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April 11, 2011

CL & Jeremy Scott’s Interview on Harper’s Bazaar

The ever-so-fashionable: CL and Jeremy Scott

Watching CL perform on stage makes one wonder, which star did this small girl come from. But inside a Chung Dam Dong studio, if considering ‘Out of this Universe’, someone even more out there, designer Jeremy Scott was watching her photo shoot with a similar feeling. His face showed a facial expression that of which you get when you face the Rocky Mountains or YungPuRau, and the magnificent nature Lake Baikal. “Wow, truly amazing. That charismatic eye make up down to the sharp line of her chin. Truly magnificent.”He continued to comment on his marvel. Probably, anyone else who were present on the scene watching CL’s charisma even outshine the bright flash of the camera would have responded the same way.

“I saw 2NE1 first through the internet.” Jeremy Scott’s and 2NE1’s initial meeting was purely through their interest towards one another. While browsing the internet, Jeremy Scott came upon 2NE1’s music video and initiated the first meeting with this charismatic group. “After watching their video on youtube, I was totally smitten! I contacted Korea’s part for Adidas and told them I really wanted to meet them and to open up (host) a fun party together.” And so on March 2010, Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 hosted a party that was the talk of the town. Within the group 2NE1, Jeremy told us he was especially close with CL. “Even from the first meeting, it was like we’ve been friends for years. As soon as we saw each other, we immediately became a perfect pair.”

The day Jeremy Scott arrived in Korea, his twitter was updated with a picture he took with CL. His first rendezvous as soon as he landed in Korea was a date with CL. “We ate and shopped at vintage stores. It’s always fun hanging out with CL.” This date was only the third time the pair saw each other (face to face). After meeting for the first time at the Adidas Originals party. When 2NE1 went to LA for their 2nd album, CL made time to visit his workspace. “It was really fun then. We visited all the shops in LA and really went shopping!” And now he came to Korea to present an award in a cable channel’s Star Icon Awards, creating their third reunion. Even though they’ve only met three times, the pair seemed like affectionate siblings who’s known each other for years. “Jeremy’s like a real ‘sister’ (laughter) to me. He always makes me feel comfortable and I can tell him my concerns I haven’t been able to share with anyone else. Because of the distance, we can’t see each other often, but when we do, it’s always fun.”

The day after the photo shoot, 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott stepped out on the red carpet of the Style Icon Awards, together. Of course, all of 2NE1 were dressed in Jeremy’s designs that he had especially created and brought from the US. CL wore Jeremy’s unique coat hanger dress and on this day 2NE1 won Style Icon under the ‘female singer category’. The presenter was Jeremy Scott. He came to Korea to sincerely support and congratulate the group. Opposites attract. They are like magnets, sticking close to each other, and we’ve found many similarities between them. First is their surprising (!) personality. Every time Jeremy Scott comes to Korea, Lee Yong Suk, from Adidas Originals Korea and handles Jeremy’s daily schedule while in the country says, “Truthfully, before meeting Jeremy, I assumed he would be hard-headed, with sharp attitude, and unpredictable temper. From his designs and what the media portrayed him as made me believe that he would definitely be not normal. However, after meeting him, my opinions about him have changed. He is always kind and sincere towards people and he knows how to mind his manners.” After hearing her speak, Jeremy smiled in agreement. “She’s right. A lot of people have that misconception (about me). But you know what’s funny? People who really have that attitude end up producing boring and predictable material. It may be that my challenging designs is my way of conversing with people with open hearts.”

In that aspect, CL seems very similar. Curious as to what this extremely talented young woman has in her future, I asked which musician she looks up to as her role model. “These days, I really like Queen’s Freddy Mercury. My dad really loved Queens so I’ve grown up listening to their music, but recently I had a chance to watch their concert video and they were amazing.” Truth be told, if she told me that her role models were Beyonce or Rihanna, I would have been disappointed. Instead of proclaiming she was hip hop to the bone, she showed that she was open to different cultures. Even opening up and getting inspired from legendary musicians before her time which allow her to don the ‘try to copy me if you can’ attitude on stage with her eyes opened wide that still had us nodding to the beat. Just like how Jeremy Scott first saw 2NE1.

Every era has designers mingling with celebrities. However, compared to the stars who attend and sit in the front row of a designer’s fashion show and only taking photographs to record the moment, they are different. This young woman really loved Jeremy Scott’s clothing design. So she wore them on stage, and seeing that, Jeremy made the first phone call that led to their valuable friendship. This is how the current style icon handle the new fashion era, and their willingness to open their hearts to new ways of life that allows them to continue to create innovative opportunities.

Source: Harper’s Baazar
Translated by: xmoosicx at CltheBaddestFemale.com
Posted by ElleUnnie @ YGUnited

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