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August 7, 2010

U-Kiss Dongho is a Hypochondriac

U-Kiss appeared in a recent broadcast of SBS E!TV ‘Chef’s Kiss’ and visited a clinic to receive health check-ups. During this time, it was found that Dongho, who is in the worst shape out of all the members due to his busy schedule, has hypochondria.

Hypochondria, which is usually a condition that is found in older people, occurs when a person constantly worries about having a serious illness. This condition is often referred to as ‘health phobia,’ and often persists even when the person is reassured that his/her imagined or real symptoms are not nearly as worrisome as they believe them to be.

Dongho’s fellow member Kibum also received treatment in acupuncture for his body during this episode.

Source: mydaily
Translation: jaymie501@rocketboxx.net + micsummer@rocketboxx.net
Written by: glorilla@kpoplive.com

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