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February 7, 2011

Koreaboo | GD&TOP clarify rumors on group relationships and contractual controversies

In an industry that is increasingly plagued with contractual controversies and scandals, the TVXQ and Kara lawsuits being but two prime examples, it seems even Big Bang is not immune to the myriad of rumors circulating, regarding potential disputes between band members and unresolvable disputes with management.

In an exclusive interview with Union News, G-Dragon & TOP made the effort to set the record straight on group dynamics, management disputes, and personal scandals.

G-Dragon & TOP admitted that “our president has told us that we don't seem as close to each other as other groups do.” They explained that because “we treat each other the same way even if there is a camera, a third party may think we're not too close. But even within the group, we don’t actively express our fondness of each other in front of the camera. Just as we don’t always say ‘I love you’ to our family members constantly.” They insisted that despite this, and despite their different interests, “it doesn’t matter if we are producing music together or on our own, we are still well aware of each other’s thoughts."

The two mused that “as a duo, it may be more ideal to observe the dynamics of our different characters working together."

Against the rumors of their suffering relationship with YG Entertainment, G-Dragon emphasized that it is important to focus on the key objective. “We can’t avoid having disagreements, but we can always resolve it through our music. To us, it is most important that the company is able to provide sufficient support and resources for our music. Our company is always generous in that regard. Therefore, there is little dissatisfaction with our company. They are very attentive towards our ideas on promoting our music."

When asked specifically on the TVXQ and Kara issues, TOP stated that the rising fame of Korean artists in the international market has led to a corresponding need for heightened responsibility. He referred to an incident in which he was being interviewed for the promotions of ‘Into the Fire’ and was asked for his opinion on KARA’s conflict with their company. “It upsets me to think the Japanese believe that this is a common problem amongst Korean artists. It is important to realize that these rumors are obviously exaggerated to some extent and I hope the public can trust the artists to resolve their problems and to continue on with their activities."

Wisely, however, G-Dragon admitted that to an extent, it was important to acknowledge these disputes and to understand that they did not stand in an altogether separate sphere of reality. “We don’t treat them as other peoples’ business only. We try and learn from their experience in case we face similar problems in the future. We shouldn’t accumulate problems because it will merely contribute to future problems. If we don’t solve our problems as soon as we discover them, more problems will arise. What is most important is for artists and management to uphold their commitment to dealing with these problems as soon as they arise."

The reporter commented on the increasing reference to the term ‘slave contract’ in contractual disputes, but the Big Bang members merely called out the inappropriateness of the term, stating that “it is not right to equate singers as slaves. Singers are not commodities."

The boys also spoke on rumors regarding their personal life, specifically those linking G-Dragon and TOP to a Japanese model and a famous actress respectively. G-Dragon dispelled any truth in the rumors, though he also shrugged off the negativity of false relationship rumors. “I’m 24 years old now, so falling in love is natural. The experience of love will in fact be an asset to my musical composition, but because of my profession, I’m required to keep my affairs private." G-Dragon also commented, “It seems that recently, our fans are beginning to share our mindset and support our privacy."

TOP agreed with his band mate, firmly stating that “although different people might have different ways of dealing with their personal affairs, I am determined to keep my dating life private."

As to whether relationships might be a source of potential conflict with their management company, G-Dragon was adamant: “The President does not ask us about our love life, though he did mention that if we did have girlfriends, we would have to share a meal together."

The interview touched briefly on the plagiarism scandal that haunted the Big Bang leader in 2009. GD said, “I think it’s terrifying to be the focus of everyone around you. My confidence deteriorated to the point where I did not even want to see my own family. But when I look back now, I feel that the suffering was part of the growth and I acknowledge that maturity requires sacrifice."

Source: Yonhap News and BigBang World
Posted by soulmsarang @ Koreaboo

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