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March 30, 2011

Koreaboo | CNBLUE's "Intuition" is plagiarized?

CNBLUE made a successful debut in 2010 with their mini-album "Bluetory" and topped the Gaon music charts for two weeks. A week after their debut stages, the group won their first award on Inkigayo for their title song "I'm A Loner." Upon their debut, CNBLUE faced their first plagiarism accusations and it was said that "I'm A Loner" sounded similar to YNOT's "Blue Bird."

The popular band recently made their comeback with their first full length album "First Step" and have started to promote their title song "Intuition." The song has been topping charts and has been popular amongst fans. Once again, however, CNBLUE faces yet another plagiarism accusation.

Kim Dohoon, the man who composed both "I'm A Loner" and "Intuition" under the pseudonym SEI, has expressed his annoyance at the recent plagiarism accusation. Netizens have compared the the chorus of both CNBLUE's "Intuition" and Jewelery's "Truth Game" (4th album "Super Star"), and have claimed that the chords to both choruses were very similar.

The composer denied the allegation and said, "CNBLUE's 'Intuition' is not plagiarized."

Composer Kim Dohoon told Newsen, "I don't feel good about this. I hope this doens't get bigger when people just drag it out."

"I saw the post about the plagiarism on an online community site saying the two songs were similar. It's easy to say that two different songs sound similar. With one post, they can kill a composer that way," he said with a sad heart. With a simple act, the composer seemed to have suffered emotional harm and stress.

"I wish people don't talk about plagiarism so easily," he said, "I was caught up in plagiarism issues a few times, and do you think I like those controversies? It's better not to earn money and have no controversy. I'd have to be stupid to plagiarize. Plagiarizing always loses in the end."

"I've made Wheesung and K.Will's song as well, but netizens are only on alert because it's CNBLUE's song."

Listen to the clip netizens have pieced together of the two songs. What do you think? Is it plagiarism or are people hearing things?

Listen to this clip:

Posted by uni @ Koreaboo
Source: Newsen, @blingblinglove and riano

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