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May 8, 2011

100 Things U Need to Know about Big Bang

Attention VIPs! Do you think you already know everything about Big Bang members? Well, here's a list of information which might surprise you or make your day. Read on.

1. Says if not for music, he would be a kindergarten teacher.
2. Seungri thinks that growing a moustache wouldn’t really coordinate with the group dynamics. He’s the maknae (youngest) in Big Bang so it wouldn’t look right.
3. Seungri uses insoles because it can make him dance better.
4. People think that Seungri has a lot of stories, is interesting and special.
5. Seungri doesn’t know how to grill meat. But because of the incident that was brought up by his Hyungs, he eventually learned how to and even installed a game in his cellphone to pratice grilling meat perfectly.
6. All of Seungri’s clothes in his MV are picked by his stylist because he doesn’t have an eye for fashion.
7. Seungri wants to show to the people his appeal through his simplicity rather than being good looking.
8. Seungri went to plastic surgeon because of his dark circles.
9. He cried after getting first place at a Lunar New Year Idol Special Program.
10. He wants to be a guy who has sense rather than be a fashionista.
11. He likes the designer John Galliano and is a fan of Dior.
12. He loves soccer so he's been to Park Ji Sung and Lee Young Pyo's sites.
13. Seungri prefers POP music .
14. Seungri likes a woman with a cute phone voice and a lot of aegyo. “I honestly do look a lot at physical appearance.” When asked to choose a specific girl group member that was the closest to his ideal woman, he chose After School’s UEE
15. Seungri went to the same elementary school as Yunho of TVXQ.
16. His favourite Japanese term is “gengkkideseukka!” which means “I’m fine”.
17. For ‘Strong Baby’ he did more research on Craig David for reference.
18. When he gets drunk he’ll greet other people and will even introduce people he doesn’t know to others, like asking them, “What’s your name?”, “This is XXX”, “Introduce yourself and get to know one another.”
19. He stripped on his first YG audition.
20. He hates it when people say that he’s short. He gets hurt when people say that his legs are short, too. It makes him feel bad.

1. T.O.P bought a luxurious villa, located in the UN Village in Hannam-dong, Seoul last December 2010 under his own name. His new home is located next to actor Jung Jun Ho, and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
2. In Big Bang’s parody of Secret Big Bang, T.O.P was shown wearing the exact same sweats that Hyun Bin actually wore in “Secret Garden.”
3. In T.O.P’s interview in W magazine, He said he’s the kind of person who feels scared of showing too many things towards people.
4. T.O.P picks Taeyang as the member he would date if he was a girl, claiming ‘he would steal all the innocence in him (TaeYang)’
5. Top’s film 71 into the gunfire drew more than 3,500,000 audiences in South Korea alone.
6. T.O.P knows about Hip Hop, Classical Music and Jazz.
7. T.O.P revealed that he did not have a specific ideal woman, just as long as she can “match herself to him.” He elaborated, “I’d like someone realistic who can direct me to good paths; someone who I can learn from. She needs to be mannerly and respectful towards the adults.” T.O.P added that he would like to marry late as well.
8. T.O.P hid in a shower stall to avoid attending the group’s activities.
9. T.O.P’s movie 71 into the Gunfire won the #1 spot on Magazine’s “Pia” movie ranking done by the public via a survey.
10. T.O.P has been creating music since he was 11 or 12 years old.
11. T.O.P was one of the stars who earned the greatest income from CFs.
12. T.O.P has been picked as the ideal soulmate from a recent poll to promote the movie ‘TiMER’. Results of the poll “Which Big Bang member is your ideal soulmate?” shown that majority of the votes went to T.O.P as he ranked first.
13. T.O.P wants to become that kind of person who ‘will devote all of his youth to his work.
14. He can drink 7 bottles of Soju in one sitting.
15. He would spend his day off by drinking wine and spend it silently while listening to his favorite music.
16. He can calculate calories really quickly.
17. He lost about 20kg in just 40 days before Big Bang’s debut.
18. He cried when he saw 2,000 fans at a surprise birthday party for him, thrown by the other members.
19. He doesn’t like it when fans put up pictures of his family on the internet. He feels apologetic to his family.
20. He wants to learn from Seungri and G-Dragon’s determination of finishing work to the very best and getting it done efficiently.

1. G-Dragon is the kind of person who doesn’t want people to interrupt his business.
2. G-Dragon produced songs for 2NE1.
3. G-Dragon wants to be liked by girls not for his looks but loving his tone of speaking and actions more.
4. He is a producer for YG Entertainment.
5. G-Dragon was embarrassed of his guitar-smashing segment for “Tonight”.
6. In Japan, by far G-Dragon has seen a lot of popularity. The reason for this is G-Dragon’s sassy style of dressing that has attracted a mass of fans.
7. He believes that producing is not just about writing a song but also thinking about the choreography, stage settings and lighting.
8. G-Dragon likes a woman that he feels comfortable to be with. In the past, he used to have a detailed vision of what his ideal woman would be like; for example, ’someone with short hair and a tomboyish style’. But these days, it’s just someone who he’s comfortable with and doesn’t act fake around him.”
9. G-Dragon saved a child from getting mobbed by fans at the Big Show 2011.
10. G-Dragon is in charge of Seungri’s SMS. He checks on Seungri’s phone regularly.
11. Big Bang’s song Cafe which was written by G-Dragon was about his experience of separation.
12. G-Dragon feels uncomfortable when he gets called a "genius".
13. G-Dragon is Seungri’s favorite Big Bang member. When Seungri was asked by No Hong Chul in his MBC radio guesting.
14. G-Dragon wrote his first lyrics in fifth grade for a talent show [Love Letter].
15. He has a Shar-Pei dog named ‘Gaho’.
16. He has changed his hairstyle over 20 times over the last 5 years and has dyed it multiple colors (blonde, black, light brown, dark brown, bright red, orange-red, and now purple). He has also worn his hair straight, permed (afro-hawk), crimped, and wavy.
17. He likes to read, including mangas and manhwas.
18. He once had a poster of Marilyn Monroe hanging above his bed.
19. G-Dragon went to a Beyonce concert when she performed in South Korea in 2009.
20. He drinks a lot of coffee and Vitamin Water.

1. After Taeyang’s solo activities he went to Jeju Island with his manager for a short time and then they went to Japan afterward for a week, and this year, they went to America for 3 weeks.
2. Taeyang came from a family which worked for the government.
3. Taeyang has been selected as the star the public expects the ‘sweetest proposal’ from.
4. YB Taekwon was his first screen name prior to Taeyang.
5. His favourite movie is “If Only”.
6. He was in JinuSean’s MV, “AYO”.
7. Taeyang wants someone who is on the same page as him. She needs to be understanding of him and the way he live his life, as well as be wise so he can learn from her. He’d like for her to stimulate him in a way that makes him want to work even harder.
8. The moment fans called for an encore once more even after the concert and the last encore finished was Taeyang most unforgettable moment during his first solo concert.
9. Taeyang’s favorite Japanese term is “NARUHODO”…The reason is “NARUHODO” ["NARUHODO" means "that makes sense" or "I see."]
10. Taeyang never received a love confession before.
11. Taeyang’s wish for 2011 is to share happiness with other people and discover himself more.
12. Taeyang was supposed to debut with G-Dragon as a duo under YG Entertainment.
13. Taeyang is the kind of person to like someone after spending time together and getting close to them.
14. Taeyang had a blind date with Yuri of SNSD.
15. He likes girls with western features.
16. Once in a car ride to a photo shoot he stretched out his head from the car’s sunroof and sang by himself.
17. He usually shares a room with Daesung during overseas shows.
18. His ideal musician type is Michael Jackson.
19. He used to be the one who does the laundry in their (Big Bang) apartment.
20. He has a Boston terrier dog named “Boss”.

1. Daesung likes Urban Sound and Jazz.
2. He has resemblace to K-Will (a Korean ballad singer).
3. Daesung wants a woman who likes him and is understanding of his career.He likes to be able to lean on her for support, and whether she’s older or younger than him, someone to console him and give him strength when they’re together.” When asked to choose a physical trait, he replied, “A woman that looks beautiful when she smiles.”
4. “What’s Up’s” professor Kim Mi Kyung spoke very highly of Daesung from idol group Big Bang when she said, “He possesses the talents that one is unbelievable to have possessed."
5. Daesung's debut drama What's Up was suppose to be aired last March 21,2011 but was dropped by SBS. Airdate is still to be determined.
6. Daesung wants to be reborn as Won Bin (Korean actor).
7. Daesung has an obsession with “Doraemon”
8. Although his parents were against the idea of him becoming a singer, Daesung pursued a career as a singer and was eventually recruited by YG Entertainment after auditioning.
9. Daesung like games like soccer because he is good at sports.
10. Daesung has also become a permanent of the reality-variety show Family Outing on SBS, on which he revealed that his IQ was 110 points.
11. Mathematics is Daesung’s best subject, because he like questions which make you think hard in order to solve them.
12. Daesung liked a girl from the third year of primary school until the first year of junior high but he never had the courage to confess.
13. He continued his dream of being a singer even against his family’s wishes.
14. He doesn't move when he sleeps.
15. When home alone, he cleans and organizes the house.
16. He had to undergo cosmetic surgery due to a facial injury from a car accident.
17. He thinks he looks best when he gives other people happiness. Especially, when his jokes are successful and he is funny on shows.
18. He admitted to want to learn from G-Dragon's leadership, how to lead so many people.
19. He dislikes to hear when people say he's gained weight when he tries hard to diet.
20. He picked T.O.P as the member he would date if he was a girl.

Written by Big Bang Philippines http://www.facebook.com/bigbangph2

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