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September 29, 2009

Your Guess Was Right!

We posted their silhouette before, and all of you guessed it right!

Watch out for the announcement of the official release date of their album!

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TVXQ Fan said...

Whic album are you going to release? The live album? I want Mirotic and their Japanese albums please!

YooMi said...

wow....I can hardly wait for the release...WIll the CD reach Bacolod on time as well??? when?/ I can't sleep with excitement!

Crossing My fingers for Mirotic and Secret Code! Oh Please release The Secret Code, as well as the THe Secret Code Final In Tokyo Dome DVD.

Would badly want to have it!! ^___^

thank you fro brining the Gods Of The East in the Philippines!!!!

Junsu loves Liyin said...

wah! TVXQ! 5 years hinintay ko for this LOL Anyway, is it true na 3 albums irerelease nyo..? Please release the version C of Mirotic!
and sana pati Japanese album nila! Agree ako kay "YooMi" The Secret Code is damn beautiful! wah~ and since mg release kau ng SJ M sana pati ang new single ng JaeChun which is Melody and Harmony i realease nyo din...it's a must buy album! kyaa~! tapos sana pati AADBSK3 i release nyo dn.. with posters po please..!

tsaka sana hindi mukhang photo copy ung cover's and cd please lng po^^ we are talking about GODS here you know XDD

crazypeach said...

Can't wait for the release of their album here! i already bought their albums abroad...but I still might buy the ones you release! Weeeeeehhhh!!!! Hoping for more DBSK albums!!!!

yayotvxq said...

wow!!! after the long wait mag rerelease na sila dito, i'll defenitely buy their album, again.. kahit ano pa yan..

Anonymous said...

OMONA~!!! this is really is it~!! grabe super excited na ako...2loy-2loy na ang release neo ng k-pop cds aa! sana magtuloy-tuloy pa para hndi na kami mahirapan bumili sa net or someplace else...ily universal! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! HINDI NA KO MAKATULOG!!!! eto na u!!!! ang pinakakadasal ko $for 3 years!!!! THE GODS OF KPOP IS HERE!!! they are the one who introduce me to kpop.....and what korea is!! uni thanks talaga!!! ill surely buy all.... CASSIOPEIA!!! I know cassie is also the buyers of suju cd like me...that makes suju no.1 here...so MAKE SURE THAT WE WILL SUPPORT TVXQ MORE THAN WE DID IN SUJU!!! MAKE THEM MUCH NO.1 ......VOTE THEM IN MYX!! MYX(SPACE)VOTE(SPACE)MIROTIC send to 2366... THANK U !!!

Anonymous said...

i also have their album i bought it in yesasia... but ill surely buy the phil... release!!! tvxq TVXQ !!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!! THE GODS IS HERE SO LETS MAKE THE MOVE!!!! BUY THE PHIL.VER.!!! EVEN WE ALREADY HAVE ....