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February 24, 2010


In 2004, one song did not only wet the nation's appetite for hamburgers, but also became the anthem for the new OPM acoustic movement. The song "Kanlungan" or more popularly known as "Pana-panahon", became an instant radio smash and was included in every "acoustic" compilation albums released during that year. However, unknown to a lot of people, the gentle voice behind the song is no flash in the pan. The singer-songwriter, Noel Cabangon, has been around since the mid-eighties. In his college days, Noel became part of Buklod or the Bukluran ng Mapagpalayang Musiko. It is through Buklod that Cabangon established loyal followers. His music speak of the many artistic, social and political advocacies he carries as a member of PETA, Dakila, Akbayan, Amnesty International and Greenpeace. Noel doesn't just sing purely for entertainment. He believes that his talent is a tool to generate awareness on just about any issue, may it be political, environmental or social. Respected by his peers and revered by the new generation of rock musicians, Noel is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the Pinoy music scene, in fact one of his past hits with Buklod, "Tatsulok" was covered by Bamboo.

Now signed to Universal Records, Noel Cabangon takes the sonic road trip down memory lane, with his brand new album aptly titled "Byahe". The 15-track CD features Noel's heartfelt rendition of OPM classics from the seventies and eighties plus 3 original tracks, including his collaborations with Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar and Aia De Leon of Imago. Produced by Noel Cabangon and Ito Rapadas, "Byahe" will further establish Noel as a force to be reckoned with in the local music industry.


1. Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko (originally by Sharon Cuneta)
2. Tuloy Pa Rin (originally by Neocolours)
3. Binibini (originally by The Rainmakers)
4. Ang Aking Awitin (originally by Bong Gabriel)
5. Di Na Natuto (originally by Gary Valenciano)
6. Ang Buhay Nga Naman
7. Kanlungan with Aia De Leon of Imago
8. Dito Sa Kanto with Chito Miranda of Parokya Ni Edgar
9. Kung Kailangan Mo Ako (originally by Rey Valera)
10. Ipagpatawad mo (originally by VST & Company)
11. Pag-ibig (originally by APO Hiking Society)
12. Pinay (originally by Florante)
13. Tao (originally by Sampaguita)
14. Pagbabalik (originally by Asin)
15. Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika (originally by Hadji Alejandro)


Disalet said...

ok ang playlist,OPM hits revival!

Disalet said...

Ok see u later @ d BALER SPORTS COMPLEX sa concert!

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