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May 11, 2010

Super Junior Domination Did Not End at April 10

By: Zergkilla09 (Admin of Universal United KPOP Fans) 

It is well known that the Korean Boy Band group SUPER JUNIOR came here in the Philippines last April 10, 2010 for their first ever concert here in the Philippines, they rocked the big dome, bringing with them their giant stage, I never even thought that they can bring that stage here, for us kpop fans it was really a dream come true, for we only see them before either on MBC, SBS, KBS, or ARIRANG TV. Thus, Super Junior presented on stage the most energizing concert with their unique kind of concept. Through this fans went really great, welcoming super junior warmly. After that big event, there are a lot of fans who still got the hangover of the concert. Agree? Many even never believed their eyes that Super Junior would visit the Philippines. But does their Philippine domination end after the concert? 

ANSWER… NOT! After the Super Show 2 in Araneta, it was followed by the release of their Philippine Edition Don’t Don Album at Music One, Astro Plus, and Odyssey, on the locations, Greenbelt, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Megamall. The album launching was started at 10:00AM but guess what, as early as 8:00 AM there are already a lot of fans waiting outside SM Megamall. And when Odyssey opened well, fans keep going in on the music store, selling a lot of albums with freebies 3 posters 2 small ones and 1 giant size poster, plus the free membership that was offered by one of the fan bases of Super Junior here in the Philippines called, Super Junior United Philippines. That free registration includes a free bookmark both the picture of Don’t Don and the teaser picture for the 4th album of Super Junior.

What’s more is that Universal Records Philippines and SJUPH entitled the day as “MARRY U DAY” where in girl and boy fans get a chance to get a picture of giant standees of Super Junior, the hitch?, they distributed the standees on the three stores. What’s more is that you have to hunt the Super Junior members and guess where they are located. The idea was actually a good idea, and either fans in groups would spread out to get an idea where their favorite member of super junior standees are, or a fan can roam around this music stores. Aside from that fan girls who bought album will be given a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE indicating who are you marrying during that day, fans gathered, enjoyed, created new friendship, and more. With a lot of fans screaming for the standees you can only imagine what if they are real super junior members? Even if super junior is not here in the country at the said event some fans went screaming, cheering, and singing to the tunes of Super junior that is being played in the music stores. Also get a chance to post a message for super junior for free, there are lots of messages posted in the message boards provided. 

What’s more is the administrators of the fan club, and also the administrators of their page are very accommodating and friendly. They were really working hard for this, some of them even ate their lunch too late, even if hungry they still continued, and I really have a lot of respect to these people who really are out there to share the love of Super Junior around, the warmness, the welcome, and everything.

Aside from the administrators are the fans, I met a lot of fans who were cheering for super junior supporting them all the way, even if there is a long line, they still wait for the opportunity to get a picture of sj members. They were so kind so nice, and the feeling is that all were united in this event. Its as if we were a lot but we are one. Afterwards I also met fans from National Bookstore who were searching for kpop magazines, most of them wish there will be a stable kpop shop where they can buy t-shirts, etc. This fans were so nice and really is into kpop. 

Good thing that we have this kind of activities to help boost the kpop music here in the country. To those who wanted to be a member of sjunitedph that wasn’t able to join (because they were out of forms as early as 9am and needs to be photocopied until the forms were out) You may download the form from www.sjunitedph.org and either email to them the form or use a snail mail. 

As for me I want to CONGRATULATE AND THANK UNIVERSAL RECORDS and SJ UNITED PHILIPPINES for a successful event and we hope that you will have more events to come. 

For the fans of Super Junior, please wait for their fourth album, and of course they will present it live in Music Bank on May 14. I hope everyone who went in the other malls were happy as well. 

Please don’t forget to add us at our facebook page UNIVERSAL UNITED KPOP FANS. Thank you everyone for the support and the KPOP LOVE that we all shared. This goes to show that no matter, what fans are there to support the kpop groups and it also goes to show that whatever negative comments that goes out, we still love our Kpop as it is, and trust me we will really just answer WE DON’T CA A A A ARE, cause we really don’t mind it, most of us even loved kpop even before they become famous here in the Philippines, to the fans, enjoy and spread the kpop love. 

PS sjuph if you read this you may get some pictures on the activity on our site at UNIVERSAL UNITED KPOP FAN PAGE including the pics of some people in the line ;) thank you again 

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