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November 18, 2011


Asia’s Diamond Soul Siren Nina is undeniably one of the most versatile recording artists of her generation, and this is highlighted in her latest album "Stay Alive," produced by Universal Records.

"Stay Alive" showcases Nina’s distinct musical style as a multi-genre artist, incorporating varieties of strong repertoire. Selections from upbeat tempo to the infusion of house-sound, mix of r&b, club and pop are very noticeable in the whole album.

“This album features a new sound but it is still distinctly Nina,” says the Soul Siren. “I have worked hard for this album, so I am really hoping that people will enjoy Stay Alive.”

The album’s carrier single "Dance" is an upbeat track with a catchy melody that will surely catch the public’s fancy, and will further prove Nina’s ability to start new music trends. Its futuristic, edgy music video shows that the Soul Siren can also be a Dance Diva.

Other upbeat tunes in the album are "I Came To Dance," "Only With You" and "Laging Ikaw."

The stirring ballad "However Much Love" is another treat to loyal Nina fans because one can hear the sensitivity and vulnerability in the singer’s voice. The said song is an early favorite among Nina’s fans. The inspirational song "Believe in the Dream" is also a standout.

Nina also composed one of the tracks in the album "You Should Know" with Keith Martin.

"I Don’t Want To Fight," "Starlight," "Missing You" are some of the ballads in the album. As a bonus, Nina’s rendition of Sharon Cuneta classic "Hagkan" is also included.

"Stay Alive" is an album very close to Nina’s heart because she was part of the entire process of the production of the album- from the conceptualization of the album and its cover, to the Paper Dolls treat inside the album, to the songs, arrangements, among others.

“Stay Alive has been one exciting journey for me,” says Nina. “I can say that it is worth everything – the hard work, the time!”

"Stay Alive" Tracklist:

1. Dance
2. Staying Alive
3. However Much Love
4. Believe In The Dream
5. Laging Ikaw
6. Only With You
7. I Came To Dance
8. I Don't Want To Fight
9. Starlight
10. Missing You
11. You Should Know
12. Hagkan (Sabel Theme Song)

Check out tracks from Nina's "Stay Alive" album here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY-GKj9qLBk

"Stay Alive" Special Edition CD with minus one tracks exclusively available at all Odyssey outlets nationwide.

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NINA OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.ninasoulsiren.com/
FOLLOW NINA ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/soulsiren_nina

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