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August 8, 2010

BoA Poses with SHINee & Super Junior's Heechul

SHINee's Me2Day Updates on BoA

Original messages:
[종현]전 “불안한 소용돌이 그안에서 태어나”라는 가사가좋더라구요ㅋ 아자아자비너스보아누나파이팅!^^[태민]보아선배님
...~ 멋진포스보여주세요![민호]오년만에 돌아온 우리보아누나~! 너무멋있어요~허리케인비너스대박~[Key]여신이되어돌아오신 우리보아누님!^^ 많이사랑해주세여!

[Jonghyun] I like the line “...From the restless whirlpool I am born” from the lyrics keke Go go Venus BoA noona fighting!^^
[Taemin] BoA sunbae~ Show us a cool pose!
[Minho] Our BoA noona has returned after 5 years~! She’s so cool~Hurricane Venus is the best~
[Key] The returned goddess our BoA noona-sunbae!^^ Please give her a lot of love!

Posted by ★Vannie판 니에 @ Dailykpopnews
Credits: SHINee me2DAY

BoA backstage with SHINee

Yesterday, BoA expressed that she was glad to be doing broadcasts at the same time as SHINee and even posted a photo of herself with SHINee’s Minho. Today while she has been busy taking photos with her close friend, Super Junior’s Heechul, she also took a picture with all of the SHINee members. In the process, she gave a little shout out to Onew and f(x)’s Krystal who are MCing today’s show.

BoA tweeted:
“Shining dongsaengs SHINee who got 1st place yesterday ^^ Seeing them again at Music Core ^^ Today Onew and Krystal are special MCs ^^ It will begin shortly ^^“

Fans commented, “Really seems like a family~ I like seeing everyone taking care of each other! Today also aja aja!” “SM family very nice ^^ SHINee & BoA fighting!^^” and “hurricane lucifer!!! sm love!”

BoA will be having her second comeback stage for Hurricane Venus tonight on MBC’s Music Core while SHINee will also perform their recent hit song, Lucifer on the same show.

Posted by chloejn @ Allkpop

Super Junior's Heechul and BoA pose for another funny picture

Super Junior’s Heechul revealed another picture of him and BoA backstage. The two did a pose from the choreography of the dance and now they are pretending BoA’s the monster.

Heechul updated his Twitter with the photo and wrote, “Pretty face, great singing, k...iller dancing..and even a personality!! Her personality…..um….hm…is good^-^ Where would angry siblings’ personalities go..Face, singing, dancing, triple threat like Bermuda Triangle. Look at hurricane, look at venus, look at her.”

The status itself gets just a bit random at the end, but we all know he’s that type of guy. They seem like such close friends through these photos.

Netizens wrote:
“They look really close when they fool around with each other.”
“I want to see them perform together.”

They seem like pretty good friends, but Heechul is actually three years older than BoA.

That’s a fun fact of the day.

Posted by heartfacee @ Allkpop

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