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April 14, 2010

SHINee on the cover of E-pop Magazine

Onew: Already used to starring in reality/comedy-type shows?
Jonghyun: Wants a passionate romance, but is not willing to risk his life?
Key: Is the kind of person whose looks don't fit his personality?
Minho: Cannot resist the feeling and inner temptation of victory?
Taemin: Thinks SHINee is a group that always causes problems for others?

INTERVIEW: (Translated from Chinese to English)

Almost two years after their debut, what changes have SHINee undergone? What different opinions do they have of their members and themselves? What are you waiting for?! Quick, join SHINee in the shining generation, year of SHINee!

Enjoying reality shows: Leader Onew!

epop: Come May, it would officially be SHINee 2nd anniversary. As the leader of the group and the oldest, please talk about SHINee during this period of progress and transition.
Onew: SHINee at present is really unlike SHINee in the past in terms of nervousness because we all know how to cope and dissolve all the nerves. We're also not as afraid to interact with our fans anymore. Instead, we feel it's rather enjoyable! Haha!

epop: During live performances, does SHINee normally have occasions where you all make direct contact with the fans?
Onew: These things do happen, haha ~ At those times I would normally really focus on the other party, sometimes while I focus, I accidentally end up laughing out loud! Actually, to see the fans' happy faces, we as SHINee would be happy too!

epop: Recently, you have taken part in a lot of reality shows, looks like you're already used to the style of reality shows?
Onew: Haha ~ Yes! Now I'm not only used to it, I've also become more eager and enthusiastic in the process when it comes to participation. I guess you can say it's enjoyable, haha! Recently I've been mimicking Donald Duck's duck sound.

epop: So you like to make people laugh?
Onew: Haha ~ If mimicking funny things or people can make others laugh, then at least I wouldn't be hated ~ Two years after our debut, I've also accumulated a lot of experience so I can slowly reveal my real self, haha!

epop: What songs have you been listening to lately?
Onew: Jamie Cullum's single. I really like the song 'Twenty Something'! Hmm, I've also been listening to George Benson's songs lately!

epop: When you're normally not busy with work, what do you do to kill time?
Onew: Take out old performances and watch through them again!

epop: So you're the kind of person who's "self-obsessed'?
Onew: No ~ I'm not a "self-obsessed" person ~ haha! I would watch the performances again so I can identify what we did that got good responses from the crowd and also identify all our mistakes. That way, we can all be sure not to commit the same mistakes again and be more prepared for future performances!

epop: Please say something for/to your fellow member Jonghyun!
Onew: Please do a more interesting interview than mine ~ Haha!

At peace with the World: Vocal Jonghyun!

epop: Leader Onew feels he has gotten used to being on reality shows. What about yourself?
Jonghyun: Hahaha ~ I think I personally am not yet too suitable and adjustable to reality shows! Even though I personally enjoy them, I still cannot joke without feeling some pressure!

epop: So are you the kind of serious guy?
Jonghyun: Hmm, that's not it! I just want to be myself and I feel as though if I'm obliged to make people laugh all the time, it just isn't me...

epop: SHINee's "Juliette"'s lyrics was composed by you. Was the love story behind the lyrics your personal story/experience?
Jonghyun: No ~ I just wanted to try my hand at writing lyrics... But Romeo and Juliette, in most stories, met for a few days and fell deeply in love, but in the end they paid for love with their lives! Even though I'd really want such a passionate romance, I'm really not ready to pay with my life! Hahaha!

epop: Apart from music, what do you usually like to do?
Jonghyun: EXERCISE!! Since last year, I've been straining on the importance of being healthy because once you have no more energy, you can do nothing anymore, so I've been starting to exercise more! Normally I'd do simple exercises and lift some dumbbells, but if I have the time, I'd really like to try out going to the gym to exercise, haha!

epop: Well then do you like sports like tennis, soccer, etcetra?
Jonghyun: Hmm, I normally don't favour games that have rules, haha ~ Because I exercise just to train my stamina and not for the glory of winning. Maybe I just don't have that much interest in winning or losing.

epop: What do you plan to do in future?
Jonghyun: Practise playing the piano. During my days as a student, I was in a band and I could play a lot of instruments. Apart from this, I also want to get my driver's license, haha!

epop: What songs have you been listening to lately?
Jonghyun: I like Maxwell's unplugged performance. If I had the change to see his live unplugged performance, that would be perfect ~ Apart from Maxwell's songs, I have also been listening to Maroon 5 lately!

epop: Please say some words for your fellow member Minho!
Jonghyun: Minho has been filming one of Korea's recent reality shows, "Dream Team". This is a rather athletic show so it wears him out of his energy. I hope he's more careful and doesn't get hurt again!

Winning makes me happy: Minho!

epop: We hear you love sports?
Minho: Yes, I love sports a lot, so when I was given the opportunity to participate in "Dream Team", I was overjoyed! Even though I'll be worn out and tired, as long as I win, I'll be really happy that it feels as though all my exhaustion melts away and I feel energetic again!

epop: Your most favourite sport is...
Minho: Soccer! Maybe it's because my father's a football coach, so I ended up liking football. Every time there's a Korean soccer match, I'll always turn on the TV to watch it, no matter where I am!

epop: So how about your soccer skills?
Minho: Even though saying this really makes me feel a little embarrassed, I think my soccer skills have grown a lot, hahaha ~ Because I've always wanted to become a professional soccer player since I was young, I've always thought that maybe I could also meet the famous players too!! But if I had the chance to perform the opening ceremony for a soccer match in future, I would be so honoured and maybe I might still even get the chance to talk to famous players, haha!

epop: Have you ever thought of forming your own soccer team with SHINee?
Minho: The other members don't like soccer as much as I do...

epop: You appear like a really quiet person when compared with the other members, is the real Minho that quiet too?
Minho: Haha ~ The real Minho is just a normal person like everyone else ~ Hmm... If you compare me the other members, sure, I'm quiet, but when there's no one around all of us, we're all really noisy!!

epop: The songs you've been listening to recently are...
Minho: Musiq Soulchild's "On my Radio". I especially like the song "If You Leave" because I like music of this type!

epop: After two years from SHINee's debut, use one phrase to describe the past two years!
Minho: Wealthy! Experiencing so many new things with the members has made us wealthy in experience!

epop: Please say something to the group's Maknae Taemin!
Minho: Hmm... All the best for you in reaching your goals!

I'll always do my best when it comes to school: Maknae Taemin!

epop: Recently SHINee has taken to expanding its fame towards Japan. What Japanese phrases have you learnt to say so far?
Taemin: "I Love you", "I know", "You're Welcome", "How great", "Let's Go ~". Hmm, there's still "I Don't Want to"! That phrase was learnt while I was watching a Japanese show ~ Haha!

epop: You're the only High Schooler in SHINee so does your career cause you to fall behind in terms of studies?
Taemin: Haha ~ No it doesn't! I'm in my second year of high school already ~ Even though being a celebrity is demanding and busy, but I'll always go to school to study and do my best. Even if I'm really very busy, I'll still drop by my school to say "Hi" to my teacher(s)!

epop: We hear you've recently watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It". What feelings do you have after watching it?
Taemin: Oh yes, even though the age gap between Michael Jackson and I is big, I was moved by watching this movie. I saw the side of Michael Jackson in the movie that I wouldn't normally see and it gave me that "It definitely was Michael Jackson!" feeling. Oh yes! I'm also recently in the midst of learning Michael Jackson's dance moves!

epop: Being the youngest in the group, which Hyung has been the best to you?
Taemin: All the Hyungs have been very great to me and very helpful and supportive ~ Haha! Hmm... If I had to choose one, I'd choose Onew Hyung ~ Because besides being the oldest in the group, he's also the group leader, so he's always protective and caring towards me!

epop: Then what about the most terrifying Hyung?
Taemin: There is no terrifying Hyung ~ We all care about each other and we're so nice to each other that people actually think we're related by blood ~ Haha! Hmm, an example would be that we five always talk to each other so actively and we'd make so much noise that we'd really disturb and be a nuisance so people would think we're related!

epop: Your recent favourite song would be...
Taemin: Timbaland's "Shock Value". It's my most favourite song among all his songs. I'd always listen to this while dancing!

epop: Say something for Key!
Taemin: Key's hair has been a huge mess lately, please use more hair care products! Haha!

Looks may be deceiving: Key!

epop: Your style and image in "2009, YEAR OF US" is rather unique!
Key: Yes ~ At first I got a rather huge shock, haha! The image and style this time round is rather androgynous and very few guys would have hair and styles like these ~ Maybe it's also because I want to try out an androgynous style so I discussed it with my stylist! This is also the reason why Taemin wants me to use more hair care products, haha ~ Because I constantly dye my hair which is really bad!

epop: This style has made the usual Key into a very cool Key, but you still have your cute (dance) moments?
Key: I really must thank my stylist because this style makes people think I'm cooler, haha ~ But I believe my image of "cool" shouldn't stay in the same place for so long, so I'll do more different type of acts and performances to let people see a different side of me ~

epop: So in reality, is Key cool or sweet and outgoing?
Key: Everyone, please don't change your impression of me because of my hair! Even though this style looks rather cool, but in reality, I'm really a outgoing and happy-go-lucky person and I really like bringing happiness to others too!

epop: Please talk about your recent favourite albums!
Key: I've been listening to KE$HA's "Animal" recently. She's a new american singer and she performs rather well.

epop: What Japanese drama have you been watching lately?
Key: "流星之绊"!

epop: What phrase or word do you think describes SHINee the best?
Key: "Learning" ~ Because we grew and started from stars who didn't know anything to more exposed and still learning stars in two years...

epop: Lastly, say something for Leader Onew!
Key: In future, may you as a Leader, work hard towards your goals! All the best!

Source: SM SHINee + community.livejournal
Translation: Beatrix:D (mirror_shot)
Credits: Ana Lou Choi
Source : Dailykpopnews


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