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July 25, 2010

[Exclusive] KPOPLIVE Chats with One Way - Part 2

We’ve revealed One Way’s pre-arrival interview with us, but we left you guys hanging, didn’t we? Check the continuation now!

One Way will be having their first oversea promo tour as a group in the Philippines and KPOPLIVE is privileged to be one of the official media partners of One Way Live In Manila. Read on for the second part of the pre-arrival interview.

Q: What’s the latest movie you guys have seen together, if any?

A: We haven’t seen movies lately. Busy busy busy^^

Q: What food or activity that could only be found in the Philippines would you like to experience or try?

A: We would love to go on one of them Jeepneys and tour the beautiful city.

Q: If you didn’t become singers, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Chance: English Teacher

Peter: Dentist

Sky: Fruit and Veggie Store owner

Q: What should we expect from you and what do you expect from this event?

A: You should expect to see the real One Way guys who are cool and laid back on and off the stage, and expect to see a great live performance throughout the time we’re there. Now, what we wanna see are our beloved fans.

Q: How do you feel now that you’re finally having your first overseas event?

A: Like we said, just grateful that we finally got let out of the house…hahaha, nah we’re very happy and excited and we hope that we can put on a great show over there. We are more excited about the Philippines than the fans over there. ^^

Q: How would you want the fans to remember you as?

A: We want to be remembered as the 3 boys by the name of One Way that came and did some massive damage in the Philippines. Musically^^ Judged by the music and loved by the music.

KPL: Please invite your fans to watch your performances and say a personal message from the heart to them.

One Way: Mabuhay Philippines! Y’all get ready to have a good time with the boys of One Way. Trust us you don’t wanna miss out on this opportunity. We’re excited to see each and every one of your faces and hope we all can have a good time while we’re there. Mahal ko kayo and see you real soon.

Get ready for more to come when KPOPLIVE meets One Way!

Thanks to Universal Records Philippines for making this all possible!

Source: One Way, Rie27

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