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November 24, 2010

Daily Kpop News | Super Junior Show 3 Singapore Sold out

5,000 Super Junior Super Show 3 tickets for Singapore’s first show was completely sold out yesterday morning! Super Junior’s SS3 concert has received great reactions, the tickets were sold out at the speed of lightning. After the tickets have been sold out, concert organizer Running Into The Sun immediately responded that for the benefit of all the fans who were unable to purchase the tickets, they are trying to secure another show in Singapore.

Controlling the online crowd:
Super Junior’s first concert in Singapore, attracting a lot of fans snatching up the tickets, after sales began, 1000 tickets were sold out in 15 minutes. But as there were large amount of fans purchasing the tickets at the same time, causing the internet site to be paralyzed at some point of time, but at the same time the 5 counters set up at The Heeren also experienced the same problem, delaying the sales for the fans who queued there. SISTIC chairman Tan Jun Hao revealed during a interview yesterday morning that 10 minutes before the sales of tickets began, the website has already been experiencing high traffic flow, beginning to show symptoms of a possible jam of the site, therefore start controlling the traffic flow, it was only then that the traffic flow got better. He also mentioned that the average speed of the counters at The Heeren was 2 minutes per fan. He also revealed that other than Taiwan artistes Jay Chou, in his impression there wasn’t any other time he was required to control the traffic flow, thus showing how popular Super Junior’s concert was.

Many fans did not mange to purchase any tickets:
Not wanting to squeeze with all the other fans, Super Junior fan Valerie Tan queued at Parkway Plaza over night, although she was the first in line, yet she only managed to purchase 6 tickets in 30 minutes. She said “When I bought the ticket at 10am, the counter staff told me the website has been paralysed, he kept refreshing the page and said that the tickets have been sold out, giving me the shock of my life! Only after roughly 30 minutes did I managed to purchase 6 tickets, but I still need 5 more tickets.”

Credits: Super Junior Bar
Translated by: linda@dkpopnews.net

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Aina said...

super junior is cool and glamor...
but i still don't know how to meet them... although in facebook... anyway, aiyaya fighting SUJU....!