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January 26, 2011

Allkpop | YG Boss, “I really hope Big Bang lasts a long time”

TVXQ, one of the top idol groups that started the idol Hallyu wave, is now being followed by KARA, the new leaders of the Hallyu wave in Japan, and both are on the verge of disbandment. The disputes between artist and company weren’t contained internally, and now they’ve ruptured the exportation of Korean culture.

The current Korean music industry is going all out in creating idol groups, as many are of the belief that there’s nothing better than a smart little idol group in achieving jackpot success overseas. H.O.T started the boom, and were followed by the successes of both Shinhwa and TVXQ. Unfortunately, the disturbing reality of the majority of these groups is that they don’t ‘stay whole’ forever.

Companies prepare years and millions of money in the creation of such idol groups, while the chosen members give up their youth for the success of the company’s future. With hundreds of new idol groups debuting a year, idols are lucky if they can get at least their song heard once to the public.

The efficacy of idol groups is now being put to the test, with companies emerging from the dark while complaining about their inability to create a profit, and top idols claiming that no matter how hard they danced and sang, they were “still cold and hungry.” Which side is speaking the truth?

Money lies at the root of the problem. Companies reason, “We worked to the bones in order to create you,” while idols retort, “We’ve done all that we had to, now give us what we deserve.” The addition of family members only complicates the issue further.

Before anyone even begins to fully understand the situation, both parties begin to destroy each other while fans divide and their influence in the international market collapses.

Amidst such controversies in the industry, YG Entertainment seems to be beckoning the Korean music industry towards a better path because they know the solution to coexistence between a company and its employee.

The solution is surprisingly simple. YG’s CEO once stated, “What belongs to them must go to them.” He gives his artists the freedom to perform music fit to their individual desires, and lends his unending support in ensuring that their dreams are realized.

The CEO is also often seen making affectionate statements towards his own groups, such as “I really hope Big Bang lasts a long time” and “I think preciously of 2NE1.” His artists respond to such love by affectionately talking about him on broadcast programs.

No matter what the answer is, what’s definite is that YG Entertainment lies one step aside from an industry plagued by divisions in idol groups.

It’s common sense that there will be less fights if everyone is full and happy. There’s an old Korean saying that even ravens repay favor, and if people want talented idols to properly get their sound heard by music fans and conquer the international market, people that throw away others for their own selfish greed must disappear.

Source: OSEN via Nate + allkpop

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