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February 28, 2011

The full details: GD&TOP Album Launch Event this Saturday / March 5

Universal Records and Big Bang Philippines,
in cooperation with MYX, Astroplus and Odyssey, invite you to 
GD&TOP Album Launch Event this Saturday / March 5.

This exciting and fun-filled event will be held in these venues:
- Astroplus The Block
- Astroplus Mall Of Asia
- Odyssey Megamall

Here are the store schedules and telephone numbers:

- Astroplus The Block: 10 AM to 9 PM (tel# 442-0372)
- Astroplus Mall of Asia: 10 AM to 10 PM (tel# 556-0080)
- Odyssey Megamall: 10 AM to 10 PM (tel# 687-3620)

Sorry, but there will be no reservations.

Get a Page-by-Page view of GD&TOP Philippine Version CD, click here:

There are THREE (3) main activities during GD&TOP album launch event on March 5:

Only on that day, the first 400 buyers who will buy the GD&TOP album in the three (3) participating stores will get these FREEBIES:

- GD&TOP Official Big Poster Version 1 (size 24" x 36"): http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=636836&id=214540185413

- GD&TOP Official Big Poster Version 2 (size 24" x 36"): http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=636836&id=214540185413

- Exclusive GD&TOP Photocards (3 pcs.) (size 5.25" x 7.25"): http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=636838&id=214540185413

- Bonus freebies: Big Bang 4th Mini Album Teaser Calling Card and Se7en Teaser Calling Card: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=636840&id=214540185413

GD&TOP cd: P500

Remember this! When you buy GD&TOP cd during regular days, you only get one (1) GD&TOP Official Regular Poster (size 18" x 24") only while supplies last.

The main event is the "BUNNY HIGH CONTEST" and be of one of the ten (10) lucky winners of GD&TOP Standees!

Here's how:

1. "Bunny High Contest" is open to everyone who bought the GD&TOP CD during GD&TOP Album Launch on March 5 (Saturday) at Astroplus The Block, Astroplus Mall of Asia and Odyssey Megamall.

2. Each of three (3) participating record store will have big GD&TOP backdrop. Once you have paid your GD&TOP CD and claimed your freebies, proceed to the Big Bang Philippines booth, present your receipt, fall in line and wait for your turn. Be creative and get ready to pose wearing your Bunny Ears or Bunny Headbands!

3. There will be no official photographer in the event, which means Big Bang Philippines core members or your friend will assist you in taking the pictures using your own camera.

4. Once you're done with your pictorial, get your official GD&TOP stamp on the receipt and your arm (optional). Exit the photo shoot area to give way to other Bunny VIPs who are ready to strike a pose.

5. Upload your picture to Big Bang Philippines Official Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/bigbangph2

Criteria for judging:
50% Number of Likes
25% Creativity
25% Uniqueness

Be reminded that you should only upload photos after the event.

6. Universal Records & Big Bang Philippines will choose the ten (10) winners of the "Bunny High Contest". Universal Records & Big Bang Philippines' decisions will be final. Ten (10) winners will win GD&TOP Standees. Wait for further announcements regarding announcement of winners and claiming of prizes.

7. You can either create or bring your own Bunny Ears or use the ones Big Bang Philippines provides in each store.

Register and become members of Big Bang Philippines Fan Club, the biggest Big Bang fan club in the Philippines! Fans can get the membership form from authorized representatives of Big Bang Philippines. The membership form is free. There will be a designated area to fill up the membership form. Registration is only from 10am to 6pm.

Don't miss the awesome performances from Big Bang Cover Groups in Astroplus The Block, Astroplus Mall Of Asia and Odyssey Megamall. We will post the names of these cover groups soon!

Korea's superstar boy group Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P or GD&TOP have formed the ultimate duo! The trendy twosome GD&TOP get the party started with the release of their highly anticipated duo album packed with group and solo tracks, including the five (5) singles "High High", "Knock Out","Oh Yeah" featuring 2NE1's Park Bom, "Don’t Go Home" and "Baby Good Night" plus T.O.P's previous digital single "Turn It Up".

Before its release, the album already received 200,000 units pre-order. Upon the release of GD&TOP's album, the duo managed to rank Number One on various music programs (M! Countdown & Inkigayo) with "High High" and album charts (Melon, Dosirak, Mnet.com, Gaon and Hanteo) within two weeks of their promotion cycle. The music video of "High High" is also one of the most viewed music videos in the shortest span of time, gaining more than 4.6 million views on Big Bang YouTube channel alone! It’s been about two and a half years since Big Bang had an activity in Korea and the awesome response to GD&TOP album release is a proof that Big Bang has been sorely missed!

"GD&TOP" tracklist:
1. Intro
2. High High
3. Oh Yeah (featuring 2NE1's Park Bom)
4. Don't Go Home
5. Baby Good Night
6. Knock Out
7. Oh Mom (T.O.P)
8. Nightmare (G-Dragon)
9. Of All Days (T.O.P)
10. What Do You Want? (G-Dragon)
11. Turn It Up (T.O.P)
*Includes 40-page color booklet

Here are some GD&TOP related Facebook Fanpage you should join & check out regularly for updates about GD&TOP and our upcoming Album Launch Event:

Big Bang Philippines Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/bigbangphfanpage
Big Bang Philippines Fan Club Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/bigbangph

Watch GD&TOP music videos here:

High High:

Knock Out:

Baby Good Night:

Please feel free to repost. Thanks!!

Big Bang greets Filipino VIPs

Hello Philippines, we're Bigbang! We want to thank all of our Filipino VIPs for the support. Please also wait for the release of our new album. Thank you. Until here, it's Bigbang!

Translated by: alexine @ Bigbang Philippines

Big Bang's comeback album dominates Korean charts instantly

After a 2 year hiatus, Big Bang fans have been anxiously for a comeback to the Korean music scene. Within minutes of releasing their 4th mini album, the album’s topped real time charts on Mnet, Soribada, Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld and is currently the most searched on Naver, Korea’s largest search engine.

Meanwhile, VIPs have trended #bigbangisback to #1 worlwide on twitter in anticipation of the comeback.

Source: bbvip.net

Koreaboo | Big Bang lands at #9 on US iTunes' Top Pop Albums Chart

Demonstrating K-pop's international popularity, Big Bang's new album "Tonight" has already achieved an "all kill" on the major music sites in Asia yesterday. YG recently announced that the album would also be sold on the popular US-based iTunes, and the album is already seeing success there as well.

Only a day after its release, the boys' mini-album ranked #9 on iTunes' top pop albums chart and #18 on its overall top albums chart. It appears that the boys of Big Bang are coming back with a bang, and fans are glad for their return.

Congratulations to Big Bang for achieving a new milestone! Have you ordered your copy?

Source : iTunes
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Allkpop | Big Bang’s 4th mini-album released + MV teaser for “Tonight”

After teasing fans endlessly for the past few weeks, the wait is finally over as Big Bang’s 4th mini-album has finally been released!

I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly listen to the tracks but from what I’ve heard thus far, it sounds amazing. In addition the mini-album release, the Big Bang official youtube channel added a teaser video for ‘Tonight.’ Check out the tracks and the teaser video below and remember to support the boys by purchasing the music here: http://www.yesasia.com/us/1024045154-0-0-0-en/info.html

Watch "Tonight" MV teaser here:

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After School's Kahi "Come Back You Bad Person" performances this week (2/25 and 2/26)

KBS Music Bank:

MBC Music Core:

Allkpop | After School’s Kahi talks about the pressures behind her solo debut

It took a long time to get there, but After School’s Kahi has finally achieved her life-long dream of releasing a solo album under own name.

She’s already had her skills acknowledged many times over, and was even chosen as the most anticipated female soloist.

“I feel like I’m riding on a plane,” she expressed. “I prepared a lot, but took a long time in releasing it because I couldn’t find a track I was satisfied with. The minute I listened to my title track, I knew this was it. I felt it.”

Considering the amount of preparation that went into her solo debut, Kahi was asked if she felt any pressure.
The singer replied, “The After School members both gave me their support, as well as their anticipation, so naturally, I felt a lot of pressure. As After School’s leader, I also didn’t want to disappoint the expectations of my agency. Still, it was a lot of fun. These were all emotions that I felt for the first time, but instead of feeling nervous on my first stage, I sought to enjoy it. I felt more nervous waiting for the stage than actually performing on it.”

Regarding the stereotype that people had of her as a dancer, she explained, “I’m not bad at singing, but it is true that there’s a barrier there. I wanted to get rid of the tags that labeled me as ‘the dancer’ or ‘former dancer’, and just fly. Since people already know that I’m a dancer, I wanted to present something more perfect with the combination of singing. I actually don’t dance when I sing, maybe just make a few gestures regarding the song here and there.”

Kahi concluded, “Because my dream is so big, I still have so much left to run for. If After School was my first step towards realizing that dream, I’ve now boarded the plane.”

Source: OSEN via Nate
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Allkpop | Kahi on her solo debut, her passion for perfection, and After School

When you crack open the first page of Kahi’s solo album jacket, you come across the words, “I am Kahi“. Those seemingly-simple words carry the weight of Kahi’s musical history – they embody 12 years of passion, effort, and of tireless desire.

Having debuted in 2009 with girl group After School, Kahi’s worked harder than ever over the past two years to realize her dreams. The 10 years spent as a dancer established a firm foundation for her to stand upon, which allowed her to create her very own ‘Kahi’ brand.

In an interview with TV Daily, Kahi discussed what the experience has been like for her thus far, and what she anticipates the future to hold.

Q. “It must feel different for you now, compared to when you first debuted with After School.”

Kahi: A lot has happened since then, and although I started off as a part of a group, my dream was just to sing. My solo album feels like my own child now, and it makes me tear up. When After School’salbum first came out, I was excited and felt like I was walking on clouds, but now, I feel both excited and serious. It’s probably due to the fact that I’m alone with this album, which raises my responsibility level.”

Q. “The hardships you faced are well known, but did you ever feel that you wanted to quit?”

Kahi: So many times. I liked dancing so much that I threw myself into it, but there were a lot of hardships involved. When my S-Blush team disbanded, I wanted to give up. When I began forming the members for After School, I wanted to give up. Once a day, once a month, I felt like I wanted to give up, but it’s important to overcome that.

Q. “The release of your album was delayed for months at a time.”

Kahi: The reason for the delay was the title track. If I just wanted to release it as fast as possible, I could’ve released it last October. I just wanted to wait for something. I felt that there was something more. After I was satisfied with my title track, everything else just fell in line.

Q. “We’re not sure whether your vocal talent was hidden, or if it was a recent development, but we’re all surprised with it.”

Kahi: Because I was a dancer, people assumed (because of the stereotype) that I couldn’t sing. I hated that, so I practiced as much as I could. Even now, although I can’t say that I’m good at singing, I’m confident enough to say, ‘I’m not bad. I have my own unique color.’

There are singers who add a lot of music-recording (MR) into their songs to give little breaks, and people thought that I would definitely do that as well. Because of that, I deliberately tried not to. The song’s very lyrical, but dancing passionately makes it hard to sing. You can probably feel all the emotions swelling up inside of me with my last move (laughter).

There’s already an MR-removed video floating around, and many complimented me saying I did fine. I still wonder whether people would still be so passive if I added a lot of MR and focused on my dance instead. I heaved a sigh of relief, and I feel proud of myself. I’m planning to focus on showing my enjoyment on stage.

Q. “You wrote the lyrics for ‘Come Back You Bad Person‘ as well as ‘Rollercoaster.’ Both are about a woman clinging to a man, which is completely different to your real image.”

Kahi: I’ve always written lyrics, but someone suggested it this time so I went ahead and did it. I never felt adamant that my songs had to contain my lyrics, but I think they were received well. As opposed to landing a strong impact with the lyrics alone, I focused on depicting a certain type of ‘feel’, like the scent of love. So instead of ‘Screw off, you bad person,’ it’s about the feel of ‘Come back, you bad person.’ It’s not as strong, you know? (laughter)

Q. “A lot of people have an image of you being this really strong, no-nonsense type of person.”

Kahi: I’m a perfectionist on stage. That might make me look potent, but it’s a depiction of my efforts, and it’s something I will continue to be in the future. On stage, even if I have to force myself, I want to be perfect and show only the best. Off-stage, I’m a personal, laid-back kind of person.

Q. “You’re of a certain age now, is it possible for you to continue to be a leader of a girl group?”

Kahi: I’m confident that even without me, After School will remain as an amazing group. Through changing members, we’ve become a lot stronger. I still have a lot of things I want to teach them and want to continue creating beautiful stages together. Together, we come up with the most amazing ideas, so I hope we continue to become a group that is able to freely enjoy the stage.

Q. “If you were forced to choose between After School’s leader Kahi and solo singer Kahi, which would you choose?”

Kahi: I can never let either of those go. I’ll do whatever it takes to make both happen. It’s like asking me to choose between my mother and my father.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Daum
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Mla Bulletin | Fans hurting as Alexander, Kibum kicked out of U-Kiss

by Jonathan M. Hicap
February 25, 2011, 1:26pm

Fans of boy band U-Kiss are shocked and angry following the announcement that members Alexander Eusebio and Kim Kibum have left the group.

NH Media, the boy band’s agency, explained that two new members will be recruited to replace Alexander and Kibum to re-energize U-Kiss. The agency initially said that it was a mutual agreement to terminate the exclusive management contract between NH Media and Kibum. However, Kibum said he was forced to sign a document to dissolve the contract.

On his Twitter, Kibum posted that his leaving U-Kiss was not related to Piro Piro, an online store that he and his brother, Kim Hyung Joon of SS501, created last year.

He said he prioritized U-Kiss more than anything else.

Anthony Eusebio, father of Alexander, tweeted Kibum to say that he supports him.

“KBummie, I'll be always on ur side & by ur side & more importantly God is w/ us,” Mr. Eusebio said.

He added, “Son, I know u're hurting, we knew it's not ur fault! Soon they'll know the truth, & the truth will set u free!”

Kibum tweeted back, “Thank u father, everything's tearing me apart. I'm still hurting.”

On the other hand, Alexander will remain as a talent of NH Media despite being out of U-Kiss.

Fans of U-Kiss, collectively called KissMes, have launched an online petition to bring back Alexander and Kibum to the boy band. As of today, 3,100 fans have signed the petition.

They are criticizing NH Media for letting the two go, saying that Alexander and Kibum are both talented and are important in U-Kiss.

U-Kiss debuted in the K-pop scene in 2008. The boy band visited the Philippines in March last year for mall shows. U-Kiss went back to the country in June for a concert.

The remaining members of U-Kiss are Ki Seop, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Dong Ho.

Photo courtesy of their Twitter accounts.


Allkpop | U-Kiss Kibum, “I didn’t quit, they canceled my contract”

Former U-Kiss member Kim Kibum recently confessed his feelings about leaving the team.

“I didn’t quit, they canceled my contract,” said Kim Kibum in a phone conversation with Newsen on the 23rd. Kibum added, “the agency first told us they are going to replace two members. They demanded me to sign an agreement on canceling my contract, so I did.”

Kibum was puzzled about the news that said he had quit the group. “I feel sorry to our fans,” said Kibum.

Kibum posted a long tweet to his fans:
That tweet began with, “안녕하세요 유키스 기범, 아니 정확히는 유키스로 활동했던 김기범입니다/ Hello, I am U-Kiss Kibum, no, I was U-Kiss Kim Kibum.”

Kibum says he didn’t voluntarily quit U-Kiss to focus on his Piro Piro character business but was required to sign the contract cancellation agreement and leave the group. Kibum says his business never distracted him from his U-Kiss activites and prioritized U-Kiss over anything else.

“가족같이 아니 그 이상으로 멤버들을 생각해왔습니다 이렇게 헤어지게 된것이 정말 섭섭한 마음이지만 제가 모자란 부분이 많아 유키스에 교체가 필요할 것이라는 전 소속사의 의견또한 존중하는 바입니다 / I thought of the members like my family…no, more than that. I’m so sad to say good-bye to them like this but I do respect the agency’s decision to replace me with someone better.”

Kibum thanked his fans and promised that he’ll continue to appear on air by himself as both a talent and business man.

This was also the case for member Alexander. “I did leave U-Kiss,” said Alexander on the phone with Newsen. “But it wasn’t because of school like they stated.”

U-Kiss’ agency NH Media plans to replace Kim Kibum and Alexander with new members, strengthen vocals and bring a change to U-Kiss.

Source: Newsen + @90KKB
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February 27, 2011

Free Sponge Cola "Tambay" ringback tone

Get your free Sponge Cola "Tambay" ringback tone for five days.

For Smart subscribers, just text: 
and send to 2728.

Workshy returns with new album "Bitter Sweet"

London-based sophisticated pop-jazz duo Workshy was formed in 1986. Originally a trio consisting of Michael McDermott, Chrysta Jones and Kevin Kehoe until Kevin left the group in 1992, Workshy has been the duo of Michael and Chrysta ever since.

Michael and Kevin, who was originally from Australia, were neighbors and the two had once formed a teenage band. Meanwhile, Chrysta grew up in a family of musicians and joined her father’s group Metal Ticket as a vocalist at the age of 11. Michael moved from Manchester to London and attended St. Martins where Kevin was studying Psychology. They started playing music again and formed a soul-funk-latin group called Garage. That was when they met Chrysta and Workshy was born.

In June 1987, Workshy signed to U.K.based Magnet Records and their debut album "The Golden Mile" was released in 1989 and immediately appealed to fans of Swing Out Sister, Sade, Everything But The Girl, Matt Bianco, Basia and similar smooth pop-jazz acts. They have been releasing albums under Japanese labels Pony Canyon in the past and currently Imperial Records Tokyo and has gathered a loyal fan base for years in Japan and other countries in the Far East region.

Workshy has been to the Philippines twice. The first time in the nineties where they performed their first solo concert and even received a Gold Record award for their bestselling covers album "Soul Love" and in 2008 where they shared the stage with Grammy winning singer-songwriter Christopher Cross.

For 2011, Workshy returns with their 12th album "Bitter Sweet". The new album includes "Better Days", "West End Love", "We'll Keep Striving" and more.

If you like D'Sound, Swing Out Sister, Mike Francis, Kevyn Lettau, Matt Bianco, Sade, you will surely like Workshy.

Workshy "Bitter Sweet" album preview:

Enjoy a sample of Workshy's music, their rendition of "I Say A Little Prayer" here:

"I Say A Little Prayer" is included in Workshy's CD "Soul Love" and ""The Finest Collection", released locally by Universal Records.

Gregorian releases "Best Of 1990-2010"

Finally after 20 years of success, 10 albums, over 5 million records sold all over the world, a vast number of Gold and Platinum awards as well as worldwide Top 10 positions, Gregorian releases their first ever official Best Of album, made of their best classics and songs never released before.

Best Of Gregorian 1990-2010“ reflects 20 years of amazing success all over the world, combining not only the classics from “Masters of Chant“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter II“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter III“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter IV“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter V“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter VI“, “Masters Of Chant Chapter VII“ and “The Dark Side“. Besides the first German hit single “Moment Of Peace” as well as all time favourites of mastermind Frank Peterson, “Best Of Gregorian 1990-2010" also includes 7 previously unreleased songs with “Sadeness Pt.1” being the first ever world hit by Enigma (Frank Peterson’s first band) in a new Gregorian style. The opener “So Sad” is the first ever original Gregorian song, unavailable on CD for nearly 20 years – taken from the first ever released Gregorian album “Sadisfaction” (released by A&M in 1991), long way before the “Masters Of Chant” series started. “Forever Young” (Alphaville's hit) as well as “Missing” (Everything But The Girl's hit) were recorded during the “Masters Of Chant Chapter IV” sessions while “Let Down” (Radiohead's song) was recorded during the sessions of “Masters Of Chant Chapter V” and “Crazy Crazy Night” (Kiss' song) during the sessions of “Masters Of Chant Chapter VII”. All of those never released before will make the Best Of even better than usual Best Of albums you know from many other big artists.

This is a collection of songs which will exceed all expectations. A must have for all Gregorian fans to complete their selection and “the one to start with” for the new fans!

Gregorian is a project conceived by German music producer Frank Peterson, the same guy behind the multi-platinum success of Enigma and Sarah Brightman. His idea might have sounded strange, but it worked. A Gregorian choir sings modern pop-rock songs, arranged in the style of the chants sung by medieval monks. The first two Gregorian albums became international bestsellers, selling one million units each and reaching Gold status in a dozen countries including Germany, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Portugal Singapore and the Philippines.

“Best Of Gregorian 1990-2010“ tracklist:
1. Best Of So Sad
2. Nothing Else Matters
3. Moment Of Peace
4. Voyage Voyage
5. Hymn
6. Join Me (Schiller Version)
7. The Raven
8. Angels
9. The Forest
10. Fix You
11. One
12. Sadeness Pt. 1
13. Forever Young
14. Missing
15. Let Down
16. Best of Sinners & Saints
17. Crazy Crazy Nights

Here's a sample of Gregorian's music, their rendition of Alphaville's hit "Forever Young":

We will announce album release date very soon!

TVXQ "Maximum" performance this week (2/25 and 2/26)

KBS Music Bank:

MBC Music Core:

Allkpop | The ideal women for TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin are…

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin revealed their ideal women on a recent guest appearance on SBS’s radio show, “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

On the show, Yunho picked actress Jun Ji Hyun as his ideal woman, while Changmin answered actress Han Ye Seul as his ideal.

Yunho explained, “I like career-based women who have leadership. I really liked Jun Ji Hyun’s character in the movie, ‘My Sassy Girl‘. She has both an innocent side and a sexy side.”

When Changmin picked Han Ye Seul as his ideal woman, he added, “I’d be lying if I didn’t look at one’s physical appearance. I like women who have a kind personality and cooks well, and someone who is respectful to adults.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ are currently active in promotions for their follow-up track, "Maximum".

Source: BNT News via Nate
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Allkpop | TVXQ’s Yunho revealed a female celebrity once confessed her feelings for him

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s FM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” on February 21st, TVXQ’s Yunho revealed that there was a time when a female celebrity confessed her feelings for him.

Yunho revealed, “There was a time when a certain female celebrity confessed her feelings for me. She texted me first and we started to text casually, but once you keep talking, you begin to start to like each other and get closer.”

He continued, “But then when the girl confesses to me in secret, because of my blunt personality, there are times when I miss the messages in between the lines.”

Changmin chimed in like a boss, “For me, even when a female celebrity confesses their feelings, I just turn down all of them. When a text comes, I don’t even bother replying.”

Who do you think this female celebrity could be?

Source: My Daily via Daum Media
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Allkpop | Luna discusses her musical debut, f(x)’s comeback, and Amber

In an interview with Star News, f(x)’s Luna shared her thoughts on being cast as ‘Elle Woods’ for the musical, “Legally Blonde“; she also discussed f(x)’s impending comeback.

Luna began, “It’s my first try at a musical, so I’m very nervous. It’s a lot of fun seeing the different ways people react with each new performance. I hope to continue working with musicals in the future, and should the opportunity arise, I’d like to try a play as well.”

When asked about f(x), she replied, “I’m working hard on both my musical and f(x)’s new album. Amber’s condition improved greatly and she recently returned to Korea. All of us, including Amber, Victoria-unni, Sulli, and Krystal are all rehearsing very hard.”

She continued, “There aren’t any confirmed details regarding the album’s release date, but it will be released within the first half of this year. The f(x) members are maintaining our close teamwork. They recently all came to see my musical and hugged me tightly, telling me that they were touched by my performance.”

Source: Star News via Nate
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Koreaboo | Super Junior-M performs their comeback stage on CCTV

With the premiere of their song "Too Perfect" on February 14th and the upcoming release of the full EP on February 25th, Super Junior M has made their comeback in China. It has been 2 years since their last single "Super Girl" in 2009.

They performed "Too Perfect" live at their CCTV recording. The fans could not hold back their screams as the 8 member Super Junior M performed their title track. In addition to performing their title track, Kyuhyun, known for his amazing covers of Chinese songs, also sang a part of the classical Chinese song "New Endless Love," which he performed in full at Super Show 3.

Check out the clips below.

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

Clip #3:

Posted by matty @ Koreaboo
Source: TeukHeeYe and 2KYUHYUN

Super Junior-M’s Henry reveals the Korean pick-up lines his groupmates taught him

On February 22nd, Super Junior-M’s Henry guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and confessed that his fellow groupmates gave him a unique lesson on Korean that brought about some interesting results.

He began, “My mother is Taiwanese, and my father is from Hong Kong. It’s been about three years since I came to Korea. At first, it was difficult for me to pronounce things in English with a Korean style, like ‘Hae-ri-po-ta (Harry Potter),’ ‘He-reu-mi-o-ni’ (Hermione),’ ‘Ham-buh-geo (hamburger).‘”

Henry continued, “I didn’t want to look like a disrespectful person because of my lacking Korean skills, so I asked the Super Junior members to teach me Korean.”

The expressions that he were taught consisted of pick-up lines, including, “What’s your horoscope (byeol jari)?”, to which he was instructed to respond, “Next to you (yeop jari).” Henry was also taught the question, “Where are you?”, which should be followed up with, “In your heart, in the second exit~”. Finally, when asking “What kind of alcohol do you like?”, he should know the answer, “Your lips~”.

Upon hearing the phrases, Shindong and Eunhyuk gave embarrassed looks and exclaimed, “I didn’t think he’d say this on broadcast!”

Be sure to check out his cute performance here:

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

Allkpop | Super Junior transforms into sexy vampires for 12plus Cologne’s “Twilight”

The boys of Super Junior have transformed into smouldering immortals for a new CF with 12plus Cologne’s newest scent, ”Twilight“.

In the CF, the boys are seen chasing after a Thai actress, who plays an irresistible vampire. She seduces Super Junior with her vixen-like looks and her (presumably) alluring scent. Eventually, they too are turned into beautiful, yet hungry vampires.

Packaged in pink girly vials, “Twilight” is sure to be a hot product for many fangirls in Thailand. Check out the 30-second promo here:

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Koreaboo | 2NE1 wins Best Dance & Electronic Album for "To Anyone" at 2011 Korean Music Awards

2NE1 does it again! After winning "Artist of the Year" at the 2011 MTV Daum Music Festival last week, they received another award at 2011 Korean Music Awards in the Best Dance and Electronic Album category for the "To Anyone" album. Unfortunately, 2NE1 did not attend the ceremony to accept their award. Another YG act Taeyang was voted by Netizen as Best Male Singer", while f(x) was picked by Netizen as Best Group.

Known as the "Korean Grammy", the 8th Korean Music Awards took place on February 23rd at the Olympic Park Financial Hall in Seoul. The only idol to attend the ceremony was miss A, who took home the "Best Dance & Electronic Song" for "Bad Girl Good Girl".

The Korean Music Awards is held annually in South Korea and is made of 52 judges. The judges' background varies from pop music critics, professional radio PD, academics, and popular music professionals.

The TV personality Kim Jaedong was the MC for the 2011 Korean Music Awards. Gukkasten, Park Joowon, Oh Jieun and the Wolves performed.

Check out the winners below!

Album of the Year - Garion (Garion 2)
Song of the Year - Hot Potato (Confession)
Musician of the Year - Galaxy Express
Rookie of the Year - Gate Flowers

Best Rock Album - Clash (The Paragon of Animals)
Best Rock Song - Gate Flowers (Soldier)
Best Modern Rock Album - 9 and Numbers (9 and Numbers)
Best Modern Rock Song - Broccoli You Too (Graduate)
Best Pop Album - Cho Kyuchan (Cho Kyuchan 9)
Best Pop Song - 10cm (I'm Afraid of the Dark Tonight)
Best Dance & Electronic Album - 2NE1 (To Anyone)
Best Dance & Electronic Song - miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl)
Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album - Garion (Garion 2)
Best Rap & Hip-Hop Song - Garion (Zero)
Best R&B & Soul Album - Jinbo (Afterwork)
Best R&B & Soul Song - Deez (Sugar)
Best Crossover Jazz Album - La Ventana (Nostalgia and the Delicate Woman)
Best Jazz Album - Na Yoonsun (Same Girl)
Best Performance - Yipangeun Project (A RHAPSODY IN COLD AGE)
Best Film & TV Music - Bravo! Jazz Life

Judges' Special Pick Award - Um Inho, Choi Yichul, Joo Changwon
Service Award - Son Seokwoo

Netizen-picked Best Male Singer – Taeyang
Netizen-picked Best Female Singer – Kim Yoon Ah
Netizen-picked Best Group – f(x)

Source: Newsen
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2NE1 to debut in Japan on March 9th

2NE1 is to debut in Japan. They will make men and women from all ages go crazy for them with their music and fashion.

They won “Girl Group of the Year” in Asia’s biggest music festival, MAMA. They are finally coming to Japan.

They debuted as a sister group of Big Bang in March 2009. Their music has a Lady Gaga feel, as it has an electric sound to R&B. They caught the eyes of many girls all over Asia, with their crazy and colorful fashion style and became a huge hit.

Since then, all of their music topped the charts and they won 30 awards including MAMA. Their popularity has moved to the western countries as well. A popular American singer/rapper Will.I.Am saw their music video and saw great talent in them.

Last summer, Will.I.Am invited the girls to record at his studio. Also, popular designer Jeremy Scott (does designs for Madonna) proved original designs for the girls as well. This shows how the girls are known worldwide.

Avex saw their performance and was wowed by their high music and fashion sense. Soon later they find out about the girls achievements in Korea, they quickly contacted them for a contract in Korea and finally got a deal.

Their Japanese debut single “Go Away” shows the strength of women with Japanese lyrics. The song will be available on chakuuta from the 9th of March. They are seeking for a debut in the USA. The leader of the group, CL said, “We can’t wait for our debut in Japan. We will work hard for our fans”.

Let’s see if 2NE1 will bring something special to the music charts in Japan.

Source: Sanspo
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Allkpop | Big Bang sells 10,000 albums in pre-sales, doubles Seo Taiji and TVXQ’s records

With Big Bang’s two year comeback drawing closer, it was recently reported that Big Bang set a new record in the most number of album pre-sales purchased, overtaking TVXQ’s 2008 record.

For the past week, music site Cyworld has been holding an online event whereby members can pre-purchase Big Bang’s new mini-album for 30 “acorns” (the site’s currency), which is to be released on February 24th.

The online site revealed that their event has sold about 10,000 albums in pre-sales in just six days, which is roughly double the record of Seo Taiji’s 5,084 pre-sale units back in 2008, as well as TVXQ’s 6,500 units during their 4th full album release in the same year.

What Seo Taiji, TVXQ, and Big Bang have in common within the results is that they were all making a comeback after a long wait. Seo Taiji’s 2008 album was his comeback after four years, while it was TVXQ’s two year comeback. Similarly, Big Bang’s comeback this year will mark their first album in two years and three months, and music associates are judging this to be the reason behind their extraordinary volume in album pre-sales.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be meeting their fans once again through their three-day “2011 Big Show” concert starting from February 25th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. The group is then set to reveal their tracks through SBS’s “Special Comeback Show” on the following 27th.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate
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Allkpop | Full blast promotions for Big Bang comeback album

While gearing up for their official comeback on February 24th, YG Entertainment was revealed to be sparing no costs in promoting Big Bang’s first comeback in nearly two years.

The agency was reported to have spent a couple hundred million won alone in just the advertising and promotion for the album. They currently have two rapping buses touring Seoul, as well as over 40 ads plastered on intra-city buses. Banners alerting passerbys of the album’s drop date are also spread throughout, including a larger exterior banner put up over the Cine City in Apgujung.

Advertisements are also placed near the 2nd and 4th subway lines, as well as screen trailers in CGV theaters, multi-cubes in CGV theater lobbies, and DLA systems in the lobies in Yongsan, Myungdong, and Wangshibri. One newspaper company recently even put out two full page advertisements.

As if all that isn’t enough, the company also went ahead in investing in partnerships with advertising companies for a variety of other ’spot exposure’ promotions.

One industry representative commented, “Movies spend a significant amount on advertising expenses, but albums are promoted through broadcast shows, so this is definitely an exceptional promotion case.”

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Source + Photos: OSEN via Daum

Allkpop | Big Bang unveils their fourth comeback teaser with Daesung

As we get closer to the release date of Big Bang’s fourth mini-album, special teaser videos are being unveiled one by one on each of the Big Bang members’ personal me2day pages.

Having already released the teasers for G-Dragon, Seungri and Taeyang over the past three days, Daesung has stepped up to reveal his special teaser for his beloved VIPs.

Check out the teaser here:

Look out for T.O.P’s teaser tomorrow!

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Allkpop | Big Bang unveils their third comeback teaser with Taeyang!

As we get closer to the release date of Big Bang’s fourth mini-album, special teaser videos are being unveiled one by one on each of the Big Bang members’ personal me2day pages.

Having already released the teasers for G-Dragon and Seungri over the past two days, Taeyang has stepped up to reveal his special teaser for his beloved VIPs.

Check it out here:

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Allkpop | Big Bang’s T.O.P purchases a 3 Million USD villa

Big Bang’s T.O.P was recently reported to have made a villa purchase 90-pyeongs big at the cost of $3 million USD.

According to the real estate industry, T.O.P purchased a luxurious villa, ‘P,’ located in the UN Village in Hannam-dong, Seoul last December under his own name. His new home is located next to actor Jung Jun Ho, and features four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

T.O.P previously rented the villa last April, but after becoming captivated with the surrounding environment and facilities, decided to go ahead and make the purchase eight months later.

The ‘P’ villa features high-end interior with a view of the Han river, and is a favorite amongst celebrities for the priority it places on security and private life protection.

Aside from the newlywed Jung Jun Ho and Lee Ha Jung, T.O.P’s neighbors include Lee Young Ae, Park Ye Jin, Lee Hyori, and Soo Ae as well.

Source: Star News
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Allkpop | See After School Kahi’s emotional reaction to her solo album

After School’s Kahi has been waiting a very long time to make her solo debut.

She had originally expected to release her album in September of 2010. It was then pushed back to November, but then in late October, we reported that the album was to be delayed 2-3 weeks because of Kahi’s “perfect-or-nothing” attitude. 2-3 weeks became months, as Orange Caramel’s “Aing” promotions forced the album to be moved into the new year.

Finally, at long last, it was released earlier this month, and it looks like all the delays paid off, as her mini-album earned a glowing 4/5 in our music review column.

Needless to say, her reaction to finally seeing the physical copy of her album was emotional. Despite the risk of ruining her stage makeup, Kahi shed a few tears backstage as she held her album.

Check out the video here:

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Allkpop | Namie Amuro & After School unveil MV for “Make It Happen”

Via tokyohive:

After delivering a hot PV teaser a few days back, the full version has finally been released!

Pop fans went wild as they saw the return of the queen, and some fresh new faces as well. Namie Amuro collaborated with the K-pop group, After School, to drop a sexy new song that’s sure to skyrocket up the charts.

Make It Happen” will mark After School’s debut release, so check out the video below to see what these girls are bringing to the game!

Watch the MV here:

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Koreaboo | TVXQ's Yunho chosen as Japanese female celebrities' ideal type

We previously reported that AKB48's Atsuko Maeda expressed interest in TVXQ's Yunho. She said, "The type I like is a guy who is tall and has a fresh look. TVXQ's Yunho looks so handsome!" Well, she is not alone. More Japanese female celebrities have expressed their interest in Yunho, claiming that he is their ideal type.

Recently, a Japanese community website revealed pictures of female Japanese celebrities who are Yunho's fans, attracting much attention. Last month, TVXQ's 5th Korean album "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" was officially released. Yunho who is currently promoting the album, gained immense popularity within the eyes of Japanese celebrities.

One of Yunho's most faithful fans is Japanese model Murata Mari, otherwise known as Marimo. In an interview with Japanese magazine Popteen, she revealed that that her ideal type to date is Yunho. She even has posters of Yunho hung up at her house. Eventually, she got to meet Yunho in person at Popteen's editing department.

Recently, Marimo bought TVXQ's "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" and was chosen to attend their fan meeting. She is currently learning Korean in order to communicate with Yunho.

Besides Marimo, actress Takemi Eri and AKB48's Kojima Haruna also expressed being Yunho's fans. In addition, famed Japanese voice actress Ami Koshimizu revealed her thoughts on wanting to marry Yunho. Model Yu Takahashi also revealed that Yunho is her ideal type.

What do you think of all the attention he's getting?

Source: TVXQBaidu
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Koreaboo | CNBLUE releases behind-the-scenes photos from Hazzys

Known for their charming, soothing voices, strong song lyrics, and captivating songs, C.N. Blue are no longer considered "rookies" by the Korean entertainment scene. With the release of C.N. Blue's full-length album being delayed on account of their busy schedules, such as Yonghwa's "We Got Married" filming and Minhyuk being cast in "It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter", the boys looked too busy to do much else. Fortunately, they have recently released a countdown for their album release, reassuring fans that they would not be too busy to do any other activities outside of filming for shows.

As part of their packed schedules, C.N. Blue members participated in a photoshoot for Hazzys, one of Korea's three most famous clothing brands. Hazzy Acc's photoshoot. However, instead of looking stressed and tired, the boys showed bright smiles and interested expressions in their behind-the-scenes pictures.

The boys even patiently signed numerous autographs for fans that were part of the staff. The boys focused on their work and made sure that they did their best for the shoot, satisfying the fans who were present.

The boys look like they have been working very hard at their activities and have managed to keep up their spirits while remaining thoughtful to their fans. After all their hard work, one can expect that C.N. Blue's comeback will show their fans even more love and thought than before.

See the photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=634695&id=214540185413

Source: Code Azzuro
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