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January 28, 2011

You know you're Boice-d up when...

1. You can't miss a day without daydreaming about CNBLUE

2. You have CNBLUE wallpapers, either on your room, cell phone or computer

3. You own CNBLUE CDs: both Korean and Japanese releases and other CNBLUE items and would soon want to own the CNBLUE Philippine version CDs

4. You play their music every morning after waking ...up and every night before sleeping

5. You sing 'OETORIYA/I'm a loner' when you're alone.

6. You’ve memorized the lyrics of their songs, thus you sing along all the time (consciously and unconsciously)

7. You just scream every time you see them either on videos or pictures

8. You download/save loads of their gifs, fancams and screen caps, and you have a separate folder for it on your PC/laptop

9. You tried playing the guitar and learning the chords to their songs

10. You think of CNBLUE everytime you see/hear a band playing.

11. You log in online to know and have first-hand CNBLUE updates and news

12. You start using CNBLUE code names as adjectives. (i,e., You look so Minhyuk [Lovely] today. I'm Yonghwa [Emotional] mode right now.)

13. You keep saying 'Love Love Love' instead of just 'Love'; and it reminds you of CNBLUE everytime you hear the word 'Love'

14. You imagine being called Noona or any term of Endearment by these young lads and just smile by yourself

15. Your Facebook primary photo is CNBLUE (group or individual) plus your wall and photo albums contain CNBLUE; you even tag yourself on CNBLUE photos

16. You go to bed very late to spazz about your CNBLUE bias making you hyperventilate with their good looks an charming music!

17. You subscribe to CNBLUE's fanfic in every fanfic forum or better yet, you write your own CNBLUE story (Pairings YEAH! lol)

18. You know how to do Yonghwa's hand gestures, especially in I'm a Loner and Love

19. You raised an eyebrow when Yonghwa got married but eventually accepted it

20. You can't forget Yonghwa's wink and keep on repeating that same performance

21. You are impressed by Yonghwa's talents like acting, DJ-ing, hosting and of course, powerful singing.

22. You literally melt with Jonghyun's BURNING stare, which he had been learning from Yonghwa

23. You are amazed with Jonghyun's excellent guitar playing and soothing voice, you think he's almost perfect

24. You always wonder how a young man can be so beautiful, having those dimples, that white skin and those shining bright eyes as same as Jonghyun's

25. You don't care about his hobby of being TOUCHY towards Yonghwa, Minhyuk and especially Jungshin

26. Your heart beats so fast when Minhyuk starts to play drums and make you crazy especially whenever he does his trick (and that is spinning his drumsticks)

27. You see Minhyuk's eye smile which makes you unconsciously squeal "CUTE!!!"

28. You love to eat bread and drink milk after watching Minhyuk in Acoustic: Bakery Attack

29. You want to know Minhyuk's secret of having fair and clear skin

30. You daydream how tall Jungshin is, considering he's the group's maknae.

31. You think of Jungshin and Jonghyun everytime you see the cartoon characters "Tom and Jerry"

32. You hear those low tunes from Jungshin's bass, which ironically, makes you high

33. You are captured by Jungshin's goddess-like features and goddess-like personality (glam! lol)

34. You already changed your motto to "Music Makes Me High!" or "Let's Die Together!/Da Jukja!" (<< cheer of CNBLUE)

35. You don't like them being rumored as a fake band or linked to other girls (haha!)

36. Your alarm, ringtone and text tone are all CNBLUE songs

37. You think of CNBLUE instead of 'The Calling' everytime you hear the song 'Wherever you will go.'

38. You think Yonghwa's side teeth are cute!

39. You think of Minhyuk everytime you see watermelon. (lol. Remember his picture with the huge watermelon.)

40. You think of CNBLUE everytime you see the brands SONY ERICSSON, Nii, Skoolook, Holika-Holika... and other products endorsed by CNBLUE.

41. You tried playing the guitar and learning the chords to their songs.

42. You tried sending message to CNBLUE either on Twitter or MySpace. (http://twitter.com/cnblue_4 | http://www.myspace.com/cnbluejp )

43. You almost mix up the word 'Boice' from 'voice'.

44. You doodle the words CNBLUE, Kang Minhyuk, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jungshin, Lee Jonghyun in the paper when you are doing nothing/bored in class(?) :))

45. You think of MINHYUK when you see/watch a beauty regime tutorial (Remember MH's beauty tips?)

46. You think of CNBLUE when you're in an amusement park, especially when you're in front of carousel. haha (Blue Love Feeling)

47. ...almost 30% -70% of your real/online friends are BOICES.

48. You try to review everything about CNBLUE (their history, profile, songs) as if you'll be taking an ALL-ABOUT-CNBLUE quiz.

49. You see CNBLUE even in your dreams. lol

50. You are reading this right now. :))

51 You keep on asking 'when is CNBLUE coming to the Philippines?"

52. You start and end your day by viewing their greetings to Pinoy Boices

53. You spend your allowance voting for their "Love" MV on MYX

54. You always check out CNBLUE Philippines Facebook Fanpage for updateshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/CN-BLUE-PHILIPPINES/207429376312

55. You are excited to attend the Philippines Album Launch Event of CNBLUE

Prepared by lanie0923, parkchaeyoon and xsoulwindx @ boiceph.com