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May 29, 2010

f(x)’s Interview with 10Asia

The f(x) girls held an interview with 10 Asia, though with the members’ upbeat and cheerful charisma, it almost seemed like they were filming their own variety show.

f(x) took on online questions submitted by netizens and even freely shared their own stories. While they are currently promoting their first comback mini-album titled ‘NU ABO‘ and have been now for weeks, the girls are still practicing everyday until dawn . Even so, the girls showed up early in the morning with a lively energy and smiles on their faces that even managed to cheer up the tired reporters.

10Asia: Alot of people submitted this question. How did you respond when you first read the lyrics for ‘NU ABO’?
Krystal: For me, I just couldn’t understand it.
Sulli: I kept thinking, ‘Whats kkhungdi kkungdi?’ (laughs)

10Asia: So, did you ask about the meaning?
Krystal: Actually, the word ‘mysteric’ is a made up word. There’s ‘mystery’, but there’s no such thing as ‘mysteric’. And it’s a song about blood types but when we sing about ‘unnie’, I was just confused (laughs). After we shot the music video, it made more sense.
Luna: While we went through the storyline, we thought about how we could interpret the song.

10Asia: Did you put in your own dance moves into the song?
Luna: Yes. If I thought of a move that we could do, I would go to our choreographer and ask them if it would fit. Victoria has said this before, but her high kick move was her own idea.

10Asia: Do you believe in those blood type personality tests that are in magazines?
Luna: Everyone in f(x), except Sulli and I, believes in blood type personalities. In America and China, they don’t really care about blood types when it comes to personality. There has been times when the magazine test was a bit similar to my personality. I’m a bit timid. (laughs) That’s why I do the personality tests instead sometimes.
Sulli: She really likes those, personality tests or horoscopes.
Luna: Thanks to Sulli, I always look at horoscopes in the magazines.

10Asia: What are the member’s blood types?
Luna: Amber’s blood type is B. Victoria and Sulli are type O, Krystal is type A and I’m type AB (laughs).

10Asia: This question is for Victoria and Amber [who are Chinese], have you been able to adapt to the Korean culture? You girls have improved a lot in terms of the language.
Sulli: They are now Koreans.
Luna: We can’t say anything anymore, because they’ll understand.

10Asia: How do you study Korean? Do the other members help you out?
Victoria: When I’m with the members, I ask them about words I don’t understand. When I’m alone, I like to watch dramas. So I watch Korean dramas and think, ‘Oh? Maybe I can use that word later’, so I write it down, repeat it a couple of times and move on to the next word.
Sulli: On her desk, you can see so many post-its plastered on, not even joking.
Luna: Why do you think she knows more about Korean dramas than we do?

10Asia: Which drama have you enjoyed the most?
Victoria: ‘Full House’. No matter how many times I watch it, it’s the best. When I first came to Korea, I watched it 10 times consecutively. The conversations or words on it are used in everyday life, right? So that’s why I watched it so many times.

10Asia: Together, your group is fluent in many languages, is there any place you would want to visit or do activities in?
Sulli: Since our goal is to be Asia’s top dance group, we would really like to go abroad.
Luna: While we were resting for 4 months, we actually did go out of the country a lot. While we were there, we learned a lot about different culture and music. I wanted to to learn as much as possible so that we could make ourselves more unique. So, if there’s ever a chance, I would go abroad.

10Asia: Besides being fluent in other languages, like your group’s name, who is the best at math?
Krystal: Amber is the best at math.

10Asia: Even math? I heard that she’s good at basketball, I guess there’s nothing she can’t do!
Krystal: She’s only good at math. Only math. (laughs)
Amber: I helped Krystal with her homework.
Sulli: We actually don’t know if she’s good at it, but she says she’s good at it (laughs).
Amber: If I wasn’t a singer now, I would have studied hard. (laughs) But since I am a singer now…

10Asia: I heard your father is in South Korea right now. When did he arrive?
Amber: Um, the day before yesterday? Yes, the day before yesterday.

10Asia: Did you get to talk to him alot?
Amber: He came for business. But because he’s leaving today, I made time for him.
Sulli: Because our schedule was so packed, she couldn’t be with him a lot.

10Asia: Your father was in the news the other day, right? When you were young you took a photo with Aaron Kwok and that was because your dad knew him?
Amber: Oh, yeah, that Taiwanese article…all I remember was that someone was holding me. “Who is this person, and is he holding me?” (laughs) I was scared, that’s why I was making a face. After a few years, I learned that he was famous. My father was his friend and helped him out with his concert.
Sulli: At what age?
Amber: 5, in Las Vegas.
Krystal: The person she took the photo with, he’s a singer?

10Asia: You may now know him, but he was the greatest pop star during my time.
Amber: In Korea too? I had no idea.
Victoria: The four of them, they were really famous in Hong Kong.

10Asia: Amber, I heard that you get close with other celebrities really fast.
Amber: Um, I don’t know actually. I think it’s because I have a lot of international friends, and I talk to them when I’m introduced so...
Sulli: When someone mentions that she’s a foreigner, they tend to think they can talk more freely. That’s why they come up to her first.

10Asia: Sulli, you’re friends with KARA’s Jiyoung, right?
Sulli: When we don’t have schedules we get together and hang out. We first met when we had the same waiting room [on a music show]. Then we found out we were both born in 1994 and we became friends because we felt a connection.

10Asia: Sulli, we heard that you grew a lot in 2 years.
Sulli: Yes, I grew 25cm. (Almost 10 inches.)

10Asia: Wow! What’s your secret? Are your parents tall?
Sulli: Yes. At first, I had no idea how I grew, (laughs) I used to be short! So I went to the doctor to get a check up and they said I would grow if I ate a lot. They said if I didn’t eat, I would never grow. I really didn’t eat a lot back then, so my mom bought me Chinese medicine to increase my appetite. After taking that, I ate a lot. I used to just eat dried anchovies dipped in pepper paste. After eating that a lot I really did grow.
*Note: Dried anchovies are rumored to be filled with calcium*
Luna: I eat a lot of dried anchovies too.
f(x): (laughter)
Luna: Why I am different? I like milk and dried anchovies? Ahh, is it because I don’t dip it in pepper paste? (laughs)

10Asia: Krystal, you live at home. But if you were to live in the dorm, who would you want to share a room with?
Krsytal: Haha…um…
Amber: Get your own room.
Krystal: Can’t I get my own room?
Amber: Sleep on the couch.
Victoria: We’ll give you the living room.
Sulli: Good job!
Amber: What’s it called, the room…for the clothes?
f(x): The closet!

10Asia: f(x) has a lot of female fans. What do you think is the reason for that? Is there anything different from having girl or guy fans?
Krystal: I think for our girl fans, they tend to want to take care of us like real sisters, I think that’s why they like us. When we have fan signings, they say, “What do you like? I can give you this and that. Do you want me to get you this?”
Sulli: Girl fans have this thing where they are dependable. Guy fans have something that is satisfying.

10Asia: That’s a wise statement (laughs). But you still haven’t announced an official fanclub name. If you could choose it yourselves, what would you name it?
Luna: Functions?
Krystal: We are functions.
Amber: Y
Victoria: =y
Sulli: I wish it could be something that would make me say, “How did they come up with this?”

10Asia: Last question. Amber once said that if you win #1 on a broadcast you would have an acceptance speech, if you were to get #1, what would you say?
Sulli: I think I would just cry.
Everyone: (imitating Amber crying) Oh my god, oh my god!

Source: Lee KaOhn and Choi JiEun @10asiae.co.kr
Translation: Julez @kpoplive.com
Posted by Wonderwonders @ Kpoplive.com

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