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January 20, 2011

2NE1's Minzy joins Twitter

2NE1‘s beloved maknae has finally given into the temptation and joined the bandwagon of Kpop idols getting on Twitter! The idol opened her account just a couple of hours ago, so now’s the time to be welcoming her to the Twitterverse.

Minzy was just spotted on Twitter, and she’s already accumulated over a hundred followers in a time span of two hours. We here at Kpoplive watched her followers list grow from 82 to 141 in just three minutes, so she’s definitely getting popular!

Why not join the growing list of followers and give Minzy a nice Kpop-style welcome to Twitter? Say hello to her here : http://twitter.com/mingkki21

We’ll do our best to update you as soon as another Kpop idol joins the crowd!

Source: mingkki21@twitter.com
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com

Minzy is thankful!

Minzy has joined Twitter and currently has more than 11,000 followers. Here's one of latest tweets.

끄악~^^난 너무 복에 겨운 사람이다~많은 사람들덕분에 내 마음이 꽉 차고있다~한꺼번에 이렇게 생일축하를 받게될줄이야~서로에게 힘이 되어주고,같이기뻐해주고,의지할 수 있다는 것은 하나님께서 주신 큰 축복과 은혜가 아닐듯싶다~그런 축복으로 이어진 끈~!

Kkeuak~^^ I’m really happy for receiving such blessings~ I thank the people with all my heart who greeted me~ Never thought we would get together to celebrate my birthday~ To give strength to each other, for being happy, being able to rely on a great blessing from God and His never ending grace! It resulted in such a blessing~!

절대 잊지않고 놓지않는 꽁밍끼가 되겠습니다~~^^

Ggong Mingkki will never ever forget to always let go~~^^

Source: Minji’s Twitter
Translated by: Isha@21BANGS.com

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