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December 22, 2010

Allkpop | SBS “Inkigayo” yields to YG Entertainment, but at what cost?

Managers of the K-pop industry are angered over SBS’s hypocrisy and greed for viewers rating by yielding to bigger music agencies.

Over the years, SBS and YG Entertainment have been known to share a good relationship, to the point where rumors of bias abounded as early as last year.

But last month, rumors of a different nature began to surface. Reportedly, the strong relationship that the companies both treasured was beginning to fall apart because of YGE’s attendance at the 2010 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) in Macau. This was despite SBS’s warning that they would suspend any participating artists from performing on “Inkigayo“.

Industry representatives were shocked, therefore, when they saw that G-Dragon and T.O.P performed their first comeback stage on the December 19th episode of “Inkigayo”.

One famous producer stated, “Do you think we were stupid to not attend MAMA? Because of SBS’s warning, we gave up on ‘MAMA’ and prepared to be Mnet’s enemies. However, we are now enraged because a big company like YG was not affected at all by their regulations.”

The anger and bitterness rose after it was discovered that SBS will begin suspensions in January.

Another manager explained, “When SBS begins suspending artists next year, artists from the big companies will be safe, while those who are in weaker companies will be affected. After G-Dragon and T.O.P’s performance, it became obvious as to when SBS would start the process.”

The prime agenies who attended this year’s MAMA were YG and JYP Entertainment. Come January, G-Dragon and T.O.P will have finished off their promotions. In addition, JYPE’s 2PM, miss A, and the Wonder Girls will be away from Korea to promote overseas -meaning they won’t be affected at all.

An anonymous girl group’s manager stated, “Next year, if these broadcast companies begin competing again, I don’t know what SBS is going to come up with next to grab the managers.”

So what were the benefits for “Inkigayo” in relenting to YGE?

December 19th’s episode pulled off a viewer rating increase of 1.3% (in comparison to last week’s), which spiked to 8.4% when GD&TOP appeared on the screen.

SBS’s “Inkigayo” did indeed yield to the pressure of demand from music fans, but at the price of being exposed as hypocritical and self-serving, pandering to the more powerful corporations at the expense of the smaller agencies. For many media critics, the revelation is hardly exceptional at all.

Source: Daily Sports via Nate
Posted by maestro-j @ Allkpop

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