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May 15, 2010

Listen to Super Junior Members' Voice Message to ELFs (updated)







Leetuk's message translation:
Hello, this is Super Junior’s Leeteuk.
Last year, we met everyone with sorry sorry
It’s been a year, a new 2010 is here
This time bringing a new 4jib to meet everyone again
Hmm.. compared to sorry sorry
I think this time it’ll be cooler and we’ll present a more perfect performance
after the song is released
hope it will receive lots of love from everybody
and thank you again to our fans E.L.F. and everyone who have always supported us
We will work hard together with E.L.F. to make this year super junior’s year
We’ll work together right?
Thank you everyone
We are Super Juni-or yo!

credit: superjunior.smtown.com; cleaver487@yt
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Kyuhyun's message translation :
Hi, this is super junior's kyuhyun.
It has been 1 year and 2 months since Sorry Sorry.
We are grateful to all the ELF who continued supporting us, loving us and waiting for us.
The album has been carefully prepared, we will not let you down.
Please stay by our side. Please give us alot of support, please !
Thank you!

The MV teaser will be release tomorrow May 7 and on the 13th it will the full MV release. And also they will guest in Sukira right after their performance on Music Bank.
Really can't wait for this!^_^

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Shindong's message translation:
Hello, this is Shin Dong from Super Junior. With news of spring coming, Super Junior is presenting our 4th album to you all.
It seems like yesterday when ‘Sorry Sorry’ came out, but a long time has passed since then. It’s already 4th album.
Wow, I am an idol group singer. 4th Album. (He just repeats that it’s fourth album with amazement)
I’ve been in the group for almost 5 years, and it’s been unbelievable. I am really curious which song you would like the most.
Of course, the title song could be one, but since this is not a single but a regular album, there are lots of songs.
Listen to all of them, and love them as well. I am sure you know what to do. Thank you.This has been Shindong.(meaning from ShinDong)

credits: superjunior.smtown.com, blueprincez@yt
trans: hyukxenhae
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Heechul's message translation:
Hello, I am Super Junior's Kim Heechul.
We Super Junior in this warm Spring day is releasing our 4th album to meet everyone (Shindong "YEAHHHH" in the background)
Last year we met everyone with 'Sorry Sorry', feels like just recently.
Ya~ It's already been such a long time since the 3rd album (Shindong "YEAHHHH" in the background)
The 4th album that we're preparing now will be releasing soon and meeting everyone.
I'm curious which song everyone will like. Of course, it should be the new single. ㅎㅎ
Please give us lots of support and love our music (Shindong: we have confidence)
So~thank you, Kim Heechul will work hard. (Shindong "KIM HEECHUL" in the background) Bye everyone~ (Shindong "I LOVE YOU" in the background) Kim Heechul. Milky white skin Kim Heechul

Credit: SJ-world for translation
Posted by: Ting18♥ @ DKP

Siwon's message translation:
Hi everyone! Today is Super Junior Choi Siwon's greeting. I don't know what to say.
This time there's no merchandise, but we have come back with our 4th album as present for everyone.
The 4th album that we really put in many effort in, it's really not joking.
You wouldn't feel bored/vexed listening to the album the whole day.
Right now, I'm working hard in preparing for Super Junior's 4th album first comeback performance,
also in the filming of Oh! My Lady drama.
Everyone will see a handsome prince.
Really looking forward for the fanmeeting with our everlasting friend, ELF.
ELFs, I love you all.

Source: SM Town
Credit: 饺子@ Choi Siwon Baidu Bar
Translated by: abrenda @ SJ-WORLD.NET
YT: blueprincez4
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Yesung's message translation:
I am Super Junior’s Yesung.
This time round, Super Junior will comeback with our 4th album, with our title song “미인아”.
The previous album “Sorry Sorry” had received lots of love and care from everyone.
This time round, Super Junior will work harder in our activities, and hope that everyone can strongly support us.
Also, hope that everyone (cute people) that has been with Super Junior will await our our newest album.

cr: blueprincez4@yt
Chinese Trans: 囧云专属薄荷KY
English Trans: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Posted by Sukira @ Dailykpopnews

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