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March 25, 2011

30 Things U Need to Know about U-Kiss "1st Kiss Tour In Manila"

1. During the concert Kevin was asked by his fellow members who's the member he loves the most. He chose Kibum and hugged him

2. Dongho impressed his fans with his English rap in “Because Of You”

3. Alexander stated that his great grandfather is of Spanish descent from the Philippines

4. Kiseop's first ever performance of “Not Young”, “I Like You” and “Talk To Me” was in the “1st Kiss Tour in Manila” concert

5. U-Kiss threw out red roses to their Filipino Kissme's when they sang “End Of The Road” which was popularized by Boyz II Men

6. Kiseop, Kibum and Eli wore animal mascots in their “Stupid Cupid” performance

7. U-Kiss performed a dance step at the chorus part of “OK!” and “Without You” which they have never done before

8. Dongho was asked by fans to dance to SNSD’s “Oh!” during the MC part

9. U-Kiss opened their 1st ever major concert with their hit song “Man Man Ha Ni”

10. Kevin cried while singing “End Of The Road”

11. Kevin and Alexander danced to “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” during MC part

12. Kibum and Kiseop took their shirt off at the end part of “Sexy Back” performance

13. Kevin was doing a girly dance step in the line "Oh Baby Girl" of “Without You”

14. Kibum,sang Soohyun’s line when he forgot his part in “End Of The Road”

15. Alexander does most of the talking during the MC part

16. Kevin took Taeyon's high note part in SNSD’s “Gee”

17. In an interview, Dongho said that he was about to cry when fans were shouting encore

18. Kibum, collected all HNB banners from their fans during the concert. HNB is the name of the company that Hyungjoon and Kibum founded, They also use this name when they composed some songs from SS501

19. Dongho took Yuri's part in SNSD’s “Gee”

20. Kiseop's only line in “OK!” is "Chugeodo molla" and the rest of the memebers are making fun about it

21. Soohyun did a solo dance break at the concert

22. Alexander amazed his Filipino fans with his Black Eyed Peas’ “Bebot” performance

23. Fans screamed so loud when Kevin performed “Say Goodbye” by Chris Brown with a girl back up dancer

24. U-Kiss performed 24 numbers at the concert

25. Eli, Kibum and Kiseop were a bit late on their cue to go up the stage during their “Sexy Back” performance because they were still changing clothes

26. Kevin gave a fake kiss to the back-up dancer during his performance in “Say Goodbye”

27. U-Kiss arrived in Araneta Coliseum at exactly 3:10pm went directly onstage for rehearsal, which lasted for almost two hours

28. MYX, the #1 music channel in the Philippines, interviewed U-Kiss thirty minutes before the concert. The interview was aired on MYX two weeks later

29. Kibum’s brother Hyungjun and Ryan of Paran were supposed to be the special guests of the concert but were not able to make it due to schedule conflict

30. Kevin was the only member who showed his belly during the “Gee” number

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