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May 15, 2010

Super Junior’s "Bonamana" dominates on the Internet

There’s no doubt that the Hallyu wave has been going global over the past few years, with the kpop movement spreading its tendrils over websites that have widely international audiences. And you should never underestimate the power of Super Junior: it’s only been a few days since the thirteen-member group released their Bonamana music video & fourth album, and it feels like they’ve taken over the Internet!

Aside from the advent of Korean celebrities on Twitter, kpop-related keywords (including #allkpop!) have made it to Twitter’s “Trending Topics” list multiple times in the past, generating curiosity and attention from Twitter users worldwide. However, Super Junior has truly upped the ante this time – the term Bonamana hit the Top Ten within an hour of its track release on May 10 and has been hangin’ out on the Trend List for not one day, not two… but four!

At the moment, “Bonamana” has dropped to second place… and you can only guess what’s first.

What a way to welcome Super Junior’s live comeback on Music Bank tonight!

But anyway – although it was impressive to see this term trending after the track release, who knew that its fifteen minutes of fame on Twitter would actually persevere for so long? In fact, “Bonamana” actually disappeared from the list two days ago only to reemerge yet again with strong fervor, where it sits even now as I type these words. Even the related term #SujuBeauty (“Beauty” is the translation of the Korean title of this track, 미인아) hit #3 on the list on Thursday.

Considering the fact that Twitter has well over twenty million users worldwide, that’s quite a bit of global publicity for both Bonamana, especially since the Internet makes it so accessible for people to search up information about this track and Super Junior. Who knows – maybe SuJu’s gained some new fans simply through Twitter publicity alone.

Aside from Twitter, Super Junior has also racked up quite a number of views on Youtube, with over one million views on the official music video. When you add the views from fan-uploaded videos to that, that’s over two million hits on Youtube alone.

After the track release on May 10, the term Bonamana was also topping search lists on Nate and Naver, and promptly generated results on Google’s ’suggestions’ list within hours.

Now all I need to know is what Bonamana means, exactly… but in all seriousness, this is pretty impressive! Stay tuned for more on SuJu’s big return to the music scene.

Posted by lawlietta @ Allkpop

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