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February 1, 2011

You know you're After School-ed when...

1. You can't go a day without thinking about After School

2. You influence all your friends to start listening to After School

3. You admit to owning a second pair of “omma and appa” Hahahh!

4. To you, Omma = Jung Ah ♥

5. To you, Maknae = Nana = Model = 1.7m

6. You think Kahi is the greatest Korean idol dancer everrrrrr

7. Blank stares remind you of Uee

8. You think Mickey Mouse ears hairband is meant for one person only, Joo Yeon

9. You know a powerful voice has nothing to do with height - like Raina

10. Hawaii reminds you of Bekah

11.You are dying to get a cyworld so you can see updates by them personally

12. The first thing you do when you go online, is to check After School updates

13. You can’t stay away from your laptop cause you're watching After School related videos

14. Your laptop becomes darn slow due to a hell lot of After School HD videos

15. You memorize their songs, even though your pronounciation is wayyy off

16. You have tried dancing to Diva, Ah and Because Of You

17. You want to learn Korean because of them

18. You try to copy the girls' hairstyles, makeup, clothes, etc.

19. You bought one of those sexy heels/ankle-boots JungA wears for Boy promotions

20. You save a whole lot of random gifs of After School

21. Your ringtones/SMS alert/alarm on your phone are all After School songs

22. Your laptop/cellphone wallpapers are After School images

23. Whenever you hear their songs, you know who sings which lines

24.You dance in your head whenever you listen to their songs

25.You smile to yourself thinking of Kahi dozing off during a live variety show

26. You have this urge to do the 'diva diva di-di-di-diva' move when you hear it playing

27. When the word 'after' always comes with 'school' next

28. When you dislike the fact that Pledis adopts the rotational system for members, but learn to accept it anyway because you love After School too much.

More to come…

From as-play.com forum by justsodivine

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