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July 1, 2010

Finding Miina: Bonamana Album Launch Event on July 3 (Saturday)!

Universal Records and Super Junior United Philippines invite you to FINDING MIINA : BONAMANA ALBUM RELEASE LAUNCH EVENT. This event will be held on JULY 3 (SATURDAY) in three of Metro Manila's biggest record stores - ASTROPLUS THE BLOCK (of SM North Edsa), MUSIC ONE GREENBELT and ODYSSEY MEGAMALL. It's going to have Freebies To End All Freebies!

There are three (3) main activities during "Finding Miina: Bonamana Album Release Launch Event ":

[1] Only on that day, the FIRST 400 BUYERS of "BONAMANA BUNDLE CD" (Version A+ Version B) in each store will get these Freebies:

- Official Super Junior Bonamana VERSION A Big Poster (size: 24" x 36")
- Official Super Junior Bonamana VERSION B Big Poster (size : 24" x 36")
- Official Super Junior Bonamana VERSION A Photocards (complete set of 10 pcs.)
- Official Super Junior Bonamana VERSION B Photocards (complete set of 10 pcs.)
- Exclusive Super Junior Collectible Postcards (5 pcs.)

If you buy just one version, you will get One (1) Big Poster (size: 24" x 36") and Ten (10) Photocards of the Bonamana version you will be buying. You only get the Exclusive Super Junior Collectible Postcards (5 pcs.) when you buy BOTH Bonamana Version A and Version B.

Bonamana Version A: P500
Bonamana Version B: P500

[2] The main event is the FINDING MIINA PHOTO CONTEST and get a chance to win SUPER JUNIOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBER PORTRAIT. Here's how:
  • "Finding Miina Photo Contest" is open to everyone who bought the Bonamana CD during "Finding Miina Day" on July 3 (Saturday) at Astroplus The Block SM North Edsa, Music One Greenbelt and Odyssey Megamall.
  • Each record store will have ten (10) Super Junior individual member's portraits. Once you have paid your CDs and claimed you freebies, proceed to the Super Junior United Philippines booth, present your receipt, fall in line and wait for your turn. You can pick your bias and take a photo with one (1) Super Junior portrait.
  • There will be no official photographer in the event, which means Super Junior United Philippines members will assist you in taking the pictures using your own camera.
  • Once you're done with your pictorial with the Super Junior individual member's portrait, get your official Finding Miina stamp on the receipt and your arm (optional). Exit the photo shoot area to give way to other ELFs who are ready to strike a pose.
  • Universal Records & Super Junior United Philippines will choose the winners of the Finding Miina Photo Contest. Universal Records & Super Junior United Philippines' decisions will be final. Ten (10) winners will win Individual Super Junior Portraits. Wait for further announcements regarding other details.
  • Super Junior Individual Members' Portraits will only be displayed in these three (3) stores from 10AM to 6PM on July 3 (Saturday).
Here are the store schedules and telephone numbers :
Astroplus The Block SM North Edsa: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Tel # 442-0372)
Music One Greenbelt: 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM (Tel # 757-4426)
Odyssey Megamall: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Tel # 687-3620)

Sorry, there will be NO reservations. It's really FIRST 400 BUYERS in each store who can avail of the "Finding Miina Day" Freebies.

This is our way of thanking all the loyal ELFs for making them the biggest K-Pop group in the Philippines and up to the present they still hold the distinction of being the FIRST and ONLY K-Pop Group to have THREE #1 albums and a GOLD RECORD! Amazing achievement indeed!

[3] Fans can still get their Super Junior United Philippines membership form from authorized representatives of Super Junior United Philippines. The membership form is still FREE. There will be a designated area to fill up the membership form. Registration is ONLY from 10am to 6pm.

Watch Finding Miina Day Teaser here:

Be ahead of everyone else and get and advance copy of Bonamana Version A and Version B albums plus those Exclusive Collectible Freebies during FINDING MIINA DAY on JULY 3 (SATURDAY).

Please also remember to check out Super Junior United Philippines' "Ultimate Guide To The Finding Miina Event" at:

Please feel free to repost. Thanks!


Stevien said...

when the release to other music store ??

fishy said...

is this version a or version b? thanks!

klouser2 said...

hello po..ask ko lng po kung dito sa iloilo if your 1 of the 400 buyers and you buy both versions you will get the freebies din po ba katulad ng sa launch event ninyo?^_^

Universal Records said...

We'll be releasing Versions A & B.

Sorry, the freebies are only for limited to 3 stores in Metro Manila.

Other stores release date to be announced soon.

Anonymous said...

what exactly is the diffrence between version A & B? yeah i dont know, my niece loves super junior and I want to get this album for her on her birthday. trying to ask her about it will ruin the surprise :0

Anonymous said...

can i buy 3 BONAMANA BUNDLE CD? (total of 6 CDs) and still get the freebies for the 6 CDs i'll buy?(let's say i'll be included in the first 400 buyers) or is it 1 bonamana bundle each buyer? please reply. thank you^^

Universal Records said...

Version A and Version B have the same songs actually. But they have different covers, artwork, pictures, different freebies. For the "super" fans, they often buy both versions for their collection, and becoz they want to get all the freebies of course.

Our label is the only one (at least, as far as we know) that will give away this much freebies. We heard that even fans from Korea are asking their relatives living here to buy for them, just so they can get the freebies. :) Hope that answers your question.

If some of you ELF's out there want to share some more info, please feel free to share. :)

Universal Records said...

you can buy as many bundles as you want! :) and yes, you'll still get all the complete freebies entitled to all bundle cd buyers :)

Anonymous said...

only the first 400 buyers will get freebies????

Joyce said...

Just want to make things clear. yung first 400 is for those people who bought "bundle" (Both A and B version) and for those who only bought one cd.. is not counted on first "400"?

Janice said...

Universal records the name brand has composed and gives debut too many famous persons and artists. This is a dream composer of all.