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December 22, 2010

Koreaboo | YG President very happy with GD&TOP performance at Inkigayo

After completing their comeback stage as a duo on the 19th, YG Entertainment’s president, Yang Hyun Seok, had no complaints and was 100% satisfied. After watching the two on Inkigayo’s stage, Yang Hyun Seok seemed a bit uneasy at first, but after their finishing performances he applauded them had a big smile.

There was a short question and answer session after the performances:

Q1: Congratulations! What did you think of their comeback stage today?
YG: I’m completely satisfied. They were very nervous about it but it resulted in a very good performance. They’re pleased with it as well.

Q2: Did you think they would be successful?
YG: I wasn’t quite sure at first because it’s different when they’re apart from being with the whole group. The success of Big Bang in their earlier stages has caused them to be a bit pressured but it seems to work out in their favor.

Q3: How was the response from the fans?
YG: They were very pleased as well. Thanks. They will be promoting and using "Knock Out", "High High", and "Oh Yeah" as their three title songs, just like 2NE1 did. Park Bom also performed with them together for their stage today which made it even more brilliant. Thank you so much.

Q4: Can you introduce the songs?
YG: "High High" is a mix of house electronic and hip hop. Its melody is quite impressive, which allows them to enjoy a powerful stage. GD and T.O.P are particularly charming when giving an intense kind of music. Their music and fashion sense definitely gives a few people a shock. "Oh Yeah" is another impressive song, with some lyrics sung by Park Bom of 2NE1, who definitely added to the stage.

Q5: What activities will this unit group have?
YG: We were too tired today so we went home early. Tomorrow we’ll be having a discussion with the director of the music video for "High High", then we’ll proceed to do some shooting. It might be the music video with the strongest impact. They’re scheduled to appear at different events and on TV programs at the end of the year.

YG must have been nervous for G-Dragon and T.O.P after so long, but we’re glad it paid off with a great performance and stage charisma!

Source: bigbangworldwide
Posted by mimi @ Koreaboo

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