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November 16, 2010

Koreaboo | SHINee's Interview with Japanese magazine Kool

In order to reach out to fans on a more personal level, SHINee participated in the first issue of new Japanese magazine, Kool. Each of the members answered questions about their singing career, how they got started, and what influences came to them. It is nice that SHINee talks about their personal life outside of performing and public appearances. Check out their interview below!

1. Why did you chose to become a singer?
Key said that when he was young, his dream was to become a singer and work in the arts exclusively. Onew stated that when he was in his 2nd year of Junior High, his music adviser recommended that he become a singer. Jonghyun wanted to become a composer, but when he was in a band in high school, he fell in love with singing and decided to pursue it. Taemin’s biggest influence is Michael Jackson and he also enjoyed dancing, leading him to audition for SM Entertainment.

2. Since debut, what is your most memorable episode?
For Key, he went to a CD shop and bought SHINee’s first album. Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin said their first performance made then dizzy and nervous and they felt so happy when they won an award for "Best New Artist". Minho said his best memory was when he had to wait to perform Lucifer because he injured his leg. He was so nervous getting on-stage, but it was a stage unforgettable to him because he had to wait to recover so he could perform.

3. What inspires you besides music?
Key says fashion and art really inspires him and that visuals are all about looks. Onew draws his inspiration from books, while Taemin and Jonghyun draw from their family’s support. Minho met a lot of people through college and learned a lot of new things from them.

4. In the future, what would you like to challenge?
Key wants to do his best in various activities as a part of SHINee; his hope and dream is to experience many new things. Onew says that if given the opportunity, he would like to try DJing at a radio station and also composing songs as well as writing lyrics. Taemin says there are a lot of things, but he first wants to work harder to show better performances. He thinks now is the most important time for SHINee. He doesn’t want SHINee to be called "a new group" any longer. Jonghyun would like to try composing, as he believes that “music is a story.” He hopes that a lot of people can listen to the stories that he writes, and that everyone can relate to it. Minho wants to act in a play and venture into acting, but feels that he needs more time to prepare.

5. Favorite quote(s)
Key said, “In order to get 1% of inspiration, do your best for 99%”, “Efforts will always pay off." Taemin said, “Don't forget what you felt when you debuted and keep your sincere attitude. Don't forget your original resolution. Wait for Heaven's will after doing your best. It is our family motto, and I like its meaning very much.” Jonghyun said his favorite line is to cherish your tears and don’t lose your self-confidence. Onew said "It's Fun!", "Let's have Fun!". He loves it when SHINee is having fun at every kind of stage. Minho said you should continue to work hard and don’t forget to be thankful!

6. What is your role in SHINee?
Key felt that his role is a bridge within the group. Jonghyun said he is an ambiance-creator while Onew is the person who leads. Minho is like a base guitar in a band; it doesn’t stand out but supports the sound of the group.

Overall, the members each shared personal experiences and brought up many sides that fans enjoy. What did you think of this interview?

Source: jujugal
Posted by Karina @ Koreaboo

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