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March 22, 2011

100 Things U Need to Know about U-Kiss

KissMe's, do you really know each member of U-Kiss that well? Read on and find out.

Alexander trivia:
1. Victoria is the name of Alexander’s older sister
2. Alexander was born in Hong Kong
3. The surname Eusebio is of Portuguese descent
4. Alexander’s father currently resides in Macau
5. His older sister Victoria lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
6. Alexander’s grandmother died in 2008
7. Alexander is the most hardworking member of the group because he feels that as the eldest he has the most responsibility in the group
8. Alexander was the first member who wrote to their fans on September 3, 2008 from their official website http://u-kiss.co.kr/
9. Alexander’s favorite Girls’ Generation member is Taeyeon
10. In an episode of ‘All About You’, Alexander was asked which Super Junior member he would want to date if he was a girl and he chose Heechul

Dongho trivia:
1. Dongho’s puppy is named as Booboo
2. Out of all the members of U-Kiss, Dongho is the best in arm wrestling
3. Dongho’s English name is Justin
4. Dongho is the maknae of U-Kiss
5. Dongho also became part of MBC’s ‘Raising Idol’ wherein his task was to learn English with the help of an English teacher and his co-member Eli
6. Dongho studied in Beijing so he could learn Mandarin
7. He also knows how to play golf and can play the drums
8. Dongho is addicted to electronic games
9. Dongho likes to ride his bike along the Han River
10. Dongho’s dad owns a magazine company

Kibum trivia:
1. The meaning of Kibum’s name is joy
2. Kibum and his family lived in Australia for a year
3. Black is Kibum’s favorite color
4. Kibum’s mission in an episode of ‘All About U-Kiss was to sing a love song in front of a couple
5. Kibum made his twitter account in April 2010
6. Kibum’s favorite game is basketball
7. Kibum’s bedmate on ‘All About U-kKss’ episode was Soohyun
8. Kibum can’t live without his driver’s license
9. Kibum left the boy band Xing in 2007
10. Kibum is the songwriter of the group, he also co-composed some of his brother Kim Hyung Joon’s songs for SS501

Kevin trivia:
1. Kevin’s Korean name is Sunghyun
2. The age gap between Kevin and his older sister is 3 years
3. Rock, Paper, Scissor sis Kevin’s most hated game
4. In an episode of ‘All About You’, Kevin was asked which Super Junior member he would want to date if he was a girl and he chose Siwon
5. Kevin’s favorite Girls’ Generation member is Seohyun.
6. Kevin was paired with Hyuna of 4Minute in one of the episodes of ‘Invinsible Youth’
7. Kevin performed “Crazy” by Son Dambi in Episode 4 of ‘All About U-Kiss
8. Kevin was one of the original members of Xing
9. Kevin is the most emotional member of U-Kiss
10. Kevin is the most patient among the members

Eli trivia:
1. Eli’s Korean name is Kyoungjae
2. In U-Kiss’ 2008 profile, Eli’s favorite song is Ne-Yo’s “Because of You”
3. Eli wants to travel back to the Philippines and check out Boracay
4. Eli wants to be a Hollywood actor after 10 years.
5. Eli’s favorite Girls’ Generation member is Sunny
6. In an episode of ‘All About You’ (Pops in Seoul), Eli said he hates girls who always wear heels
7. Last April 2010, Eli became an MC of MBC's show called ‘Fusion’
8. Eli’s gym buddy is Kiseop
9. Eli has a habit of grinding his teeth while sleeping
10. Eli cares about Dongho’s health a lot

Soohyun trivia:
1. Soohyun is an ex-trainee of JYP and Good Entertainment
2. Soohyun was the one who first greeted Kevin on his 17th birthday through Alexander's topic
3. Soohyun acted as a monster in the river on ‘All About U-Kiss’ episode.
4. Soohyun’s mission in an ‘All About U-Kiss’ episode was to dance to Rain’s “Rainism” in a subway
5. Dongho’s first impression of Soohyun was that he is the manager
6. Soohyun dances in his sleep
7. Soohyun wanted a Filipina girlfriend
8. When Soohyun is bored, he sings
9. Soohyun is the heaviest member
10. Soohyun likes to hide food under his bed

Kiseop trivia:
1. Kiseop’s very first stage performance as an official U-Kiss member was on November 5, 2009 at M!Countdown
2. He always carries a small notebook with him so he can write down ideas
3. His favourite fragrance is Calvin Klein CK One
4. Kiseop owns a Nikon Nikkor DSLR camera and he loves taking pictures of the other members
5. He has three piercings
6. He’s a Buddhist
7. Kiseop is a 3rd-degree black belter in Taekwondo
8. Kiseop is from Yatab which is an area within Bundang, a district in GyeonggiDo, a province in Seoul
9. Kisep believes one should “Never stop believing. Dreams really do come true so aim high!”
10. When Kiseop gets nervous he talks really fast and stutters

U-Kiss trivia:
1. The name KissMe became the official fanclub name of U-Kiss on January 17, 2010
2. Dongho wore a ballerina outfit in an episode of U-Kiss’ Vampire 3. U-kKss first debuted on August 28, 2008 at Mnet
4. Kiseop wrote his first letter to his fans on November 5, 2009
5. On February 8, 2009 Eli wished that U-Kiss would enter Korean charts as they already in Thailand
6. Kibum and Kevin both appeared in Xing’s “Why” music video
7. Did you know that there is no leader in U-Kiss?
8. It was Eli and Dongho who showered together in an episode of ‘U-Kiss Vampire’
9. Choco is the name of Kibum’s dog
10. In the music video “Not Young, the mother in the video is Dongho’s real mother
11. U-Kiss actually performed a song from SS501 entitled “Warning”
12. U-Kiss made their comeback performance on M!Countdown with their song “What (Mworago)” last April 22, 2010
13. Kibum and Eli’s show in Thailand was called ‘Autumn Destiny’
14. U-Kiss debuted on August 28, 2008
15. Kim Kibum is usually called the manager of the group
16. “Talk To Me” was the promotional song during “All About U-Kiss”
17. “Talk To Me” was the song they performed during their first ever performance on Music Bank
18. U-Kiss’ first ever concert was held in the Philippines at the Big Dome on June 14, 2010
19. U-Kiss’ Vons chicken CF was aired on May 2, 2010
20. Comeback of “Bingeul Bingeul” in Music Bank was on February 5, 2010
21. U-Kiss went to China in “You Know U-Kiss” during their 6th episode
22. U-Kiss was chosen as the ambassador of Korea’s Boy Scout Association
23. “Pom Saeng Pom Sa” was title of the song U-Kiss performed on Music Bank last January 1, 2010
24. U-Kiss celebrated their 500th day on December 9, 2009
25. U-Kiss’ first mini album release was on September 3, 2008
26. U-Kiss first full length album was entitled “Only One” and was released in February 2010
27. In 2008 U-Kiss took the Best New Artist/Rookie Award in the 5th Asia Song Festival
28. U-Kiss’ Vampire premiered on January 22, 2010
29. According to Eli, Kiseop’s most charismatic point is his figure/body
30. In college, Kiseop wants to study either acting or photography

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