochun.net
Video Credits: nuttkatal + forever5tvxq @YouTube.com
Written by: reindrops @kpoplive.com

SHINee Onew’s ideal type is...

On August 21st’s broadcast of KBS radio show, Lee Soo Young’s Music Show, SHINee’s Onew, revealed his his ideal type of girl.

In the past, Onew never revealed any specific girl, but on his visit to the radio show, he finally revealed his ideal girl, as he picked Jungah of After School.

After revealing his ideal type, he added, “I don’t know her age, but I do know that she’s a noona [older sister].”

Meanwhile, DJ Lee Soo Young, who has always liked Onew, expressed her jealousy which caught him off guard. Onew however, brightened her up by saying that his ideal type, voice wise, is Lee Soo Young.

SHINee’s song “Noona is so pretty (Replay)” matches Onew and Jungah’s situation perfectly, don’t you think?

Posted by Maestro-J @ Allkpop

BoA wins Mutizen (8/22/10)

For today’s Take 7, only 3 nominees took to the stage to perform, and they were BoA (Hurricane Venus), SHINee (Lucifer), and Se7en (Better Together).

In the end, it was BoA who earned this week’s Mutizen award, ending the run of her hoobaes, SHINee who had won twice before today. Congratulations to BoA!

'Hurricane Venus' performance:

Today's winner:

Posted by kjpop @ Allkpop

August 22, 2010

SM TOWN Concert has over 50 artists & 35,000 fans

BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, CSJH, Kim Min, Lee Yeon Hee and other SM artists more that 50 artists were present despite the hot summer weather at the 2010 SM Town Live concert.

On the 21st of August, over 50 artists, starting from 4pm KST, over 6 hours of non stop performances, the "SM town live 2010 in Seoul" was held at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

It is a rare event where you can see Korean pop starts in one place, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and others were seen at one event, despite over 30 degrees Celcius temperature, over 35,000 fans filled the seats filled with enthusiastic cheers pouring the event.

Of course, due to the intense heat, the concert was interrupted due to the screen's overheating, however, it was quickly fixed and the concert continued.

"Jung" sisters were the first to take the stage, SNSD's Jessica and f(x) Krystal performed a duet which received a big applause from fans. SHINee's Key and BoA also performed a duet.

In addition, TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and max performed a new song entitled "Maximum" which haven't been released which surprised the fans.

Meanwhile, in the last SM town Live concert in 2008, they performed in Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Thailand etc. and this time the 2010 SM Town live concert will be touring from US, Los Angeles, Tokyo, China and more.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

Allkpop | JaeChunSu in attendance at a-nation, Yunho & Changmin at SM Town

by GhostWriter on August 21, 2010 at 11:33 am

While Yunho and Changmin were in attendance for SM Town Live 10, three people were notably absent. Those three people are the other part of TVXQ Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu.

As this SM Entertainment event was going on, these three also known as JaeChunSu or JYJ were actually in Japan performing at a-nation, which was held at Nagai Rikujou Kyougijyou Nagai Stadium in Osaka.

a-nation is an yearly concert series which showcases Avex group’s top artists. SM Town is a similar concept in that it’s also a concert series. However, this year won’t be just in Korea. This year will be a World Tour and there will be concerts in Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai) and America

Allkpop | One Way needs your help with their new album’s artwork!

Posted by Kingpolo @ Allkpop

If you have been following One Way’s Chance on Twitter, you’ll see that he recently updated his fans stating that he needs your help with the artwork for One Way’s upcoming album!

The idea is unique due to the fact that photos you personally take may be featured in their actual album. How cool is that?!

Interested in helping out? Read on for the details!

One Way wants to represent fans worldwide, and their plan is to use photos of ‘one way’ road signs taken by fans from all over the world.

Picture requirements are as follows:
* Must contain a ‘one way’ road sign. (Any language is perfectly fine)
* Digital camera or DLSR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera must be used.
* Photo must be 500 pixels in width and height, or higher.

Remember, these photos will be used for their actual album. Due to copyright restrictions, pictures found on the internet cannot be used.

The deadline is currently set for August 26th, so start snapping some shots!

Send your original photos via email to: onewayonesound@yahoo.com

One Way’s Chance wants fans to take part in their next album’s artwork

Yes, you’ve read it right! You guys have the chance to participate in making One Way’s artwork for their next album.

One Way member Chance made an announcement on his Twitter account that the trio are still the process of making their album’s artwork.

Chance further added that the group needs pictures of “one way” road signs from around the world.

Here are the requirements from Chance’s Twitter:

”1. it must be a one way road sign (any language).

2. must be taken personally not off the WEB (copy right laws)”

”3. the picture quality must be 5,000,000-pixel (500)or higher either from digital camera or a DSLR camera.4 the deadline is august 26th 2010”

So, what are you waiting for? Help this trio in creating their album’s artwork, cause if you’re lucky enough, the group will mention your name in the album!

Start sending your pictures to: onewayonesound@yahoo.com.

Source: onewaychance @Twitter
Written by: reindrops @kpoplive.com

SHINee "Lucifer" at Music Bank (8/20/10)

U-Kiss "Smoke Free Song" at Music Core (8/21/10)

BoA "Hurricane Venus" live performances this weekend

Music Core (8/21/10):

Music Bank (8/20/10):

August 20, 2010

Bonamana Version C Album Launch Event stores revealed!

Universal Records and Super Junior United Philippines, in cooperation with MYX, Astroplus and Odyssey, invite you to "NO OTHER THAN SUPER JUNIOR : BONAMANA VERSION C ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT". This event will be held on AUGUST 28 (SATURDAY) in three of Metro Manila's biggest record stores! These are at the following venues:


* Specific location inside the Glorietta Mall will be announced within the week

All of Super Junior's previous album releases like "Sorry Sorry" (which is certified GOLD in the Philippines), "Supergirl" (by sub-group Super Junior-M), "Super Show 2 Live Album", "Don't Don" and "Bonamana" Version A & B (also certified GOLD) shot straight to the #1 position in record store's album charts!

Will "Bonamana" Version C album be their 6th consecutive #1 album in the Philippines?

Start saving up & we promise you it's so worth your money, patience & effort to go to the event!

Feel free to repost. Thanks!

Bonamana Version C Freebie #1 - Big Poster (24" x 36")

August 18, 2010

Are You Ready for SM Town '10?

All of us are hyped up for the SM Town Live ‘10 World Tour because all of our favorite SM artists are going to be performing on one stage, but do you really know what is in store for you?

First of all, SM Town is the project name used by SM Entertainment when releasing albumsincluding all of their current recording artists. There have been a lot of SM Town vacation albums and there might be another released in Summer 2010. Aside from that, SM Town also conducts tours for SM artists to hold concerts around Asia, which is called SM Town Live.

What can you expect in this year’s SM Town Live tour?

This summer 2010, our favorite SM artists will not only be going around Asia, but also to the United States, specifically Los Angeles. The tour will kick-off at the Seoul Olympic Stadium this coming August 21st, followed by shows in the Staples Center in LA on September 4th, ShangHai on September 11th and in Tokyo as well.

The artist line-up will surely not disappoint you because all of their current stars will be gracing the event. First off will be BoA, who recently released her new album Hurricane Venus. She will be accompanied by KangTa and his ballad tunes. Let us not forget the famous idol groups SNSD, Super Junior, f(x) and SHINee. They will also be performing their hit singles that have blown the whole K-Pop universe away.

Anticipated special performances such as BoA’s duet with SHINee’s Key, Super Junior’s KyuHyun’s surprise duet with SNSD SeoHyun and a collaboration of the two famous Jung sisters will also be seen in the supposed 6-hour show. Actors Kim MinJong, Ara and Lee YeonHee will also be present to provide the audience entertainment.

Around 80 songs will be sang during the event and I’m pretty sure that it’s something that K-Pop fans would never miss, so I suggest that you buy your tickets now and have the time of your lives.

Source: sanghee @KoreaTimes

Written By: Rie27 @kpoplive.com

SM Town Live '10 World Tour Spot

Introducing Super Junior’s circus group

Super Junior’s Shindong recently updated his Twitter with a comical photo of himself with fellow members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

Shindong tweeted,

“I’m not adjusting to jet lag today. Night and day will change once I return from drunken land. For sure, in those times alcohol is the best~~ Let’s not drink a lot. Bonus circus group!!!“

Fans commented, “hahaah~ love your outfits oppas :D” “Oppa what is this?! Hahaha~ Teukigayo is so cute!” and “aww god you guys are hilarious..TEUK ACADEMY”

As fans have noticed, this photo seems to have been taken while filming Teukigayo for SBS Strong Heart earlier today. We look forward to seeing this circus group corner on a future episode!

Posted by chloejn @ Allkpop

Super Junior's Donghae "12Plus Perfect" CF

SHINee Answers Fans Questions on YOZM

FAN: Which member goes on fan cafes the most? Which section? Hmmmm.. have any of you ever written a comment pretending to be a fan? if so, who?

Jonghyun: i tend to visit the sites a lot, and these days fans are so funny so if there’s something that makes us laugh we share it with each other. when people make gifs of us catching our habits and stuff it feels like they know us better than we do.

FAN: Who has the best body in SHINee?

Onew: minho and jonghyun
Jonghyun: four of us worked out
Onew: but only 2 of us saw results (bitterly)
Key: well i just wanted to lose weight and not build muscle, so i would go bike riding at the han river
Onew: i just wanted to build up my stamina for the musical…
Minho: i do it just because it’s fun… hahaha!
Onew: mm.. my results are so non-existant you’d probably ask if i did work out at all… how embarrassing
Jonghyun: all our methods were different. key would run on the treadmill a lot, and i got like this because i like lifting heavy things and weight training, and unlike key i hate aerobic exercise
Onew: now that i think about it i’ve done both… then why… am i like this… ^^ i guess because of the musical i couldn’t do it continuously since my schedule is so varied

FAN: during a performance you see the soulmate you’ve been waiting for in the audience, what do you do?

Jonghyun: to tell you the truth we don’t see anything. we can’t see fans’ individual faces, and the audience is usually far away
Key: even if we did we can’t really do anything
Onew: everyone would be looking… i wouldn’t be able to go to them. i’d just sadly walk away
Jonghyun: i guess we’d just be sad and that’d be it haha but what if she’s not interested… what if she’s not even our fan… (starts to act it out, everyone laughs) even though we can’t see everyone’s faces, we notice interesting placards and huge cameras
(if you say those daepo camera lenses catch your eye i think more will show up)
Key: sometimes i feel like fans are competing by the length of their lens

FAN: when do you find a girl the prettiest?

Jonghyun: i like girls who sing well and have a pretty voice. a girl with a pretty~~ voice.
key: i feel attracted to a girl when we have common interests and we talk and we just click
taemin: i remember now. like when… she doesn’t know what to do. and is all embarrassed…
Minho: at the moment i make eye contact with someone i’ve thought of as my dream girl
Jonghyun: wth… tell us who that dream girl is! what does that make us when we’ve said everything… (laughter)
Onew: can you just… skip me? it takes me a really long time to think of these things. (hahahaha)

FAN: your favorite girl group?

Key: i can think of one. they’re called f(x)… (everyone laughs) i said it, f(x)! they do very well.
Onew: then, i choose… snsd (hahahaha!)
Jonghyun: then i choose noona.. ah! boa sunbaenim… (looking at minho, taemin) good luck~
Onew: these days new groups all do so well. they all dance well and sing well…

FAN: if you do yaja-time who’s the person you want to boss around and laugh at the most?? Kekeke taemin oppa please answer!
(t/n yaja-time is when the oldest hyung becomes the maknae and the maknae becomes the oldest hyung for a few minutes)

Taemin: most people probably think onew hyung but i’ll choose minho hyung. his reaction is the most sensitive.

Source: YOZM || omonatheydidnt
Shared by: WRS
Posted by ★Vannie판 니에 @ Dailykpopnews

Publisher Talks about Minho & SHINee

Living in Korea doesn’t mean that your world revolves around KPOP only. I am Korean, but little people know that some Kpop acts are fake. It is sad, but that is the truth. At one point, I even stayed away from the Kpop scene and opted to listen and follow the underground acts only.

But working in the publishing filed, directly involving with Kpop.. I have to be neutral. I have to keep reminding myself not to be too skeptical but it was hard when the thing you do not wish to see, do not want to hear are in front of your eyes. But it all changed in one day. It is all because of SHINee.

We anticipated that day very much, because we finally got our chance to do the interview of this group that we admire so much. I am not a big fan myself, but I respect them as they work very hard to accomplish what they have today, being in this cruel industry where the competition is very fierce.

That day, we couldn’t wait to meet SHINee.

As soon as we were done with talking and interviewing Key, Onew, Taemin and Jonghyun, it was finally Minho’s turn. He was very quiet and thoughtful the whole time questions were being asked to the rest of the boys. He talked occasionally, and smiled most of the time. At other times he simply looked down, and laughed a bit at the jokes Onew was telling. He threw glances at the boys and there was no mistake the strong brotherhood that these boys have. He would pat Taemin’s back sometimes and squeezed the tense muscles out of Jonghyun’s shoulders.

The sessions continued for more than two hours, and at one point he even went to get the drinks for the members instead of waiting for our staff to bring them to them.

Jonghyun and Taemin went out of the room for a while, and we started to ask Minho our 1st question to him. “Minho is known as a very competitive person. Some people say it is very disturbing to see that streak in you because you are young and you are supposed to enjoy your life or not taking anything too seriously. What do you have to say to that?”

He looked very much lost in thought for a while before calmly stating:

“When I was very young.. I wanted to become a professional soccer player. I love sports very much to a point where I learned everything there is to it about football, and entered every football match around. My thirst in winning was unquenchable that I worry my family off. One day, my dad told me he opposed of me of pursuing that one thing I ever wanted at the time and I was crushed. He didn’t want me to become a football player. He said having sports as a career is very tough, he knows it because he is a professional football coach himself. I was lost and didn’t know what to do and when I came to my senses, I decided that I would never quit to fight in everything I do. If I do one thing, I do it wholeheartedly, even if people keep telling me it’s impossible, I would never want to believe them and I would have faith in myself instead. Fight something as if it is your last fight.. as if there would be no more chance to do that later. That’s what triggers the competitiveness in me.. If I lose, I would be very disappointed with myself, keep blaming myself of the loss. Keep telling myself I would do even better in the future.”

At this point, Onew kept nodding at what Minho was saying. We were surprised when Onew added, “Minho does what he does best, doing at his very best ability like there’s no tomorrow. Be it in performing, or playing or sports. Even I cannot do that as a leader.”

Q: You were seen as the quietest out of the five. Is there any reason to it?

A: I am the youngest in my family. I have an elder brother. I was raised to listen and then talk. Not to talk and then listen. Meaning that, I was taught by my mother to be an observer and a listener. Because my hyung is the first son in my father’s side of family line in 30 years, he was the center of attention, while I enjoy being by his side – to be a good friend for him in an oppressed situation, to always be there for my mother and my father when they need me… even if I do not do good as their son. That’s why I am quiet most of the time. I tend to listen rather than do the talking.

By this, Key said to us, “If he is loud…. he is toooo loud,” which aroused laughter in the room and having Minho chuckled, looking slightly blushed.

The interview session went about for another 30 minutes. Bu this time, he looked very comfortable, and was able to talk more freely.

Q: What’s the name of SHINee’s fan club? What do your fans mean to you?

A: [smiled widely before continuing] It’s SHINee World or SHAWOL in short. Where I am today, where we are today… It would be impossible without the love and support by our fans, we went to see SM Youtube page sometimes and were very, very surprised to see the warm, encouraging comments left by the fans on our videos. I hope I’ll be able to understand English more. I want to be able to understand what they were saying. We worked on this new album for 9 months… having sleepless nights of choosing songs.. writing lyrics.. singing rehearsals… recording songs… dancing training.. discussing the concept etc.. all for our fans. We are glad that we finally get to do what we love most which is to entertain.

Q: Any last words to your fans?

A: Thousand of apologies on my bended knees to our beloved fans because I cannot perform on the stage with other members. We just finished recording our MV and just waited for the comeback stage when that accident happened. My ruptured muscle would take a very long time to recuperate but as for now I am taking the medicine which enables me to resume my stage performance in the near future. I am still in pain but will endure it for the fans. Please forgive me for my recklessness. SHINee World is our world. Our world revolves around them. We appreciate your love very much. If I could bow to each and very one of you, I would. ‘Thank you very much’ would not be sufficient enough but please know in your heart that we really appreciate all of you. And for that, I THANK YOU. WE THANK YOU.

As the session wrapped up, we came to realize that these shining boys are very special. Minho is such a good conversationalist. We would never expect that from him. He is very humble and down-to-earth.. when he went out of the room, the rest of the 4 boys waited restlessly for him to come back.

Taemin selected food from each tray and put them on a plate. “This is for Minho hyung,” he said. Key kept bothering him at the side, “Minho doesn’t eat this one. Let’s take more Kimbap rolls for him. He loves that.”

SHINee won’t be SHINee without Choi Min Ho. SHINee won’t be SHINee without Key, Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin. They complete each other up.

Before the day ended, I realized that I am proud of these young men who work very hard in accomplishing what they have today. Surviving in Kpop is tough and I hope they will stay humble and stay the way they are, to keep their feet on the ground always and not forgetting their roots.

That day I realized I wanted to become a SHAWOL too. That I day I realized, Kpop is not such a bad wave after all. Thanks to Minho & SHINee, I have more faith in Kpop nowadays.

Credit: shineee.net
Source: SHINee’s ETN -C&D interview July 2010
Posted by Diana @ Hypnotic Asia

August 17, 2010

Ogie Alcasid Live at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill

Catch ultimate singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid live at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill on August 22 (Sunday), 7PM to promote his brand new album "Ngayon at Kailanman: A Tribute to George Canseco".

Preview Ogie Alcasid "Ngayon at Kailanman" album here:

Follow Ogie Alcasid:
Facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ogie-alcasid-the-official-facebook-fanpage/135257239832997
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ogiealcasid
Official website: http://www.ogiealcasid.ph/

Inquirer.net | Ogie bats for more local gigs

By Pocholo Concepcion
First Posted 21:57:00, 08/16/2010

“There are very few local concerts in major venues these days,” said Ogie Alcasid at a press con recently. “Competition is tough with many foreign acts coming in. We need support from the Filipino audience.”

The singer-songwriter, now president of Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit, aired his appeal in connection with his gig “O.C. at the PICC,” for which he teams up with composer Ryan Cayabyab. The show, set October 8 at the Philippine International Convention Center, features Noel Cabangon and the Ryan Cayabyab Singers.

The concert, aside from providing work for session musicians whom Cayabyab will be playing with, is likewise a good opportunity, especially for young fans, to discover Filipino music classics.

Cayabyab, who’s also the show’s musical director, said the repertoire will include hits by George Canseco, whose works Alcasid covered in his latest album “Ngayon at Kailanman.”

“He’s the greatest Filipino songwriter,” Cayabyab said of Canseco.

On a lighter note, Cayabyab made an off-the-cuff comment about Alcasid’s coming wedding to long-time girlfriend Regine Velasquez: “Ako na lang gagawa ng bridal march.”

Alcasid was visibly elated.

Super Junior releases new trot single "Knocking"

Following their huge success with Super Show 3, Super Junior recently made a surprise announcement that they would be officially releasing a trot single entitled, Knocking. Their new single was revealed on the 16th through various music websites such as MelOn, Cyworld, and more. The members had sang Knocking at Super Show 3, and they received an overwhelming response to the song due to its catchy lyrics and fun melody. As a result, it was decided to make it an official release for fans. Meanwhile, Super Junior will be returning to the Seoul Olympic Stadium to perform at the first stop for the SM TOWN LIVE '10 event on the 21st.

Posted by Kingpolo

Siwon Falls Onstage During Super Junior’s Third Asian Tour

Siwon of Super Junior had a bit of an accident onstage during his group’s ‘3rd Asian Tour: Super Show 3’ in Seoul yesterday, during the second half of the concert.

Super Junior was just about to begin performing ‘A Man in Love’ when Siwon tripped and fell onstage. Because he had not taken note of a depression on the stage’s grounds, he fell with a loud ‘thud’ onto the ground.

Luckily, the accident wasn’t too serious and Siwon was able to quickly recover and rejoin the rest of his group in their performance. Fans who witnessed this incident were said to be “in awe” by his endurance and powerful performance ability after tripping onstage.

Source: baidu
Translation: Choi Siwon Baidu Bar + ミ mholic ★ @sj-world.net
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com

Super Junior thanks senior Andy Lau for the congratulatory gifts

Boy group Super Junior received a congratulatory gift for their concert sent by Hong Kong actor Andy Lau and expressed their thanks.

Super Junior held a press conference for their ‘Super Show 3’ Asia Tour Concert in the afternoon of the 15th in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Super Junior was asked to ‘talk about a celebrity who congratulated you on your concert’. They replied saying ‘Senior Andy Lau sent us his blessings for our performance’; ‘Friends who gave to see our concert also gave us a lot of presents’ etc, expressing their thanks.

Also, ‘Andy Lau said, come to Hong Kong soon, I will entertain you’.

On the other hand, ‘Kang Ji Hwan, Jang Kuen Suk, Wonder Girls etc came to the performance yesterday’. Super Junior also expressed their thanks to them.

In addition, Super Junior started their concert tour in Seoul on the 14th and 15th. They will be going to 13 cities in Asia, including Shanghai, Taipei, Malaysia and Singapore, holding 16 concerts in total.

The stage design used in the concert this time featured round LEDs, wires etc, making it unique. Individual screens were used to play VCRs specially recorded for the concert. The glass stage, moving cars and other use of high technology also attracted much attention.

Original Source: naver.news
Chinese Translation: Yuexin@sjgonghui.com
English Translation: heart_beat327@super-legacy.com
Posted by shayne kay @ Dailykpopnews

f(x) Luna’s twin elder sister’s photos revealed!

f(x) Luna reveals photos of her twin elder sister. Photos of Luna and her sister were posted up on online community site by netizens recently. Luna was seen in her sporty fashion while her elder sister was seen in a feminine style one-pieces in the photos revealed. They were also doing fun poses together.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Luna stands out more even in a glance”, “I want to see photos with a clearer view of their faces” etc.

S: Newsen
Posted by sookyeong @ Kbites

SHINee "Lucifer" MV viewed more than 2.8 Million times!

Which SHINee member is the most popular amongst elementary students?

SHINee shines in the hearts of countless Noonas and teen girls. But which one of the members capture elementary school students’ attention as well?

On a recent recording of the variety show “Night Star,” the members of SHINee were asked which member is the most popular amongst each age group. To this, MinHo confidently responded, “I am the most popular member amongst elementary school students.” Of course MinHo’s charismatic yet cute image catches many peoples’ attention, but why particularly elementary aged kids? MinHo explains that the reason is because he has shot a CF for a popular children’s flavored raw ramen snack called “Ppushyeo Ppushyeo.” After the CF aired, many more elementary students recognize him and that he is the only SHINee member they are familiar with.

Source: Joy News
Translation: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
Written By: JJ @Kpoplive