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September 25, 2009

Interview with Mcoy Fundales: vocalist for Kenyo

Time Out Singapore web-exclusive
Natasha Cruz and Carlo Cruz caught up with popular Filipino singer Mcoy Fundales and his band Kenyo in between gigs and got him to spill the beans on his career as singer, writer and TV personality.

When did you start playing in a band?

I started in high school as a fun thing to do with friends. My former band was Orange and Lemons which had a successful four-year run as a group. We disbanded in 2007 and I formed another group called Kenyo.

You were a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. What was it like? You mean, do I like being watched? I don’t think anybody likes being watched 24/7. It was pretty hard and uncomfortable during the first week, especially when using the restroom [laughs]. After that you get more comfortable and start watching them back! I guess it was pretty weird, but I hardly noticed the cameras by the second week.

Do you get approached a lot on the street?

Being [in a] well-known band in the Philippines can be a funny thing since the kids don’t hesitate to approach you. They may ask for a souvenir, maybe a guitar pick or an autograph or something. Commuting is very difficult for me. Sometimes I get approached in a public bus or a train, or whenever I stroll around the mall. Whenever I’m out with friends, it can be very embarrassing. People approach me during my private time with friends. But it’s part of work and I’m not complaining. I’d be dead worried if people didn’t do that anymore!

How do you balance poetry, music and acting?

I’m the type who doesn’t like to be idle. And it’s easy to balance these activities when you’re really passionate about it. For example, today I either write a song or a poem. Some are very personal so I keep them with me in my personal collection. Some I reserve for a new album that I’m doing. I might create a book or a collection of poems in the future.

I only started acting in independent films recently because I enjoy the projects. I would usually do film projects if I’m very much sold on the concept or the story. My latest movie project was called The Forgotten War and I was very much interested in it because it’s a movie that talks about part of Philippine history which is not known to many Filipinos. And I’m very proud to be part of it.

Read (and watch) the rest of the interview here:

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