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November 12, 2009

Manila Bulletin | Christian Bautista sidesteps romance for career

By:  Rowena Joy A. Sanchez
November 11, 2009, 6:35pm

As if taking his cue from the message of Jose Mari Chan’s song, “Please Be Careful With My Heart,” balladeer Christian Bautista is cautious about bringing his friendship with Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo to the next level.

“Sarah is very likeable [but] I’m not courting her. I’m not closing my doors, though, [because] in the future, it’s still possible [for me to court her],” mulled the singer in an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin Entertainment Online.

He feels that talking about romance with Sarah may compromise their friendship.

“There are some conversations that you don’t bring up with a girl just like that, especially if the timing is wrong. Kasi baka magkaroon ng ilangan, and I don’t want that to happen because we [referring to Sarah] have a good friendship.”

The balladeer is in no hurry to enter a romantic relationship with anyone, preferring instead to date (“hang out,” Christian insists) different girls.

He added that he does not dwell in the past, alluding to his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rachelle Ann Go who recently hit the headlines because of her breakup with Gab Valenciano.

“I wish them well. I will pray for them. I hope God shows what His plan is for them,” said Christian.

While waiting for “the one,” Christian devotes his all to his career---and for good reason: His latest album titled “Christian Bautista Romance Revisited: The Love Songs Of Jose Mari Chan” had gone Platinum less than two months after its release.

“I’m just so happy na maraming bumibili. Makikita mo talaga sa stores na nandun talaga sa Top 25 [yung album ko],” he beamed.

Notwithstanding its phenomenal success, the release of the album was fraught with several delays.

“It was supposed to have been released a month earlier but Martin [Nievera] and Gary [Valenciano] decided to record their album ‘As 1.’ My record label had to move the release date of my album to give way to their album. Okay lang naman sa akin ‘yun, syempre.”

The challenges did not stop there.

“My launch at Sky Dome was set a week after typhoon ‘Ondoy’ hit. Many shows were being cancelled then so we had to postpone ours, too.”

Because of the delays, the album was launched at a time when Christian could not promote it as extensively as he would’ve wanted.

“We were already booked for the ‘Unity Tour’ of Kuh Ledesma in the U.S. when my album came out. We had limited time to promote it kasi I was set to fly abroad.”

Despite leaving the country at what may have seemed an inopportune time, the balladeer was nevertheless blessed to learn that his album turned Gold while he was away.

“Talagang ‘Thank you Lord’ na lang ang nasabi ko,” he said.

The album remains on top of the charts as of this writing. Its first single, “Tell Me Your Name,” rules the Pinoy MYX Countdown.

Christian said that recalling the encouraging words he received from Diamond-selling singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan, who composed and popularized the songs in Christian’s new album, makes him want to do more, to achieve more.

“Jose Mari Chan told me, ‘I’m really glad that you’re gonna do this album and that you’re gonna reinvent and share my songs to this generation.’ It’ such a humbling thing to know that this little of mine has his blessings,” Christian said.

He revealed that the Jose Mari Chan revival album was long dreamt up by their record label but no one seemed to be fit for the task. That is, until Christian came.

“They [Christian and Jose Mari Chan’s record label] said it fits right in, since he [Jose Mari] is also a big hit in Indonesia [like I am]. Our record label told me na two years na nilang plano ‘to, [kaso] hindi nila alam kung kanino ibibigay, kung sa isang girl, sa isang banda, o sa various artists,” he divulged.

Christian said his fans in other Asian countries get the same priority as his Pinoy supporters.

“Pero siyempre, lamang ang Pinoy in the end kasi Pinoy ako, and I live here. Pero the Indonesians have also become a big part of me, and I enjoy it there, too.”

Apart from gracing Indonesian TV shows, Christian collaborated with singer-actress Bunga Citra Lestari on “Please Be Careful With My Heart.” Their duet will be part of the Indonesian version of Christian’s album, set for release in that country come January.

Christian has plans of producing a Valentine show next year featuring himself with Jose Mari. A new TV show on ABS-CBN is under negotiation.

Outside showbiz, the “Star in a Million” fourth runner-up is the promising businessman.

“In Cavite, there were six stalls for sale. I bought them, had them renovated, and pina-re-renta ko na ngayon. Puno na rin,” he shared.

This is on top of his other ventures namely a dental store, two small restaurants, and a computer store.

With all these concerns, isn’t he on the brink of burnout?

“Are you kidding? I’m not tired at all. I’m ready to go! Sabi ko nga, book me now---hangga’t wala pa ‘kong girlfriend!”

Source:  http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/229053/christian-bautista-sidesteps-romance-career

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