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September 9, 2009


Korean pop superstar act Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" album became the FIRST K-pop release to reach the NUMBER ONE position in the album charts of Music One stores and in the Philippines! "Sorry Sorry" outsold albums by Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift! This achievement was made more amazing since the "Sorry Sorry" album was only released on September 4 (Friday). Local Super Junior fans showed their support by trooping to the Music One stores last Friday as early as 9am and patiently waited for the CD stocks to arrive!

Super Junior also known as simply SJ or SuJu , is a 13 member Korean boy-band who can dance, sing and do anything you could think of. Formed in 2005, The group initially debuted with twelve members, but now consists of 13 members. With a total of thirteen members, they are the largest boy band in the world. The members are Leeteuk (the leader), Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, and later, Kyuhyun. The Chinese member, Han Geng, was chosen from three thousand applicants, via auditions held in China by SM Entertainment in 2001.

"Sorry, Sorry" is their third and latest studio album released on March 12, 2009 in South Korea. In just days, 150,000 copies of "Sorry, Sorry" were pre-ordered. The album debuted at #1 on the South Korea's Hanteo Daily Charts, with approximately 30,000 copies sold, making it the biggest opening day for the group. "Sorry, Sorry" became the bestselling album in South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 2009. As of May 15, 2009, over 215,000 units have been sold, being the first Korean-language album to do so in 2009.

Super Junior "Sorry Sorry" (Version C) comes with four new songs including "It's You", another catchy hit by the composer of Girls' Generation "Gee", "Love Disease", "She Wants It" and "I Love U More" which was written and composed by Sung Min and Ryeo Wook. The album’s original 12 songs are also still around, kicking off with mega hit "Sorry Sorry", the house dance number for which Super Junior collaborated with renowned choreographer Nick Bass. Contemporary urban dance track "Why I Like You" has also turned into a fan favorite with its unique rhythmic melody and catchy beats. Taking on a clean and sleek concept for both their image and music, Super Junior presented a variety of different songs in their third album, including the touching ballad "Let’s Not…" co-written by Fly to the Sky’s Fany, the Brit-pop number "Angela" and "Heartquake" featuring Dong Bang Shin Ki’s U-know Yun Ho and Micky Yoo Chun.

Universal Records is proud to be the Philippine home to this Superstar Korean boy band and is the FIRST local record label to release a K-pop album . Local Suju fans will definitely rejoice because the "Sorry Sorry" (Version C) Philippine edition also includes the full color booklet!


doms said...

Yay for filipino ELFs! :D
Yay for Super Junior!
Yay for Universal Records!

Anonymous said...

For better clarification, Love U More is composed solely by Ryeowook himself, and the lyrics are written by Ryeowook and Sungmin.

minnielove said...

Good job Filipino ELFs!
Thank you Universal Records ^^
Let's all keep supporting our beloved Super Junior! <333

grannytutskiputs wu said...

I knew it... Hahahaha... Of course, they will be no. 1~!!!

Fighting Super Junior and Universal Records~~~!!

Anonymous said...

question for Universal Records. its great that SM albums are finally being released here. will you also release the album of JYP artists like 2PM and Wonder Girls? i really hope you do. thanks!

mfy17 said...

FTW Filipino ELFs!!! =D
Our cause to make SuJu #1 is a success!!!

Kairi said...

that is so coool!!!
didn't expect that they'd immediately be on the #1 spot!
great job!
and it was a good decision for you guys to release their album here in the phils.. waah~ can't wait to buy it! naubusan na daw ng stock eh T^T

-forever_p.s.blue- said...

- yay ~~ !
SJ jjang !!
UR jjang !!
SJ fans in Phils. jjang!!
SJUPH jjang !! ^__________________^
saranghae everyone !!!!!
let's make our boys no.1 forever !!!! =D
it's also a sold out here in our city, Davao !!
yay ~ !
super love it !!! ^-^
i was a bit scared,, didn't thought of this achievement too much!! eee!!!
jjang !! ^-^

michelle said...

is it still available?
how about in cagayan de oro?