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December 8, 2010

Koreaboo | DBSK's Changmin reveals his ideal girl in Grazia interview

Our previous article featured DBSK's Changmin in Grazia with pictures from his photo shoot. The interview from the same issue has finally become available.

Changmin expressed his yearning for love by saying, "Regardless of how busy I am, I would like to have a blossoming relationship. I need to express my feelings during work, for me, it is essential to be in love."

Sexiest Man of the Year

The staff who helped at his photo shoot expressed disbelief at the change Changmin had gone through since they had last seen him, nearly a year and a half ago. The most noticeable was Changmin's now well-built shoulders compared to before, and to this Changmin said

"I started to go to the gym one year ago. Not only are my muscles are trained, I have become healthier too. I felt inferior last time for being too thin. I wanted to look manlier and smarter when I wore clothes, that’s why I ended up going to the gym."

The staff also mentioned that Changmin looks good in any outfit because of his height, which is now 188cm (6 feet 2 inches). Although he is no longer shy like he was when he first debuted, he still expresses shyness when being called "sexy": "If I was told that, I would feel stressed and embarrassed."

Changmin expressed his frustration at realizing his limitations and wanting to go beyond them saying, "Recently I attended vocal and dance classes, I can feel my limit when I practice more, so I became impatient. However when I think of it in the opposite way, this means that I still have room for improvement in the future. Therefore it can be concluded that the pressure and joy coexist. Do I like to force myself? Perhaps."

Changmin then revealed that his favorite color is purple because "it is an ambiguous color which has shades in between dull and bright." He then goes on to talk about being an adult and being responsible for one's actions which he linked to his desire to protect someone and marry: "When you become an adult, you are allowed to do things such as smoking and drinking, which are prohibited as a child. You have to be responsible for yourself, too. Up until now, no matter what I have done, my teachers and parents have criticized me. This is because they are protecting me. Now I have to do the same too, to protect someone. My personal dream is to build a warm family and become a man who can protect it. I have started to prepare for it now."

Mature Women are Sexy

Despite growing into a mature man, one cannot help but see a childish side of him as he expressed his method of showing off his sexy image, "My career ambition is to become an artist who can express his emotions freely. Recently I was told to express “mature sexiness”. Therefore I was chanting to myself all the time, saying that I am the sexiest man in the world."

Changmin then went on to define what he feels makes up a "sexy man" or "sexy woman", which revealed that his views on this are very well thought out: "External beauty and the gentle manner, they are definitely not defined as the real handsome. In my opinion, a real sexy man has to be honest, and have a strong will. This goes the same for women, sexy is not defined by how much skin she bares. (laughs) Let it be household chores or work, if a lady has her own things done properly, she looks sexy to me."

He then gave examples of what his ideal girl would be like, which included pure, cheerful and lovely, with good cooking skills. He then realized he was being really greedy and laughed about it. While laughing over his honesty, he gave examples of girls he finds outstanding, such as Emma Watson, Arigaki Yui and others from his generation. He also mentioned a woman of the older generation, RYO (actress who played Mitsui Kanna in Japanese drama "Code Blue"). Changmin's answer, although initially surprising, was better understood after he explained it because the qualities of the role she played are similar to his own personality: "The doctor she portrayed in 'Code Blue' has left a deep impression on me. The pure heart which is hidden under her tough and calm appearance, and the hidden passion and tenderness which can’t be expressed perfectly."

Changmin then said that he hopes that he will one day meet his predestined love because it is essential to his work since he needs to express his feelings quite often. He does realize that, "Compared to a normal person, I have less chances to have a relationship. However I still want to get involved in a love relationship." He also mentions that he had recently read a book called "Goodbye, Someday" in which the main character meets his predestined love and goes through a journey of depression, sorrow and fanaticism.

Closing Thoughts on Fans

"For fans, I don’t want to become an absolute existence in their lives. I don’t want them to spend their lives desperately on me. To say it in an extreme way, it is alright even if you guys do not show me your support. I just want you to live your own life well, and take note of my activities occasionally. I will be the happiest if you treat my existence as [a] nutritional supplement."

What was the most interesting segment of the interview?

Source: DBSKnights
Posted by matty @ Koreaboo

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