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May 31, 2011

Koreaboo | f(x) "Pinocchio (Danger)" MV reaches than 5 Million views

f(x)'s "Pinocchio (Danger)" music video has finally hit the 5 million mark on Youtube! "Pinocchio (Danger)" is the first title song off f(x)'s first full-length album of the same title, which was released on April 20th.

The "Pinocchio (Danger)" music video was released on SM Entertainment's Youtube channel on April 19th and just after 10 days, the music video has surpassed the 3 million view mark. It is currently at the 5.3 million views. It also achieved that month's most viewed, most discussed video, and has been ranked one of the top rated videos. f(x) has been getting hot reaction from fans both from home and overseas, and has generalized great interest since their comeback to the Korean music scene.

"Pinocchio (Danger)" is an addictive song by f(x) that characterizes each of the member's unique charms and fashion. Their unique choreography and fashion on stage have caught the attention of netizens.

Our f(x) girls have been also been busy sweeping the 1st place in all the music charts since they released their 1st full album ‘Pinocchio’ on April 20th.

Here's the list of their wins:
-f(x) won No.1 on KBS“Music Bank” for two times (April 29th and May 20th).
-f(x) won No.1 on SBS “Popular Song (Inkigayo) for three weeks (May 8th, 15th and 22nd).
-f(x) won No.1 on MNET “Mcountdown” for three weeks (May 5th, 12th and 19th).

Watch the "Pinocchio (Danger)" MV here:

Source: Newsen and sment
Posted by uni @ Koreaboo

Hellokpop | Album review: f(x) "Pinocchio"

It’s always nice to see (erm, hear) artists enjoy themselves. f(x) has always delivered that in droves–playful vocals and spunky attitude were defining characteristics of debut single La Cha Ta, just as they were for almost every subsequent major release. Not ones to mess with a good thing, SM Entertainment seems to have its mind set on having its younger girl group carry this image for a while, because f(x)’s first studio album Pinocchio continues both traditions.

You’d think that formula would have gotten at least a little worn by now. Fortunately, f(x) manages to make it sound brand new again. That owes more than a little to the fact that from beginning to end, Pinocchio is full of novel ideas and encouraging signs of experimentation to a degree seldom seen from an idol group. This isn’t a half-hearted attempt at forcing a square peg of variety into the proverbial round hole; rather, Pinocchio sounds and executes like a project that actually intends to push the envelope. Whenever the album isn’t as innovative, it makes up with the group’s innate uniqueness.

Lead track and lead single Pinocchio is exemplary of that latter part. Essentially, this is f(x) redux, in that it’s driven by the group’s trademark traits. Of these, the rather creative lyric writing is the most apparent. If you remember, several previous outings, such as NU ABO, used onomatopoeia as well as imaginary words to fill in rhyming schemes and color up the track. Normally I’d call it lazy writing, but it always seemed to fit this group’s character in an odd way. Pinocchio takes it one step further: made-up words appear sparingly, yes, and the mixing of formal and informal tones adds flair, but it’s the outlandish metaphors that steal the show. Over the song’s duration, the five girls reference emeralds, scanning, pastry, doctors, Christopher Columbus and the New World, a doll, and a key to a maze; and that’s just part of it. It’s to the point where it’s easier to look for lines that don’t involve such a metaphor than those that do. Whether this kind of writing is creative or just juvenile will be up to each listener’s preference. But it’s definitely more than meets the eye: the chorus “Dda ra dda ra dda dda dda // It’ll sting and shock // So full of curiosity // Don’t you dare move // Piece by piece, dda dda dda // I’ll take you apart, dda dda dda // And put you together the way I like” reads like an intentionally chilling contrast to the happy-go-lucky overtone.

The unique chorus intonation is also alive and well in Pinnochio. (We’re still talking about the song here.) This effect can get old really quickly if overdone, but it’s thankfully moderated in this track, and ends up being just a playful quirk. The instrumentation, prepared by Hitchhiker, doesn’t differ radically from anything we’ve heard, although the synthesizer is noticeably heavier than before, and there’s a nice touch with subtle guitar sounds. It does end up taking a back seat to the five girls’ performances–this kind of track appears to be their forte. Vocalist Luna, in particular, sounds as vibrant as if the song was made for her, and Krystal is prominent in the chorus. The melody is fiendishly addictive, and the track seems to be having no trouble charting well at time of writing.

The innovation part kicks in as the album moves on. 빙그르 (Binggeureu) takes a retro rhythm that wouldn’t be out-of-place in the 80s and joins it with another spunky theme, this time about a magical elixir. The Korean title as well as the vast majority of the chorus are, again, onomatopoeia. (If you’ve lived in Korea, the word may unintentionally remind you of a milk brand of similar pronunciation as it did for me. But I digress.) 아이 (Child) opts for a melancholy turn, and delivers an eerie heartache of a love song upon a moody beat. There’s energy and seduction cohabiting inside Dangerous, and a rare, bold swagger in the brass-heavy tango and unapologetic performances of My Style.

There’s even room for a couple ballads, in Beautiful Goodbye and So Into U. The former, in particular, is a cover of Kasey Butler‘s song of the same title, and it’s a good selection on the producers’ part. While this group doesn’t quite have the vocal prowess or a capella capability that CSJH the Grace had, its performance in Beautiful Goodbye is nevertheless reminiscent of that senior group; there’s room here for f(x) to harmonize expansively atop the breathtakingly sweeping instrumentation. It leaves an interesting possibility for future albums.

The quality slips here and there–while rapper Amber shines in Gangsta Boy, for example, the track as a whole utilizes unnecessary auto-tune and isn’t as tightly constructed as it could be. Stand Up!, performed with indie band Peppertones, tries to be interesting with instrumentation at first, but inexplicably stops doing so afterwards and degenerates into more mundane fare. But f(x) carries even these tracks to an extent, and that’s a compliment not usually paid to most dance-pop artists–not just idol artists.

Pinocchio (the album now) is charming, quirky, and clever. But more than that, every bit of it oozes class. That may sound like a curious thing to say about an album that can be so silly at times–one that appears as if it doesn’t really try. And there’s the genius of it – f(x) and its producers make Pinocchio stand out by its own virtue, of quirk, duality, or whatever else you want to call it, rather than by forcing a traditional girl-group album to be different.

f(x) already had a distinct identity, and it was a simple step to let it manifest into an album’s identity. That’s why this album has personality behind it. Everything revolves around that–the production team tailored Pinocchio‘s composition and progression so that it maximized the artists’ strengths, while lyrics were written to emphasize the kind of flavor that f(x) had developed over the years.

For an album that was probably just as much a corporate project as it was a work of art, Pinocchio is deviously good. It measures up to the works of more acclaimed artists. And it’s the best idol-group album released in recent memory, if not the the best in years.

1. Pinocchio – Danger
2. 빙그르 – Sweet Witches (Binggeureu – Sweet Witches)
3. Dangerous
4. Beautiful Goodbye
5. Gangsta Boy
6. 아이 – Love (Child – Love)
7. Stand Up! – featuring Peppertones
8. My Style
9. So Into U
10. Lollipop – featuring SHINee

Album reviews reflect the opinions of the writer and not Hellokpop as a whole.
Posted by jungbae @ hellokpop

[Practice video] f(x) "Gangsta Boy"

f(x) "Gangsta Boy" is one of the tracks from f(x) "Pinocchio" album.


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f(x) "Danger" interview (with English subs)


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[BTS] f(x) "Pinocchio" MV & Album Cover Shoot

Behind the scenes (BTS) of the music video and album cover shoot:


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Last weekend @ Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo

MUSIC BANK (5/27/11):

f(x) "Danger":

After School "Shampoo":

MUSIC CORE (5/28/11):

f(x) "Danger":

After School "Shampoo":

INKIGAYO (5/29/11):

f(x) "Danger":

Park Bom "Don't Cry":

2NE1 "Lonely":

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May 29, 2011

New "dynamic" ways to view our blog! ^_^

Hey guys! You can now view our blog using a variety of designs provided by Blogger. (They call it "dynamic views". Click here for more info.)

There are five new ways to view our blog, and we've captured a screenshot of each design for you to see:

My personal favorite is the flipcard.

There is a drop down menu at the upper right portion of each page design, so you can quickly change it to whatever you like at any moment.

So there, try it out and enjoy a more dynamic Universal Records blog page!

-d. ~^^

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Christian Bautista and Karylle star in "The Kitchen Musical"

PEP.ph | Christian Bautista's Indonesian film will be screened in Manila this July

Push.com.ph | Julia Montes is happy to have Sam Concepcion 
as her first love team partner

Parokya Ni Edgar and Kamikazee to rock North America this June

Imago releases "Effect Desired None" music video

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Imago releases "Effect Desired None" music video

Imago has released the music video for Effect Desired None, the title track to their latest album. Aia de Leon, the band’s vocalist, starts the song with a casual, almost carefree, tenderness between singing and speaking.

I have always loved how Aia is able to shift moods within the song. She is conversational in one part, then goes on to become unabashedly distracted and aimless as she chills in the chorus, “nagpapalipas lang, nagpapalipas lang, well I’ll be here, I’ll be hanging”.

I am captivated by a few choice lines. “The fun stuff is in the trivial, unpoetic, unsung moments of your life”. The line mirrors the atmosphere that the music is making. We don’t have to go through life all serious, mindful of all the mysteries and subtleties. If we learn how to just enjoy the simple moments, then life would be a breeze. It’s like a comfortable silent moment of just hanging out alone. It would be fun if you don’t think at all and just be one with the moment. Easier said than done.

Frankly, I am not sure if I do understand what Imago is trying to say with Effect Desired None. But I would rather enjoy the song than be bogged down trying to look for its hidden treasures for now. I rather like the melody and that’s all I care about at the moment.

Watch the music video here:

Join Imago Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/Imago.aia.tim.myrene.zach

Follow Imago on Twitter: http://twitter.com/imagomusic


May 27, 2011

Big Bang album achieves #1 position in both Astroplus & Odyssey!

YG domination continues! Last week, one of the country's biggest record retail chains - Astroplus announced that Big Bang Special Edition album was their Overall Number One Album after two days of release in the market! This week, another big record retail chain, Odyssey, released their latest bestselling album chart (dated May 9 to 15, 2011) and guess what album is at the #1 spot of their Album Chart ? You're right, it's also Big Bang Special Edition album while Essential Big Bang CD+DVD is at the number two position! Astroplus and Odyssey has a combined of more than 100 record stores nationwide.

Big Bang Special Edition is the Second Number One Album in the Philippines for Big Bang and is the 3rd Number One album for YG Entertainment in the country after 2NE1 "To Anyone" went number one in January 2011 and GD&TOP charted number one in March 2011. Big Bang Special Edition is also Universal Records' 19th Number One K-Pop album!

Universal Records in cooperation with Big Bang Philippines Fan Club, Astroplus, Odyssey and MYX finally launched YG Entertainment superstar group Big Bang's Special Edition and Essential Big Bang albums in the Philippines last May 14th. The Ultimate Bang: Big Bang Special Edition & Essential Big Bang Album Launch Event was held in four record stores - Astroplus The Block, Astroplus Mall of Asia, Odyssey Megamall and Odyssey SM Bacoor. An estimated more than one thousand VIPs trooped to these stores to show their support for their K-pop idols!

Album buyers can be part of Big Bang′s fan club in the Philippines by filling up the membership form, plus a chance to win Big Bang standee by joining the "Certified VIP Contest". Of course, VIPs are also excited to have a grab of Big Bang albums and get those amazing freebies! Big Bang cover groups Dynam[i]te and BX3 graced the event and entertained everyone with their moves.

Indeed, the Big Bang album launch event was a huge success for having gained a high number of CD sales in just one day!

The Party: 2NE1 Live In Manila on June 4 (Saturday)!

Blackjacks, it's your turn to make history! After SS2 and SS3, Pulp Productions proudly present YG Entertainment fierce girl group 2NE1 in "The Party" on June 4 (Saturday) at the Araneta Coliseum!

Ticket prices:
VIP – 8,500
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Upper Box B – 1,200

For ticket inquiries, call Ticketnet 911-5555 or visit http://www.ticketnet.com.ph.

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Allkpop | Will.I.Am talks about 2NE1's global potential

Will.i.am recently visited Korea to visit 2NE1, and his interview snippet on a TVN cable program about them was recently uploaded to their YouTube channel.

In this short snippet, which was aired through Baek Ji Yeon’s “People Inside“, will.i.am talked about how special 2NE1 was, and also discussed their music and their potential to be big globally.

Watch this clip:

Posted by casper @ AKP

Which are the most loved K-Pop songs on Youtube?

The number of views that the K-Pop songs at Youtube has been surveyed and the songs which has received the most love is Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’. The video was uploaded in November, 2008 and it has already reached over 50,000,000 views.

2NE1, 2PM, Big Bang, Shinee, SNSD, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, all 7 groups contribute to the TOP 20 songs. 2NE1 and SNSD each has 5 songs on the chart while Super Junior has 4. The followings are Shinee who has 3 songs, BIGBANG has 2 and G- Dragon has 1. JYP, SME and YGE are whom all these groups belong to.

All the songs which have entered the TOP 20 are the dance music of the idol groups. It suggests that the combination of K-POP idol and dancing music are well received by the world. ‘Big Bang and 2NE1 ‘s ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Cabi Song’ of SNSD and 2PM have attracted so many views already.

It is said that the popularity of the videos have been raised for the agencies have made separate channels for their artists. The number of the subscribers for these 3 companies has reached 800,000 and it has accumulated a record of over 700,000,000. The scholars who anaylzed Pop Music said, ‘ the K-POP idol craze has been helping them to promote. They are very popular in North America and Europe with the good accessibility of the Internet . He further explained, ‘the opening of these channels has kept helping them for their new promotions and the channels can also help releasing the on-going process of the works they are doing.’

Source: Nate

100 Things U Need to Know about 2NE1

One of the hottest K-Pop idol girl groups is coming to town! They're not just anyone, but 2NE1! This group has been close to the hearts of the Filipinos since one of their members, Sandara Park, had her acting career in the Philippines and was known to be the "Pambansang Krung-Krung". Other than that, we know you'd want to know more about each member. So we're giving you this "100 Things U Need To Know About 2NE1".

CL (Lee Chae Rin) - Leader, The One and Onle Baddest Female

1. During her childhood years, she frequently traveled with her family, because of her father’s occupation as a Physics professor

2. Recently, it was revealed that CL’s father, Professor Lee Ki Jin is not only a physicist but also an author for children’s stories

3. Languages she can speak - French, Korean, Japanese & English

4. CL used to be a JYP trainee and shared dorms with So Hee. She was said to be very close to both Ye Eun and So Hee

5. She became a YG trainee in 2006 after she personally handed her demo to YG Entertainment. She was originally supposed to debut as a solo artist but eventually became the leader of 2NE1

6. She was featured in a song recording of Big Bang’s “Intro (Hot Issue)”. However she was not credited

7. Her dream is to become an American rapper like Lil Kim

8. On a radio interview, CL revealed that she used to wear boy school uniform to school since they don’t have pants for girls

9. CL's nickname when she was in Japan was "Pig-rabbit"

10. CL-roo was coined for many terms such as “Ahh go go go!!!” & “Oh my Gawdddd” that she often used in 2NE1TV

11. She is the birth mother of Tam-Tam, which was later on adopted by Sandara

12. She is not really good with computer, but she does know how to use iTunes and use internet to search for pictures of Teddy

13. CL is a clean freak. She is in-charge of the overall cleaning and organizing of their living quarters

14. CL used to be a translator between local and foreign dancers. She learned hip-hop from them

15. She also knows other various dances, including jazz and ballet

16. CL was raised as a Roman Catholic

17. If given an opportunity, she wants to try to live in Egypt, Africa, and Greece

18. Known as the "sleepy head" of 2NE1, the longest she had ever slept is 20 hours

19. She has a sexy mole on her chest which was revealed due to her daring white outfit for "Heartbreaker" performance at 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun

20. CL never cries in front of 2NE1 members

21. She gave one of the robots from "Can't Nobody" MV to Teddy for his room

22. Her choice of coffee is Americano

23. CL is attracted to things that have spikes

24. She wrote her rap in G-Dragon's track, "The Leaders"

25. On 2NE1TV, she said that she can draw very well, but only when she’s drawing lion-bear, pig-rabbit, and duck-snake

BOM (Park Bom) - Main vocalist

1. English name: Jenny Park

2. Languages she can speak: Korean, English, Japanese

3. Bom resided in America for six years as an exchange student

4. She enrolled in Lesley University with a major in Psychology, then transferred to Berklee College of Music to pursue her music career

5. Before she came to YG Entertainment many years ago, Bom decided to audition in SM Entertainment, but was rejected

6. Bom was rejected by YG Entertainment the first time she auditioned but that didn't stop her. She continued to knock on YG's door for the next 3 years and was finally accepted as a trainee

7. Her debut was on MBC show Music Core on November 25, 2006 alongside Big Bang's GD and TOP performing Big Bang's "Forever With You"

8. She was hired as the Hyori look-alike for Lee Hyori’s last Anycall commercial film, prompting her to record her own version of Anystar, with G-Dragon replacing Lee Junki with his own version of lines.

9. She was featured in some songs by her seniors, namely Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P, Lexy and RedRoc together with Masta Wu

10. Park Bom loves corn!

11. She has named American singer Mariah Carey as one of her biggest influences who inspired her to get into music

12. Bom is the youngest child in her family but the eldest member in 2NE1

13. Bom revealed that the group was originally planned by YG to be a 3 member group with Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park

14. She has 2 dogs: Choco and Danchoo (button)

15. Bom really likes to eat healthy foods and her favorite is deer belly button

16. Instruments she can play: piano, cello, flute

17. Bom has been revealed to be doing the “Lettuce Diet” to lose weight

18. Bom is often mistaken to be the singer Dia. Fans have compared Dia's looks and powerful vocals to Bom

19. She is known to be a shy person, very secretive and emotionally touched quickly

20. Bom used to sleep walk

21. Teddy revealed that Bom is fond of drawing heart shapes in her lyrics

22. Bom's ideal type is Jay-Z

23. She had a part in GD & TOP's "Jibe Gajima" but was edited out

24. Her nickname is "Bbang Bom," meaning "Bread Bom"

25. Out of 2NE1, she has the most number of fans in her individual fancafe in Korea

DARA (Sandara Park) - Sweet-voiced vocalist

1. Her unusual three-syllable Korean name, which she has talked about numerous times during interviews, comes from a Korean general, Kim Yushin, whose childhood name was "San Da Ra"

2. Dara used to be celebrity in the Philippines. She appeared in movies, dramas, commercials, and released a ong collection, which achieved 2x platinum status in sales

3. She used to be an actress and student at the same time. She is excellent in Math and Physics

4. Her younger brother is Park Sang Hyun, known to be "Thunder" of the Kpop idol group MBLAQ

5. Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment discovered Dara after seeing the KBS documentary, "My Name is Sandara Park"

6. Dara trained under YG Entertainment for 3 years before debuting in 2NE1

7. She stands out the most among all the other members of the other girl groups. She has several fanboys and admirers attached to her name. To name some are 2PM's Wooyoung, FT Island's Choi Minhwan, Park Hae Jin, MC Mong, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, 2AM's Seulong, Kim Taegoon, U-KISS' Kevin, and Lee Jung Suk

8. She became popular for her palm tree hairstyle during the Fire days which was parodized by various artists. She also set the trend by popularizing tenggu hair, apple hairstyle, byeomeori (the one with the braid in front), and many other various hair styles

9. Dara's hometown is in Busan, and she speaks the Busan dialect

10. She cited Uhm Jung-hwa, as the one she looks up to because of her beauty, sexiness and cuteness all rolled into one polished package

11. Dara always texts instead of calling because she thinks it gets awkward when you call someone

12. She has a birthmark on her right leg that she had always covered up with leggings or socks during her celebrity years in the Philippines. That's why she didn't wear shorts and skirts

13. Dara has a habit of stealing other member's cellphones and putting her picture as a wallpaper

14. Kim Ji Eun was her vocal trainer

15. Dara's kissing scene with Bigbang's T.O.P in Gummy's MV "I'm Sorry" was revealed to be just a camera trick

16. Dara was voted by the rest of the members to be the best at variety shows

17. She said she likes to wear jeans and T-shirts and usually wears them at home

18. Dara was the first member to release a single featuring fellow member CL's unique rapping skills in the song entitled "Kiss"

19. She is a big fan of Lee Hyori. She a member of LH fancafe

20. Dara's favorite Filipino food is sinigang na hipon. She is good in peeling shrimps

21. She is afraid of dogs and big animals, particularly that of G-Dragon’s dog Gaho

22. She deletes the number of the person who doesn’t reply to her messages. She even deleted the number of 2NE1 members once

23. In an interview, she stated that her ideal guy is Korean actor Won Bin

24. Dara was dubbes as the "Me2day Queen" because of gaining 200,000 followers that said to be the largest number of followers for a celebrity

25. Among the members, only Dara eats ramyun/ramen

MINZY (Gong Min Ji) - Maknae, The dancer

1. Minzy is the grand daughter of dancer and actress Gong Ok Jin, who was a performer of Pyeongshin choon

2. Minzy went to the same dance company, Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy and Plug In Music Academy, with Bigbang's Seung Ri, Yunho, and KARA's Goo Hara

3. There was a video of Minzy dancing that was uploaded in the Internet and got many hits and praises for her dancing ability. Because of her rising popularity, YG contacted her and recruited her

4. Originally she was supposed to debut in Japan with ex-YG trainee May Doni, who left YG Family for another record label

5. She joined YG Entertainment when she was in 6th grade

6. Minzy has a Gundam collection

7. She loves taking photographs and wants to be a professional photographer someday

8. She is the best cook among the 2NE1 members

9. She sings 24/7 even when she is not on stage or on rehearsals

10. Yang Goon loves her so much that he gave her a nickname, "Brilliance"

11. Minzy confessed on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook that she sometimes has trouble understanding lyrics

12. Minzy likes cross stitching

13. She called herself as "Bom Junior" because of her exercising and dieting

14. She is known as the “child that G-Dragon adores even more than Seungri”

15. She cited famous entertainer Michael Jackson as her musical influence

16. She’s a member of 문미엔 (Moonmien), which stands for “Christian meeting for culture media entertainment workers”. It has small scale worships and prayer meetings. Siwon (Super Junior), Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon & Hyoyeon (SNSD), Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun and Ryu Won are also members of 문미엔

17. She is a huge fan of Usher

18. Minzy is known for her thick lips

19. Minzy can dance sexy to any song even if it's a children song

20. She loves wearing dresses and skirts

21. She is noted for her popping and locking dance skills and it has seem to be her signature moves

22. She wanted to be a contemporary dance choreographer but ended up to be a singer

23. Minzy loves songs from '90s and '70s even '80s trot songs

24. She loves to read and if she start something, it is hard for her to stop

25. Minzy loves puppies, but a bit scared of dogs

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"Complete Single A-Side Collection" collects all 45 Tohoshinki J-pop singles, from their debut "Stay With Me Tonight" right up to their most recent "Toki Wo Tomete". Many of the songs on this compilation were not included in "Best Selection 2010". Of special note is the inclusion of the ten group and solo songs from the double A-side "Trick" singles, which were not included on any of their albums.

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Tohoshinki "Complete Single A-Side Collection" tracklist:

Disc 1:
1. Hug (International Version)
2. Stay With Me Tonight
3. Somebody To Love
4. My Destiny
5. 因為還有明天
6. Rising Sun
7. Heart, Mind and Soul
8. Begin
9. Sky
10. Miss You
11. ”O” -正・反・合
12. Step By Step
13. Choosey Lover
14. Lovin’ you
15. Summer Dream

Disc 2:
16. Song for you
17. Love In The Ice
18. Shine
19. Ride On
20. Forever Love
21. Together
22. Purple Line
23. Two Heart s
24. Wild Soul (Changmin)
25. Runaway
26. My Girlfriend(Yuchun)
27. If…!?
28. Rainy Night(Junsu)
29. Close to you
30. CrazyLife.(YUNHO)
31. Keyword
32. Maze (JEJUNG)

Disc 3:
33. Beautiful you
34. 千年戀歌
35. Why Did I Fall In Love With You
36. 呪文-Mirotic-
37. Bolero
38. Kiss The Baby Sky
39. 請別忘記
40. Survivor
41. Share The World
42. We Are !
43. Stand by U
44. Break Out!
45. 時光暫停

Tohoshinki "Single B-Side Collection" tracklist:

1. Try My Love
2. 言葉はいらない
3. Eternal
4. The way U are -Japanese ver.-
5. High Time
6. No Pain No Gain
7. Proud
8. 五線紙
9. Day Moon ~ハルダル~
10. Box in the ship
11. Take Your Hands
12. Tea for Two

TVXQ "Keep Your Head Down" album:

Yunho and Changmin are making a comeback in both Japan and Korea in January! The first Korean TVXQ release in over two years, "Keep Your Head Down" features eleven brand new songs that reveal a hot new image and style for Yunho and Changmin. The album includes the title song "Why (Keep Your Head Down)", "Crazy" featuring Trax's Jay, the OST song "Athena" for the same-titled Korean drama, and "Maximum", which they performed during the SM Town tour. Changmin and Yunho also each have a solo!

This edition of "Keep Your Head Down" includes as bonus track the OST song "Journey" featuring Girls' Generation's Seohyun for Changmin's long-awaited drama "Paradise Ranch".

After two years and three months, TVXQ has finally returned to the Korean music industry with the help of some of the biggest names in the industry."Keep Your Head Down" album features composers Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, Park Chang Hyun, E-TRIBE and Outsidaz, who all collaborated in bringing out the charismatic vocals of the duo while attempting new and exciting genres. Park Chang Hyun, who previously composed the group’s debut track “Hug" has returned once more for the group’s ballad track “How Can I”. Yunho’s solo song “Honey Funny Bunny” is a trendy song of the slow jam genre composed by E-TRIBE. The unique title refers to a man’s description of the woman he falls in love with upon first sight. Changmin’s solo ballad track, “Confession” was self-written and features a piano and orchestra that aids in bringing out his strong vocals. The lyrics express the feelings of a man’s sorrow after having lost his love. Other tracks are "Crazy", a dance track featuring the rap of Trax’s Jay, “Rumor” and “Maximum”.

"Keep Your Head Down" tracklist:
1. Keep Your Head Down
2. How Can I
3. Maximum
4. Crazy (featuring Jay from Trax)
5. Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho's solo)
6. Rumor
7. Confession (Changmin's solo)
8. Our Game
9. She
10. Athena (Athena OST)
11. Journey (featuring Seohyun of Girls' Generation) (Paradise Ranch OST)

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