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March 30, 2011

100 Things U Need to Know about Tohoshinki

1. TVXQ members at first time were quite embarrassed about their group title “Dong Bang Shin Gi”
2. Back then, four of the members all want to raise dogs, but because Yoochun is scared of them, they all discarded their ideas of getting a dog. *but now all of them have their own dogs already*
3. The five of them would throw blankets at each other in their dormitory, play rock paper scissors, and play hide and seek in the park.
4. The members said that the five of them have to find some time in the future to go someplace peaceful and quiet, where they can really have fun together.
5. When the five members cannot find their own underwear, they will wear each others.
6. During any member's birthday, the other members would pretend that they do not remember the birthday, but would then hold a surprise party.
7. Each time they receive an award, they would always thank "The Members"
8. Although the composition and writing of songs were handled by staff in their early years, TVXQ gradually began to produce their own compositions and lyrics. (Wikipedia)
9. All members of TVXQ have played sports. Yun Ho took up Hapkido which is the Korean Martial Arts up to the 3rd level and also plays soccer. Jae Joong played Badminton in the past. Jun Su played soccer for a year as well as baseball for a year too and was a black belt in Taekwondo. Yoo Chun was runner and Chang Min played table tennis and was a runner too.
10. When they sing ballads or acapellas, their voices blend and harmonize well together even though they are completely different in farther ways.
11. All members actually need glasses and all of them actually look good in them.
12. TVXQ has broken 2 Guinness World records, those being in 2008 when TVXQ gained over 800,000 members of their fan club Cassiopeia in South Korea alone.
13. They had about 3 tentative names which were O Jang Yukbu (The Five Visceras), Jeonseoleul Meokgo Saneun Gorae (A Whale That Eats Legends), and Dong Bang Bul Pae (Ashes of Time). They decided on Dong Bang Bul Pae; however, the name was rejected because the Hanja was not aesthetically pleasing, and the name was changed to Dong Bang Shin Gi(Rising Gods from the East), which was named by Lee Soo Man's acquaintance.
14. They danced to Britney Spears’ song Toxic.
15. TVXQ cried when they got the Rookie Award.
16. TVXQ are actually fascinated by their own merchandises.
17. For the photo shoot of Rising Sun, it was a really cold weather which was why they were walking out dramatically and slow the director said cut and they ran back like crazy to get changed.
18. Once, Yunho and Jaejoong had a fight. Changmin was so afraid of the arguments that he didn’t dare to come between the two. Micky was nowhere to be seen. Junsu tried to interfere but the two kept on fighting verbally. With nothing else to do, Junsu hugged Yunho and pushed him away from Jaejoong. Yunho still won’t budge. Junsu was really helpless that he cried. Yunho and Jaejoong saw him and stopped fighting.
19. Once, Jaejoong convinced Changmin and Junsu to go inside their van and locked Micky out of the van. Micky came and knocked but the three just laughed and laughed inside. Micky called his mobile phone but the three won’t answer him. He knocked and knocked but the three continued on laughing inside. Yunho came out of the apartment and knocked once. The three stopped laughing and open the van immediately.
20. When TVXQ were asked about "Who is the person of their fate?", they all answered, "The members", except for Micky.
21. TVXQ extended their record, making them the first foreign artist to have eight number-one singles on the Oricon Chart.
22. In February 2010, with the release of TVXQ's first Japanese compilation album which sold around 413,000 copies on the first week of its release, TVXQ set the record for the highest first-week sales by a foreign group, which was last set by Bon Jovi in 1995 for 379,000 copies.
23. They have all had girlfriends in the past and have all gotten their first kisses.
24. All members now have their ears pierced.
25. When asked who's the most popular, Junsu said that they're all popular in a different way. Him because he's perfect. Micky is populay because he's cute. Yunho because he's very manly. Changmin because he's nice. Hero because he's very pretty.

26. His real birthday is on December 15 1986 but his parents registered his birth papers on January 01 1987.
27. He is younger by two seconds to his fraternal twin brother, Junho.
28. His Blood Type is B.
29. He entered SM Entertainment when he was just 12 years old through the Starlight Casting System televised talent search.
30. He is best friends with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (Lee Hyukjae). They were a part of a dancing group named S.R.D way back in elementary.
31. Eunhyuk gave Junsu the nickname Kang Hye Yoon. The name is derived from the names of the biggest artists way back then (Kangta of H.O.T, Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa, and Kang Sung Hoon of Sechskies).
32. In balloons, Junsu chose the number 10 on his costume because the greatest soccer players also have this number.
33. Junsu would rather opt to play video games with his brother rather than drink alcoholic beverages for a past time.
34. He had his first kiss on an underground parking lot of a building while celebrating the 100th day anniversary with his then girlfriend.
35. In Japan, Junsu became well-known for being the master of cold oyaji-gags.
36. He eats and drinks very fast. He can drink a coffee via “one-shot”.
37. He composed 노을..바라보다 (Picture of You) which was a part of their 4th Korean Studio Album named "Mirotic".
38. He started his stage musical career as the lead actor in the South Korean run of ‘Mozart!’.
39. He played as Jun, a Korean soldier, in the musical stage play entitled Tears of Heaven.
40. He won the Best New Actor Award after appearing in the stage play of ‘Mozart!’.

41. Micky Yoochun or Park Yoochun was the last member added to DBSKi. He plays the role of Bass-Baritone in the group.
42. Yoochun grew up in Virginia, United States, and back to Korea in 2003. Yoochun also joined the KBN Teens Singing Competition in 2003 and received the Special Award for the said competition.
43. Appeared in Magolpi’s debut music video “Flight Girl” (비행소녀)
44. Was featured singer in DJ Makai’s song, “Tokyo Lovelight”
45. Composed “Kissしたまま、さよなら” with Jaejoong.
46. Composed “Evergreen” for Winter Album 2007 of SM Town.
47. Composed and arranged the song “Love Bye Love” which is included in DBSK Mirotic repackaged album.
48. Wrote Space, Between the Sky and the Ocean 공간, 하늘과 바다사이, a narration for the third Korean single Hi Ya Ya
49. Wrote the lyrics for Holding Back The Tears which was included in the original soundtrack for Vacation
50. Composed and wrote lyrics for My Girlfriend, featured in the Runaway/My Girlfriend Japanese single
51. Wrote the rap lyrics for the song Señorita, a track from SHINee’s latest album Romeo
52. Co-wrote Colors: Melody and Harmony with Jaejoong, the theme song for Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary and the carrier track for their upcoming single with the same title.
53. He starred in the KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관스캔들).
54. He received the "Rookie of the Year award", "Netizens award" and "Best Couple award" at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards ceremony.
55. He and band-mate U-know are also featured rappers in "Heartquake" from Super Junior's Third Album, Sorry, Sorry.

56. He enjoys cooking in his spare time and can prepare 15 kinds of dishes easily.
57. He has a thing for the Han River; his ideal date is walking near the Han River and when he's stressed, he likes to listen to music at the Han River.
58. He can't trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him.
59. Jaejoong is paranoid about what other people think about him (which explains a lot about why he is so careful about his hair, the clothes he wears, and covering his smile while laughing.
60. He has a phobia of Coke, because once, he was entering a coca cola drinking contest and he fainted after drinking cola.
61. Jaejoong is afraid of water because he can't swim.
62. He had a duet with The Grace, "Just for One Day", which was featured in The Grace's first Japanese full-length studio album, Graceful 4.
63. He composed "Kissしたまま、さよなら" with Yoochun.
64. He is the lyricist and composer of "Don't Cry My Lover", a track included in TVXQ's 4th album Mirotic (Version C).
65. He composed and arranged, together with Junsu, the song Shelter, included in the Colors Melody and Harmony CD Single release.
66. He played the role of "Dr." in the Japan drama production "Sunao Ni Narenakute".
67. Jaejoong feels that his most charming feature is his [white/fair muscles]
68. Jaejoong feels uncomfortable if he doesn't wear his ring.
69. Jaejoong's favorite anime character is TOTORO!
70. He loves onions a lot and he can eat it raw.

71. He was born around 5 AM.
72. He looks up to musicians like Brian McKnight, Shin Hyesung, & Kangta.
73. Favorite song to sing at Karaoke is Yurisangja - To My Bride.
74. Favorite movie and books is Harry Potter, mostly anything that’s fun.
75. Favorite books are the Harry Potter series
76. Favorite fruits are tangerines, bananas, oranges.
77. Favorite color is white.
78. Favorite number is seven.
79. What Changmin wants to do for the person he loves: Everything he cans.
80. When asked what he wants to eat, he wants to eat everything.
81. He has two younger sisters, Shim Soo-yeon and Shim Ji-yeon
82. In 2008, he wrote the Korean lyrics to "Love In The Ice" for the group's 4th Korean album Mirotic.
83. In January 2010, he wrote the song "고백 (Confession)" which was included in "Keep Your Head Down" and Paradise Ranch OST Album.
84. He was casted in the drama series "Paradise Ranch".
85. He graduated from Gaepo High School in 2006. As of 2009, he is enrolled as a student of Kyung Hee University majoring in postmodern music.
86. The members voted Changmin as the best runner. They said that its practically impossible for them to keep up with him in morning jogs.

87. He was born on Feb. 6, 1986.
88. Jung Yunho is better known by his stage names, U-Know.
89. He was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea.
90. He has a younger sister, Jung Ji-hye.
91. Before debuting in 2003, U-Know appeared in label-mate Dana's music video for her song "Diamond" as a backup dancer and rapper.
92. He has said he chose his stage name to be U-Know because as the leader of the group, he wants to understand everybody as in "I know you."
93. For The 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O', U-know performed his self-composed song Spokesman.
94. For the Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code in Tokyo Dome, U-know performed his self-composed song Checkmate in Japanese.
95. In February 2010, it was announced that U-know would be performing in the Korea leg of the posthumous concert This Is It dedicated to legendary icon Michael Jackson.
96. He made an appearance guest in Rainbow Romance.
97. He was casted in the MBC miniseries "Heading to the Ground"
98. He starred in the Korea Tourism Promotional Movie "Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea" as an action movie star.
99. It was announced that U-Know would be a supporting actor in the Korean TV series Poseidon, playing the role of Oh MinHyuk.
100. U-Know was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage, which was laced with super glue, that had been given to him by an anti-fan.

Written by Cassiopeia Philippines (http://www.facebook.com/cassphfb)

Tohoshinki "Complete Single A-Side Collection" and "Single B-Side Collection": http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=10150280546140414&id=214540185413&aid=556739

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