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February 23, 2011

40 Things You Need to Know about GD&TOP

VIPs! How well do u know G-Dragon and T.O.P? Read on...

1. GD has three tattoos. Two on his inner arms: “vita dolce” and “moderato” and on his back: “too fast to live too young to die”.
2. GD’s inner arm tattoos were done by Carey Hart (husband of Pink) in Las Vegas.
3. GD was part of the group little Roora (kid version of Roora—Roots of Reggae [members: Kim Jihyun, Lee Sangmin, Chae Rina, Go Youngwook and Shin Junghwan).
4. He debuted as a rapper in 6th grade.
5. Along with Taeyang, GD can be seen at 1TYM’s Hot Ddeugo MV.
6. GD trained in YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old (13 korean age).
7. G-Dragon’s name is derived from his real name “Ji Yong”. “Ji” as it sounds like the letter G, and “Yong”, which means dragon.
8. His favorite nickname is “권리다” (Kwon Leadah).
9. GD’s clothing size is Medium.
10. One of GD’s interests is fashion and he treats all of his clothes, shoes and hats as his prized possessions.
11. He said if he didn’t become a singer, he would study Fashion.
12. Has his dad on #1 speed dial.
13. GD is the only Big Bang member who is not afraid of Yang Hyunsuk (YG Entertainment's CEO).
14. His nickname in school was Kwonjiral.
15. His reason to become a singer was one word: Destiny.
16. GD wrote and composed a song for Manwon Happiness and sang it on TOP’s episode.
17. GD’s ideal type is a girl who is ‘like a cat’. “I like girls who look have both looks and personalities like cats. I’m attracted to girls who run away when I try to catch them, but approach me and throw themselves in my arms when I stop trying. Someone I can lean on. Someone who can control me from above? I like girls who are fierce and strong. At least when I’m in love, I want to be able to have someone to lean on and rest with.”
18. GD’s first kiss is in front of his house.
19. His first girlfriend is an older girl (Nuna).
20. GD got the inspiration to write “Knock Out” (Ppeokigayo) from Kim Seon Ah’s character in the 2007 Korean drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

1. Tempo is the underground name of TOP before he debuted with Bigbang.
2. Pink is TOP’s favorite color.
3. Se7en gave “TOP” as his screen name.
4. TOP is the eldest member of Big Bang.
5. Yanggeng (red bean jelly) is one of TOP’s favorite foods.
6. TOP’s first kiss was in 7th grade, near the Han River (with his girlfriend).
7. TOP has his mom as #1 on speed dial.
8. He doesn’t like it when he hears that he looks mean or scary.
9. His clothing size is Large.
10. It was recently revealed that YG wanted TOP to debut with the screen name “MARK”.
11. I am Sam is TOP’s first appearance in a drama.
12. In 2009, TOP and SeungRi appeared in the movie “19” with Heo Yijae (another YG family artist/actress) as main leads.
13. TOP appeared in two episodes of Manwoneui Haengbok (Manwon Happiness), wherein stars are given the challenge of surviving a week with only 10,000 won (about $10). He won over sunbae (senior), Son Hoyoung.
14. He was featured in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” and also starred in the MV with 2ne1 member, Sandara Park.
15. In 2009, TOP starred in the drama “IRIS” with Lee Byunghun, Kim Taehee, Jung Joonho, Kim Seungwoo and Kim Soyeon.
16. In 2010, TOP starred with A-list actors Kwon Sangwoo, Cha Seungwon and Kim Seungwoo in the war movie “71: Into the Fire”.
17. TOP won Best New Actor for the war movie “71: Into the Fire” at 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards (2010).
18. TOP has a knack for being humorous no matter what the mood is.
19. TOP’s ideal type is a wise and gentle girl.
20. Because of Kwon Sangwoo, Kim Seungwoo and Cha Seungwon, TOP thought of marriage (not at the moment—but in time). “Because of Into The Fire, I had the chance to know these 3 married men. It was because of them that I thought of getting married for the first time. The hyungs would get calls from their wives from home and I thought that that’s how men should be. I thought that it was very manly and that I would look more handsome and great if I was like that too. By seeing how they are more stable now that they are married, the thought of settling down came to my mind.”

Thanks to Big Bang Philippines for these info.

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