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March 25, 2011

One Day in the Life of Sandara Park

Sandara Park is one person amongst the representative stars that communicate through social networking sites (SNS) with their fans. Sandara Park currently has 323 261 friends (Also known as machine, me2DAY chingoo) on the Korean SNS ‘me2DAY’. Before Big Bang’s comeback in February, she had the largest amount of me2day friends, however G-Dragon has currently climbed to number one with 323 853. Even still, she almost doubles IU who currently has 191 247. The ‘me2day figurehead’ Sandara Park describes her typical day to us, explaining how much SNS has become integrated into the lives of stars. The day of Sandara’s life we examine is Friday, March 18th. Sandara Park was in the middle of the filming for an advertisement.

AM 8:00 | Smartphone wakes her up in the morning

‘Ddan dan dan dad da dan∼!’ The loud ringing of the smartphone ringtone. It’s the sound of the alarm on her smartphone right at 8AM. Since she had filming for an advertisement in the morning, she had to wake up earlier than usual. She frequently uses her smartphone alarm so she doesn’t have to listen to her manager call her in the morning. Regardless, she’s still tired!

AM 09:00 | Start by searching for news about 2NE1

She gets up and shower and after she have a quick drink of water, etc. she comes out of the apartment and head out towards towards her designated beauty salon located in Seoul, Cheongdamdong. During that time, she gets on the internet uses her smartphone and searches for news about 2NE1 on the internet. She also visits the YG entertainment homepage and reads the comments left by netizens. Also, she gets on me2day and read the comments left by her ‘mechins’.

AM 09:40 | At the beauty salon, a bunch of text messages sent back and forth between her and her brother, Cheondoong

At the beauty salon in Seoul, Cheongdamdong. While getting her hair fixed up, she gets onto me2day. She reads the posts made by her ‘mechin’ . Suddenly she starts to worry about her baby-like youngest sibling (MBLAQ’s Cheondoong) and sends a message to him. Today he’ll be on KBS2TV ‘Music Bank’, but because of a cold, Cheondoong’s throat is in pain. ‘Baby, is your body alright? Take care of your body and do well on your performance’. After about 5 minutes, a response comes. ‘Yesㅜㅜ I’m a bit sick.’. Normally she sends a ‘storm of texts’ to her younger brother and then Cheondoong will reply with a ‘short answer’.

AM 10:00 | While in the car, she watches Youtube

She’s currently heading towards the location of the shoot for the ad located at the gymnastics stadium at the Olympic Park in Seoul, Bangidong . She uses her Youtube app on her smartphone to watch videos. She smiles while watching a celebrity news program interview again from the previous weekend. ‘Do I talk that awkwardly? As expected, I’m not made for shows’.

AM 11:40 | Leftover time to play games!

While the film set is being set up, out of habit, she fiddles around with her smartphone. Games are perfect to pass the time when the waiting time isn’t certain. Truthfully, she’s doesn’t like games that much and although she doesn’t play them well, she’s confident about at least one game, ‘Angry Birds’. She’s the best at the game in which you have to attack birds with pigs.

PM 02:50 | Chatting on WhatsApp with her overseas friends

Filming break time. She goes on her phone and begins talking with her Philippino friends through WhatsApp (a mobile messenger). WhatsApp makes her unable to feel the physical distance between her and her friends overseas.

PM 04:50 | In her spare time during the filming, she gets onto me2day

After a certain amount of time has passed for the ad filming, she monitors the filming on the office desktop. She squeezes time in to get onto her me2day once again. During that time, her mechins have uploaded hundreds of comments. She can’t read them all one by one but she has obtained a mysterious skill in which she can understand the basic meaning of the majority of comments with just one glance. She sees that Park Bom stealthily came onto her me2day and left a comment and smiled.

PM 08:40 | Real-time texting with Cheondoong

It seems like the filming has been extended. She sends another text message to Cheondoong. She always watches the performances that Cheondoong appears in live however because of the ad filming today she goes sniff sniff! darn it! the ‘Music Bank’ performance is over. ‘Baby, did you do well?’ Cheondoong doesn’t give a response to his noon’s message. As the ad filming extends, the amount of times she signs onto SNS on her phone and the time spent on them increases as well. And like that, she spends her day.

Source: News Donga
Translated by GEE at ygladies.com


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