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August 16, 2010

Kpoplive | Super Junior wraps up Super Show 3 Seoul

Super Junior finally united with their Everlasting Friends once again last August 14th and 15th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for their 3rd Asian tour, Super Show 3.

As always, the biggest idol group to invade the continent showed their best and charismatic charms. With 10,000 spectators, they proved that they are indeed deserving of being called Asia’s best super stars.

Super Junior’s Super Show 3 ran approximately for three hours as the boys danced, sang ballads and trot songs, showed their dorky sides, and strengthened the bond they have with their thousands of fans.

One of the unique characteristics of this whole tour is the concept of the ‘entire venue as the stage’ and a ‘concert flying through the sky’, making it more interactive and decreasing the gap between the Super Junior boys and their audience.

The concert opened with a laser show and followed by the Super Junior members kicking off and hyping up the mood with their certified hits Sorry Sorry and Super Girl (Super Junior version). They even did a special opening introduction by wearing costumes from different countries.

Despite the boys’ quirkiness, they still showed off their tough side with Don Don. Then again, they also made the girls squeal with their sweet, romantic side with No Other and their own version of Super Junior-M’s Confession. Then they trotted out once more to a cheerful tone with their new trot song Ddok Ddok Ddok (or Knock Knock Knock’).

Aside from the superb group perfomances, the members also wowed the audience with their solo performances, something that they only do for the Super Show series.

Eternal maknae, Ryeowook, sang his first album solo ever One Spring Day with the aegyo king Sungmin playing the guitar. While the official maknae and known gamer Kyuhyun sang Toy’s That I Lived Next to You For A Moment. The group’s main vocalist, Yesung, also sang his hit single It Has to Be You, from Cinderella’s Sister OST. Petal guy HeeChul surprised the audience with a song with his favorite dongsaeng f(x)’s Sulli, How Idols Break Up. Finally, Donghae and Eunhyuk or simply known as the Eunhae, showed some skin with a sexy performance of an original composition with One Way’s Chance I Wanna Love You.

What is also interesting with Super Show 3 is how lax the boys were in terms of their manly image. For the last part of Super Show 3, they made the ELFs laugh so hard with their own version of SNSD’s Gee and f(x)’s Chu♥, as well as going all out and performing a dance battle between Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with all the stilettos and sexy clothes, making fans go wild with laughter and a different kind of sexiness.

During the encore performance, Super Junior showed their dorky sides once again and came out wearing different vegetables with Cooking Cooking. Finally, they braved the thousands of fans and shook hands with them in a moving car, expressing how grateful they are to them. They also added that, ”After our debut in December of 2006, we have been gaining lots of love from fans. We will not forget our first intentions, and will work hard.”

Moreover, a surprise message from Super Junior’s first military man, Kangin, was revealed, giving more meaning to the concert. An orchestra version of Rinaldo, an Italian opera by Handel, was played through the 3D screen and showed the members playing instruments, with Kangin constantly showing. In the video, Kangin drew a heart to his fans as heart-shaped paper rained the stadium, creating an emotional and heart-wrenching moment.

Super Show 3 was also watched by Super Junior’s friends from the industry like One Way, label mate Changmin, 2pm’s Nichkhun, among others.

Despite the many obstacles Super Junior faced, they were still able to show how steadfast they are and secured further their top spot with the Super Show 3.

Now, let the show begin and catch this one of a kind idol group as they perform for various ELFs in 13 Asian cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore, with a total of 16 performances in the next few months. Moreover, Super Junior is also busy with the upcoming SMTown World Tour with their label mates starting off this weekend in Seoul.

Source: joynews.inews24.com
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Credit: SapphirePearls
Written by: theshangkee @ kpoplive.com

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