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August 13, 2010

The Boys who have Turned to Men Make the Hearts of Noonas Waver Again

SHINee, who has won 1st place with their 2nd album 'Lucifer'

"Finding a concept that matches our new music is our charm." Members took part in writing lyrics.

Their schedule is packed. Music programs are only the basics. There are not enough places in the country for all their fan signings, fan meetings, and other various events. Including variety program recordings, it seems that 24 hours in a day isn't enough time. It has only been 2 weeks since SHINee came back, but they are already 1st place both online and offline. They have also sold over 100.000 copies of their album. The amount of places looking for SHINee is equal to the quick speed of the public's response. They are busy to the point they might politely decline to do interviews that have been piling up.

We made some time during a show recording to share a few words for this interview. SHINee (Onew(20) Jonghyun(20) Minho(19) Key(19) Taemin(17)) has returned. In their 2nd full album 'Lucifer', they have completely taken off their "sparkly sparkly" handsome boy image and have become men and give off a strong, manly scent.

"Since a long time ago, we have chosen concepts that match the specific track. Then we try hard to maximize our image through performances. We think that might be why we leave a deeper impression. We wanted to show everyone a tough, masculine appearance because our title track this time is powerful and not really because we planned it to be."

With their fresh handsome boy image, they made the hearts of South Korea's noonims (respectful way to say noona) waver through 'Noona, You're So Pretty'. Through 'Ring Ding Dong', following it up with 'Lucifer', they completely shed their "boy" skin and have transformed into men. The extraordinary hairstyles and tough black outfits go quite nicely with the powerful rhythm and beat of the title track 'Lucifer'.

"We've gotten older now. We hope people will accept this as a natural transition. However, that doesn't mean we'll continue to stick o the "bad guy" concept. Finding new music and finding a concept to match it is our team's charm. We might show everyone a "sparkly sparkly" image again if we expand even more and can present a new style.

These guys haven't grown in appearance alone. Music wise, they have grown a lot. For the first time, Onew took part in writing the lyrics to "Your Name" in this album. After writing 'Juliette', Jonghyun made another appearance as a lyricist through 'Obsession'. Their live singing skills are developing more and more. They bragged about their live that is 100% synchronized with the CD. Their MR removed live is good enough to be the talk of the internet.

"A lot of time has passed, so we definitely think we have to do better. We're also greedy about singing well live, so we focus a lot on that part. But after all, since we're human, we can't do anything about our breaths being heard when the performances become intense."

Including mini albums and a repackaged album, they have released 6 albums in total since they debuted 2 years ago. As they release albums, expectations rise even higher and the speed of the public's responses become quicker. But you can't do anything about the burden that arises each time you release an album.

"Becoming burdened is a definite thing. But it's our job to overcome those burdens. However, since working is enjoyable, burdens don't feel like burdens."

They said they were becoming greedy to have a solo concert after watching 2PM's recent concert. They were slightly careful about their situation as they said they were not yet ready.

"While we were recording 'Night Star', we went to 2PM's concert location and we were jealous. We'll have one when the opportunity comes. We want to prepare for it slowly and carefully. But first, we want to focus on the SM Town Live World Tour starting on the 21st in Seoul.

Source: FNN
Translation Credit: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
Posted by ★Vannie판 니에 @ Dailykpopnews

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