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October 20, 2009

MBC to make TVXQ documentary and turns to Cassiopeia?

That's what it looks like! Yoon Hae Jeong, a screenwriter of MBC recently announced that popular program Star Documentary will be making an episode for the ever-so-popular TVXQ / DBSK. Though the fivesome has undoubtedly shot up to top-tier fame internationally, this thirty-minute documentary will reportedly reveal the hidden stories behind the idol image of these so-called 'Rising Gods of the East'.

Of course, one cannot consider TVXQ without its enormous fanbase. Fun fact:  Cassiopeia is singlehandedly the largest artist fanclub in the world; the Guiness Book of World Records reported 800,000 official members in 2008, and that's not even including the unofficial fans both in Korea and worldwide. And that's why MBC will be taking interviews from not only childhood friends and people close to TVXQ, but also getting in contact with fans in Korea in order to make this documentary "through the views and voices of Cassiopeia". As the screenwriter expressed, "We hope to tell the touching yet almost unknown story of how DBSK became Asia's top artist. We would like to include their stunning musicality that has been ignored due to their 'idol' status, their overseas activities, and each member's efforts, passion, sweat and tears to achieve his dream of becoming a singer."

MBC will be asking fans about which TVXQ stories to include in the story in order to faithfully express the warmth and love of Cassiopeians.

"Although it may be a stretch to create such a documentary about DBSK, especially in such a sensitive situation, but we believe that what everyone needs right now is a documentary like this," the screenwriter added in light of the recent controversies between TVXQ and SM Entertainment. "[W]e believe that a documentary that is filled with the love of the fans will be a great strength to the members to help them endure this situation."

So with that, the broadcast will reportedly be taking place later this week on the 23rd with interviews from the members themselves, teachers, close ones, trainees, composers, and of course, the ever-adoring Cassiopeia. Fans will most undoubtedly look forward to the never-before-seen pre-debut and overseas footage from their past years of fame.

It's incredible to see how important fans have become for idols these days. Gone are the days of fangirls sticking at home and merely spazzing over songs with their friends - from supportive (like the fan movement Hottests have taken for Jaebeom) to negative (SNSD Black Ocean, Super Junior Only 13 Movement), fans are proving to be an unprecedentedly powerful voice in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to beth k for the tip!

Source: [MBC Every1+Daum Television+DNBN]
Translation: jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia.net
Credit: tohosomnia.net

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